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Using the MAIDeSITe Electric Bath Lift to Regain Bathing Independence

Using the MAIDeSITe Electric Bath Lift to Regain Bathing Independence

By properly installing, safely operating, and regularly maintaining the MAIDeSITe electric bath lift according to the manufacturer's instructions and your doctor's guidance, you can safely lower yourself in and out of the bathtub with the press of a button, restoring your ability to bathe independently.
Maidesite Electric Bath Lift To Regain Bathing Independence
Maidesite Electric Bath Lift To Regain Bathing Independence
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Disclosure: Thanks to MAIDeSITe for providing me with the product for this demonstration.

If you or a loved one struggles to get in and out of the bathtub safely, a bath lift could be the solution.

The MAIDeSITe electric bath lift allows you to lower yourself into the tub with the touch of a button, enjoy a relaxing soak, and lift back out when you’re done.


MAIDeSITe Electric Bath Lift

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In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to use the MAIDeSITe bath lift properly and safely.

As an elderly product specialist, I’ve tested this lift myself and recommend it for its comfort, safety features, and ease of use.

Follow along to learn how to install, operate, and maintain your new bath lift.

Bathe On Your Own Again - My Review of the MAIDeSITe Tub Lift

Consult With Your Doctor First

Before purchasing or using any bath lift, check with your physician to ensure bathing and the use of mobility equipment is safe for your individual condition.

Consult with an occupational therapist as well to get their recommendation on appropriate bath lift options.

What’s Included in the Box

After unboxing your new MAIDeSITe Electric Bathtub Lift, you’ll find:

  • The lift base with seat
  • Remote control
  • Charger
  • Suction cup for mounting remote
  • Owner’s manual
MAIDeSITe electric bath lift installingPin
Installing the MAIDeSITe electric bath lift is a quick and easy process.

Installing the Lift In Your Bathtub

Installing the lift is quick and easy:

  1. Place the lift base in your tub with the seat back facing the rear of the tub.
  2. Press firmly on the suction cups to secure the base to the tub floor. Test gently to ensure it’s fixed in place.
  3. Raise the seat back to the upright position.
  4. Stick the remote control suction cup on the tub wall within arm’s reach.
  5. Insert the plug from the remote into the port on the back of the lift. You’ll hear it click when properly connected.

You’re now ready to use your bath lift!

Safely Transferring On and Off

Follow these tips for safe transfers:

  • Roll your wheelchair or walker right up next to the tub.
  • Lock your mobility aid’s wheels to keep it stable.
  • Raise the lift until the seat matches the height of your wheelchair or tub edge. This provides a level transfer.
  • Move from your wheelchair and pivot onto the lift seat.
  • Use the flaps on the sides of the seat to support you during transfer.
  • Once seated, lower the lift into the tub using the remote.

Reverse these steps after your bath to transfer safely off the lift. Have an assistant ready to help if needed.

MAIDeSITe electric bath lift operatingPin
The emergency stop button in the remote halts movement immediately.

Operating the Lift

Using the waterproof remote is easy:

  • Press the UP arrow to raise the lift. Release when at desired height.
  • Press DOWN to lower into the tub.
  • The GREEN light indicates full battery to lift back up.
  • RED means recharge before use.
  • The emergency stop button halts movement immediately if needed.

Helpful Usage Tips

  • Mount the lift near your tub’s faucet if you use a handheld showerhead.
  • Recline the seat back slightly if the full recline is uncomfortable.
  • Always keep someone nearby for assistance in case of emergency.
  • Never use alone in case you have trouble getting out.

Recharging the Battery

  • The battery is built into the remote control.
  • When the light turns red, it’s time to recharge.
  • Disconnect the remote and plug it into the included charger.
  • An indicator light on the charger shows when charging is complete.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Rinse the lift after each use to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Remove the seat pad periodically to deep clean and disinfect.
  • Inspect the lift before each use for any damage or issues.
  • Test regularly to confirm all functions work properly.

Infographic: Bathing Safely With Bath Lifts

Bathing Safely With Bath Lifts infographicPin
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Stay Safe While Enjoying Your Bath Again

With proper use, the MAIDeSITe bath lift can restore your ability to bathe comfortably and safely. Consult your doctor, read all instructions, and use good judgment when operating to avoid injury.

Using any of our recommended bath lifts for seniors, you can once again relax in a warm, soothing bath without the struggle of getting in and out.

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