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Best Non-Slip Bath Mats for Elderly Confidence and Safety

Best Non-Slip Bath Mats for Elderly Confidence and Safety

To regain the confidence and safety to shower without fear of falling, seniors should select a large, cushioned non-slip bath mat with suction cups or grippy backing, drainage holes, antimicrobial properties, and easy machine washability.
Best Non Slip Bath Mats For Elderly
Best Non Slip Bath Mats For Elderly
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Top Recommendation


MontVoo PVC Loofah Non-Slip Bath Mat

as of 04/13/2024 11:37 am
It uses a grippy backing to create a non-slip surface without causing potential balance issues.
The woven PVC fiber design prevents standing water.
The soft, textured material cushions feet while providing traction.
Its large size covers the entire tub floor.
It can be trimmed as needed without raveling.

Look for these 7 key components when choosing a non-slip bath for seniors and the elderly.

  1. Adherent backings or small suction cups to grip the floor when wet. 
  2. Drainage holes to prevent water pooling. 
  3. Textured but cushioned surface gives comfort while allowing your feet to grip. 
  4. Contrasting colors to see the tub bottom clearly. 
  5. Trimmable for custom sizing to ensure a perfect fit. 
  6. Antimicrobial materials that reduce mold and mildew buildup. 
  7. Easy machine washability keeps mats clean. 

With the proper bath mat, seniors can shower safely and comfortably.

Keep reading this guide to learn more about choosing the ideal bath mat for seniors, comparing my top brands, plus some safety tips for using bath mats in a safe and effective manner.

With the right knowledge, you can find the perfect mat to transform your bathroom into a safer place that prevents slips and falls.

How to Choose the Safest Bath Mats for Seniors and the Elderly

Quickly Comparing the Options

I focused on factors like grip, drainage, comfort, and ease of use that are important for senior safety and accessibility.

Here is a quick comparison of my top options.

Bath Mat Material Size Texture Suction Drainage Washable Pros for Seniors Cons for Seniors
Non-Slip Bathtub Mat, 17x47 Inch Shower Mats for Bath Tub, PVC Loofah Bathroom Mats for Wet Areas, Quick DryingPin

MontVoo Loofah Mat

as of 04/13/2024 11:37 am
Polyester 47″ x 17″ Woven loofah Lattice back Open weave Yes Comfortable, drains well Only solid colors
SlipX Solutions Power Grip Extra Long Bath Tub & Shower Mat 39x16, Wet Floor Non-Slip for Elderly & Kids Bathroom, 30% Longer Bathtub Mats, 200 Suction Cups, Drain Holes, Machine Wash, RedPin

SlipX Power Grip Mat

as of 04/13/2024 11:37 am
Vinyl 39″ x 16″ Bubble Large suction cups Holes throughout Yes Extra long coverage, stays put Can feel bubbles
BEMISO Shower Mat Non Slip Bathtub Mat with Suction Cups and Drain Holes Bath mat for tub 33.4 x 15.7 Inch Large SizePin

Bemiso Textured Mat

as of 04/13/2024 11:37 am
TPE + PP 33.4” x 15.7” Wave pattern 130 suction cups 240 holes No, handwash Great traction, easy cleaning Need to press down cups
AmazerBath Bathtub Mat Non Slip Bath Mat for Tub Shower, 40 x 16 Inches, Bath Tub Mat Non Slip Shower Mats with Suction Cups and Drain Holes, Bath Tub Mats for Bathroom Non Slip, Clear BluePin

AmazerBath Non-Slip Mat

as of 04/13/2024 11:37 am
PVC 40″ x 16″ Smooth 200 suction cups 176 holes Yes Firm grip, ample drainage Needs smoothing down
The Original Gorilla Grip Patented Shower and Bathtub Mat, 35x16, Long Bath Tub Floor Mats with Suction Cups and Drainage Holes, Machine Washable and Soft on Feet, Bathroom and Spa Accessories, ClearPin

Gorilla Grip Bathtub Mat

as of 04/13/2024 11:37 am
Plastic 35″ x 16″ Pebble Strong suction cups Hundreds of holes Yes Very grippy, soft on feet, oversized May feel suction cups
Webos Patented Non Slip Bathtub Mat Shower Mat Bath Mat Tub Mats with Strong Suction Cups Soft Natural Rubber Bath Mat for Inside The tub (Circle-Blue, 28x16 inch)Pin

Webos Flat Bath Mat

as of 04/13/2024 11:37 am
Rubber 28″ x 16″ Reversed cups Strong suction Yes Flat surface, natural material Smaller size

My Recommended Bath and Shower Mats


MontVoo PVC Loofah Non-Slip Bath Mat

as of 04/13/2024 11:37 am

With its woven fabric that cushions without rubber bumps, seniors can rely on the MontVoo mat to keep feet comfortable and water draining.

