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Can You Poop In A Bedside Commode? (Of Course You Can!)

Can You Poop In A Bedside Commode? (Of Course You Can!)

Yes, of course, you can poop in a bedside commode. But, there are a few steps you should take to minimize the mess and make clean up much easier.
Poop In Bedside Commode
Poop In Bedside Commode
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If you have wondered if you or your elderly loved one can poop in a bedside commode, the answer is yes!

A bedside commode is a portable device for collecting human waste, including poop and urine. So, yeah. This is what it is for.

The best bedside commodes for the elderly are well equipped to handle this situation specifically.

What Is A Bedside Commode?

A bedside commode is a movable or portable toilet that doesn’t use flowing or running water.

It looks similar to a chair but comes with a liftable toilet seat and a container or bucket underneath to catch the poop.

How To Poop In A Bedside Commode

Before using a bedside commode, safety should be of utmost importance. Before you or the person you are helping use the commode, double-check to ensure it is locked to prevent it from moving around.

The next step involves checking that the container or bucket is placed correctly under the chair. Put a bit of water in the container, which helps with odor control and cleaning up afterward.

Once the person is seated on the commode, they can use the armrests to help them sit. At this stage, you may want to leave the room to let the person poop in the commode in private.

What To Do Once The Person Is Done

Once the person finishes using the bedside commode, here are the steps to follow to empty and clean the bedside commode:

  1. Put on disposable gloves.
  2. Help them up so that they are in a standing position.
  3. Use wipes, toilet paper, or warm water and soap to wipe their bottom area and their genitals. Dry the area with a clean towel.
  4. Help the person to the bathroom so that they can wash and disinfect their hands.
  5. Assist them back into their bed.
poop in bedside commode cleaningPin
Here are some ways to correctly clean a bedside commode after its use.

How To Clean A Bedside Commode After Pooping In It

Removing poop is perhaps the least enjoyable task for many caregivers, but it should be done correctly and without any fuss.

After the person has pooped into the commode, the caregiver should throw the waste down the toilet. The container should then be rinsed and soaked in hot water.

The next step involves scrubbing the container with a cleaner. Rinse with water and then spray the container on either side with disinfectant.

The last two steps involve rinsing the container well and drying it.

Bedside Commode Odor Control

When it comes to reducing odors after using a bedside commode, cleaning the container after every use and the rest of the device at least three times every week is crucial.

Frequent cleaning can help to stop the bacteria that cause the odors from spreading and growing.

It is also essential to clean all the areas around the bedside commode two to three times a week. A complete cleaning includes washing the floors and changing the sheets on the person’s bed.

When pooping in a bedside commode, some people also prefer to use disposable liners in the container, which helps reduce the odors caused by the waste.

These liners are especially beneficial when there is little or no airflow in the room.


A bedside commode is a great tool to help those who have mobility issues. And, yes, you can use a bedside commode for both urine and poop.

Always ensure the commode is locked and cannot slide around on the floor. We also recommend keeping a bit of water in the commode to ease the burden of cleaning.

Also, always clean and disinfect the commode after every use. 

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