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Make Bathtime Safe Again with the Vive Transfer Bench

Make Bathtime Safe Again with the Vive Transfer Bench

The Vive Transfer Bench allows seniors, the disabled, and the elderly to bathe comfortably and safely by providing stability during transfers, security against slipping, and independence with supportive, adjustable seating and reversible, suction cupped legs to fit any user's tub.
Vive Tub Transfer Bench Review
Vive Tub Transfer Bench Review
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Disclosure: Thanks to Vive Health for providing me with a demo product for this review.


Vive Transfer Bench

as of 06/20/2024 3:42 am


  • Backrest for comfort
  • Adjustable legs fit any tub
  • Lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame
  • Easy 10 minute tool-free assembly
  • Supports up to 400 pounds
  • Reversible design adapts to any bathroom
  • Suction cup feet prevent slipping
  • Contoured shape aids safe transfers
  • Built-in drainage holes eliminate standing water
  • Provides independence & stability during bathing


  • May not fit with some shower curtains
  • Legs could be longer for very high-walled tubs
Vive Transfer Bench Review: A Top Pick for Safe & Easy Bathtub Access

The Vive Transfer Bench is an ideal bathing accessibility solution for seniors, the elderly, and the disabled. Its textured seat and reversible backrest provide comfort and stability during transfers in and out of the tub.

Adjustable suction-cupped legs grip securely while drainage holes eliminate standing water. At just 14 pounds, the aluminum frame is lightweight yet supports up to 400 pounds. Assembly takes only 10 minutes with the included tools.

For anyone struggling with tub access, the Vive Transfer Bench restores independence and makes bath time safe and manageable again. That’s why it’s one of my top recommended tub transfer benches for seniors and the elderly.

As you or your loved one ages, bathing can become increasingly difficult and dangerous. Slipping, falling, and struggling to get in and out of the tub are real concerns. Fortunately, the Vive Transfer Bench makes bath time safe and accessible again.

My testing and use of this tub transfer bench made it clear this affordable bench simplifies transfers and provides stability for seniors, the elderly, and the disabled.

Read on to learn how this essential accessibility product helps you or your loved one bathe comfortably and confidently.

Vive tub transfer bench slide safelyPin
Almost any tub depth can be accommodated by the Vive Transfer Bench.

Sit, Pivot, and Slide Safely In and Out

The Vive Transfer Bench lets you sit comfortably on the wide, supportive seat outside the tub. Holding the support handle, pivot your body over the tub edge before sliding gently into the bath.

The backrest inside the tub provides stability and security as you shower. When finished, reverse the process to exit safely. No more slipping on wet porcelain or struggling to step high over the ledge.

The adjustable legs accommodate almost any tub depth. The suction cup feet grip securely inside for maximum stability while nonslip rubber caps anchor firmly outside. This fail-safe setup gives you complete peace of mind.

Vive tub transfer bench comfort and conveniencePin
Its built-in holes give way to water drainage while seated comfortably.

Designed for Comfort and Convenience

Bathing doesn’t have to be a stressful or painful chore. The textured seat and contoured backrest cradle your body comfortably while built-in holes allow water drainage. Adjust the legs and reversible seat to fit your tub’s unique specifications perfectly.

At just 14 pounds, the aluminum frame is lightweight yet strong enough to support up to 400 pounds. Installation takes only 10 minutes with the included tools. Everything you need comes in one convenient package.

Vive tub transfer bench independencePin
The Vive Transfer Bench simplifies bathing assistance for both the elderly and their caregiver.

Give Yourself or Loved One Independence

The Vive Transfer Bench lets you bathe confidently on your own terms without relying on others for help. It’s an empowering solution for anyone wishing to age gracefully at home.

As a caregiver, you’ll also appreciate how this bench simplifies bathing assistance for your loved one. It reduces the risk of injury to both of you compared to more difficult tub transfers. That means less stress for everyone.

Why Choose the Vive Transfer Bench?

Key FeatureBenefit for ElderlyBenefit for Caregivers
Supportive Seat and BackrestProvides comfort and security while bathingReduces risk of injury during transfers
Adjustable LegsAccommodates any tub heightAllows custom fit for each user’s tub
Lightweight FrameEasy to move for storageSimple for caregiver to maneuver
Easy AssemblyCan set up independentlyQuick and simple for caregiver to assemble
400 lb Weight CapacityProvides stability for users up to 400 lbsSafely supports heavier users
Reversible DesignAdapts to left or right facing tubsFlexible for caregiver to install
Suction Cup FeetPrevents bench from slippingProvides caregiver confidence in stability
Contoured ShapeSupports safe pivoting transfersAllows caregiver to assist transfers
Drainage HolesPrevents standing water and mildewKeeps bench hygienic between uses
Provides IndependenceAllows self-bathing without assistanceGives caregiver a break

Give Yourself or a Loved One Safe, Comfortable Bathtime Accessibility

The Vive Transfer Bench makes bathing safer and easier for the elderly, disabled, and their caregivers.

If you or someone you love struggles with tub transfers and stability, this product helps restore comfort, dignity, and independence. Gain peace of mind knowing bathtime is a pleasure again instead of a pain.

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