Stop Slipping! Why This Is a Top Bath Mat for Seniors for Safety and Comfort


  • The non-slip woven backing kept the mat firmly in place without any suction cups or adhesive needed, as I showed in the video. This prevents sliding and falls.
  • The woven material is soft and comfortable underfoot, unlike older rubber mats. It provides grip while still being gentle.
  • It allows water drainage thanks to the woven fabric, keeping it from pooling around your feet.
  • Trimmable to fit any tub and work around drains, as I displayed in the video.

Potential Cons:

  • Limited color selection.
  • Size may be too large for some tubs.
  • Loofah texture could irritate some skin.

After personally testing out the MontVoo mat and finding it stayed perfectly in place while still being comfortable underfoot, I highly recommend it to seniors concerned about shower safety. The non-slip stability and drainage are ideal features.

Please check out my video above for more details and a visual demonstration of how well this mat performed.


AmazerBath Non Slip Bath Mat for Tub or Shower

as of 04/13/2024 11:37 am

Seniors never have to worry about slipping thanks to the AmazerBath mat’s unfailing suction grip and holes that prevent standing water hazards.

Stop Slipping in the Shower With This Affordable Bath Mat for Seniors


  • The 200 powerful suction cups keep the mat firmly planted in place. I found it stayed put even when wet and soapy.
  • The 176 drain holes allowed water to drain quickly. This prevented pooling or floating.
  • Large size (40″ x 16″) provided ample coverage in my standard tub.
  • Easy to clean by throwing in the washing machine. Air dried fast.
  • Rolled edges can be flattened by soaking in warm water first.

Potential Cons:

  • Suction cups may not adhere well to textured surfaces. Requires a smooth, clean tub surface.
  • Can develop mold if not allowed to fully dry out between uses.
  • Edges may still curl up a bit even after initial soaking before use.

Overall, I would strongly recommend the AmazerBath Non-Slip Bath Mat to anyone looking for a stable, anti-slip bath mat. The combination of strong suction cups and drainage holes worked great in my testing to prevent slips.

Just be diligent about fully drying between uses. The large size and machine washability also make this a convenient option. I would feel very secure using this mat during showering.


SlipX Solutions Power Grip Extra Long Bath Tub & Shower Mat

as of 04/13/2024 11:37 am

Count on the extra long SlipX mat to supply traction across an extended surface, with its textured vinyl securely gripping tub floors.

Will This SlipX Bath Mat Keep Seniors Safe In The Shower?


  • The oversized 39” x 16” size provided ample coverage in my standard tub with room to move around.
  • The textured vinyl surface gives reliable traction, while the suction cups securely attach to smooth surfaces.
  • Hundreds of drain holes allowed water to drain quickly, preventing pooling.
  • Machine washable and easy to clean by hanging to dry or throwing in with laundry.


  • The bubble texture can be felt underfoot and may bother some sensitive individuals.
  • Adhesion may be reduced on textured surfaces like tile and grout.
  • Initial plastic odor needs to be aired out before first use.
  • Edges may curl up initially and need weighting down.

Overall, I would recommend the SlipX Extra Long Bath Mat for its excellent grip and drainage thanks to the textured surface and suction cup combination.

The extended size provides ample secure coverage. Just be aware of the texture feeling and off-gassing odor at first. Allow time to fully air out and flatten before using for optimal safety and comfort.


BEMISO Textured Bath and Shower Mat

as of 04/13/2024 11:37 am

Seniors can bet on the steadfast combination of suction cup adhesion and textured grip in the BEMISO mat to conquer tub slips.

This Stylish Textured PVC Shower Mat Reduces Shower Slips and Falls


  • The textured TPE surface provides reliable traction without being rough on feet.
  • Over 130 suction cups securely adhere to smooth tub surfaces and prevent slipping.
  • Drain holes and open weave allow water drainage to prevent pooling.
  • Large 33.4″ x 15.7″ size fits most standard tubs with room to move around.
  • Neutral color options match most decor well.
  • Eco-friendly materials made to last.

Potential Cons:

  • Requires smoothing down well initially to get suction cups to adhere.
  • Not machine washable, needs manual scrubbing to clean.
  • May not attach as securely to textured tub surfaces.

Overall, I would recommend the BEMISO Non-Slip Shower Mat for its excellent wet traction and secure grip thanks to the combination of texture and suction cups.

The drainage is superior to prevent standing water. Just be prepared to take a minute pressing it down properly before use and plan to hand wash. But for reliable stability in the shower, this mat performs very well.

The Original Gorilla Grip Patented Shower and Bathtub Mat, 35x16, Long Bath Tub Floor Mats with Suction Cups and Drainage Holes, Machine Washable and Soft on Feet, Bathroom and Spa Accessories, ClearPin

The Original Gorilla Grip Patented Shower and Bathtub Mat

as of 04/13/2024 11:37 am

Seniors can always depend on the Gorilla Grip mat to provide superior stability and comfort, with its cushioning, robust suction, and thorough drainage keeping baths safe.

  • The powerful suction cups grip the tub securely and prevent slips or falls, which is crucial for safety. Reviews confirm the mat stays completely in place.
  • The drainage holes allow water to flow through freely rather than pooling, keeping the surface less slippery.
  • The soft, textured material is gentle on feet, including sore or sensitive feet that many seniors have.
  • The large 35″ x 16″ size provides ample coverage for standing and moving around in the tub.
  • It’s easy to keep clean by throwing in the washing machine occasionally. Low maintenance.
  • Durable construction made from BPA-free materials built to last a long time.

The combination of non-slip suction, comfort, and drainage make this an ideal bath mat for seniors looking for stability and safety in the shower or tub. For preventing falls on slippery wet surfaces, the Gorilla Grip mat is a top choice based on overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Webos Patented Non Slip Bathtub Mat Shower Mat Bath Mat Tub Mats with Strong Suction Cups Soft Natural Rubber Bath Mat for Inside The tub (Circle-Blue, 28x16 inch)Pin

Webos Patented Non Slip Bathtub Mat

as of 04/13/2024 11:37 am

Trust the Webos mat’s flattened, tactile surface of natural rubber to banish irritating bumps and supply seniors with reliable traction.

  • The reverse suction cup design securely grips the tub without being overly strong that could damage surfaces. Reviews confirm it stays firmly in place.
  • The flat surface doesn’t have raised bumps or edges that could trip up unsteady seniors. Falls are prevented while still giving texture.
  • It’s made of natural rubber that is gentle on feet. Less chance of irritation compared to plastic and vinyl mats.
  • No toxic PVC materials. Eco-friendly and safe.
  • Large 28″ x 16″ size gives ample coverage for standing and moving in the tub.
  • Easy to clean by rinsing or throwing in the washing machine. Low maintenance.

The lack of bumps and tripping hazards combined with good traction and grip make this a great bath mat option for elderly safety. And it avoids the downsides of some vinyl and plastic mats. I’d recommend considering this one as well!

Choosing a Non-Slip Bath or Shower Mat

Prioritize Mats with Suction Cups on the Bottom

Suction cup bath mats grip to the floor better, especially when wet. The suction prevents the mat from sliding around – a major slip risk. Look for mats with small suction cups all over the bottom.

Large suction cups create bumps in the mat which can throw you off balance. brands like Gorilla Grip use micro-suction cups for superior traction.

Choose Mats with Drainage Holes

Bath mats with drainage holes or meshes allow water to drain through quickly. This prevents water pooling on top of the mat, which creates a slipping hazard.

Mats that don’t drain well are more likely to float or shift. Drain holes throughout the mat keep the surface dry during and after bathing.

Contrasting Colors Help with Depth Perception

Select a bath mat in a color that contrasts your tub. This allows you to clearly see the edge of the tub and the border of the mat. Contrast makes it easier to perceive depth and transitions.

Darker colors against a white tub background work best. Avoid clear or transparent vinyl mats with no color contrast.

Cushioning Provides Comfort with Traction

The best bath mats come with a cushioned surface rather than hard plastic. Cushioning makes the mat gentler and more comfortable underfoot. It also keeps the surface flat and even. Textured cushioned surfaces provide both comfort and grip to prevent slips.

Custom Fitting Your Mat

Measure Carefully for a Perfect Fit

Taking exact measurements ensures a tight, custom fit. A too-small mat leaves tub surface exposed. An oversized mat won’t properly adhere. For odd-shaped tubs, trace the outline on paper. Measure length and width at widest points. Extend length 2-3 inches up walls.

Shop Custom-Size Mats with Perfect Fit Guarantees

Many manufacturers now offer made-to-order custom mat sizes. Provide them your measurements to get an exact fit mat. Other brands like Gorilla Grip promise to replace it if the mat doesn’t properly fit your tub.

Choose Extra Long Mats for Added Coverage

Look for oversized bath mats that provide extra coverage. Longer mats protect more surface area and allow slipping over the edge. ‘Extra long’ options extend 20-30% longer than standard sizes. Brands like SlipX Solutions make extra long anti-slip mats.

Accessibility & Safety Considerations

Flat Bath Mats Accommodate Mobility Issues

Those with limited mobility may have difficulty stepping over raised mat borders. Opt for bath mats with flat or tapered edges. These create a flat entry surface for walkers and wheelchairs.

Anti-Microbial Materials Reduce Mold and Mildew

Mats made with antimicrobial materials inhibit mold, mildew, and bacteria growth. This keeps mats cleaner between washes and avoids slick buildup. Antimicrobial mats also reduce odors from mold and mildew accumulation.

Textured Surfaces Provide Secure Footing

The top surface of the mat should have textures like nubs or ribbing. This texturing allows feet to grip the mat better when wet. Completely smooth surfaces are slippery when wet. A textured surface provides secure footing.

Budget-Friendly Options

Affordable Extra Traction Mats Under $20

You don’t need to overspend for slip protection. There are quality bath mats available under $20 that provide decent traction. Amazon Basics and Yimobra make inexpensive options with rubber backing and drainage. Measure first and read reviews.

DIY Extra Grip with Tub Appliques and Decals

Try inexpensive, removable grip decals and appliques to make your existing tub more slip-resistant. Companies like SafeStep offer vinyl treading stickers for as low as $10. Use them along the tub bottom for traction before stepping onto your mat.

Make Your Own Mat from Bath Rugs

Turn regular bath rugs into non-slip mats. Look for bath rugs with rubber backing grips but smooth, untextured pile. Cut them to size or fold them over to fit inside your tub. The rubber backing sticks to the tub surface while the rug pile gives cushioning.

Cleaning and Care

Disinfect Regularly with Diluted Bleach

Mix a bath mat cleaning solution of 2 teaspoons of bleach per 1 quart of water. Scrub the mat with this solution and rinse every 1-2 weeks. This prevents the buildup of soap scum, oils, and bacteria. Check the mat’s care label for approved cleaners.

Let the Mat Dry Out Between Uses

Make sure to thoroughly dry bath mats between uses. Lay it flat or hang it over a towel bar. Allowing it to dry prevents mold and mildew growth. Wet mats left bunched up stay damp and get smelly.

Shake Off Dirt and Debris

Gently shake off your bath mat outdoors after each use. This removes any loose hair, dirt and debris that may be clinging to it. Soaking and scrubbing will be more effective on a mat that’s shaken out first. Check texture grooves for trapped particles.

Infographic: Bath Mats for Senior Showering

bath mats for seniors and elderly infographicPin
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Wrapping Up

The right bath mat can make all the difference in keeping seniors safe from dangerous slips and falls in the bathroom. Choose one with excellent traction from suction cups or grippy textures. Ensure it drains well and provides comfortable cushioning.

Take measurements for a custom fit and go for an extended length. Look for antimicrobial properties to inhibit mold and mildew buildup. And be sure it’s easy to keep clean.

Equip your bathroom properly, and bathing can remain a pleasure rather than a peril. Consult this guide, weigh the top options, and select a mat you can trust to meet your needs.

These mats are one of several inexpensive bathroom accessories that ensure your elderly loved one is safe while taking a bath or shower.

Combine these mats with non-slip shower shoes for maximum non-slip bathing and showering. It’s amazing how such a simple item can allow seniors to feel more confident while bathing.

Safe showering leads to greater independence and confidence. The first step is under your feet.

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