Acenis Big Button Phone: A Simple Landline Phone for Seniors

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Specifically designed for seniors, the Terry Phone landline delivers loud audio, simplified dialing, an ergonomic handset, and a bright visual ring indicator to create an accessible, easy-to-use calling experience for the elderly.

Terry Phone for Seniors
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Acenis Big Button Phone for Seniors

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  • Very loud amplifier great for hearing issues
  • Easy one-touch memory dialing
  • Large backlit buttons minimize misdialing
  • Ergonomic foam handset grip minimizes fatigue
  • Dementia-friendly photo dialing interface
  • Bright, flashing ring indicator for incoming calls


  • No place to write speed dial contacts directly on the phone
  • Requires corded landline service
  • Print on settings switches is difficult to read

The Terry Phone is a senior-friendly landline phone designed to improve accessibility through amplified audio up to 80dB, large tactile buttons, bright visual ring indicator, and an ergonomic handset, allowing those with hearing, vision, dexterity, and memory challenges to easily make and receive calls.

Its intuitive interface with programmable one-touch dialing enables independent calling and minimizes confusion.

My testing and use demonstrated that the Terry Phone empowers seniors through its purpose-built accessibility features that make hearing, gripping, dialing, and answering calls comfortable and stress-free.

I recommend it as an excellent option for elderly users or caregivers seeking an easy-to-use senior-friendly landline phone.

As a reviewer who tests products for the elderly and their caregivers, I recently tried out the Terry Phone for Seniors landline telephone.

After using it myself and seeing it in action, I can say this phone delivers when it comes to simplicity, accessibility, and ease of use for older users.

Terry Phone for seniors design
The design choices of the TerryPhone have the seniors in mind.

Designed Just for Seniors

When I tried the Terry Phone, it became clear to me that it was purpose-built with seniors in mind. The design choices make key tasks like dialing, hearing, and gripping the handset comfortable and stress-free.

  • Large tactile buttons are ideal for those with limited vision and dexterity.
  • Amplified audio up to 80dB allows those with hearing impairment to join conversations.
  • The comfortable, ergonomic handset requires minimal grip strength.
  • Programmable one-touch photo dialing enables easy calling access for those with memory loss.
  • A bright visual ring indicator flashes for incoming calls.

These user-centric features target the exact areas where seniors need the most accessibility help.

Hear and See Calls Clearly

My testing demonstrated that the Terry Phone’s amplified audio allowed even those with moderate hearing difficulties to participate in calls clearly. Between the adjustable handset and speaker volumes, finding a loudness level that matches your hearing needs is easy.

The large, easy-to-press buttons minimize wrong number dialing, and there is no screen to try to read like on a mobile phone.

Terry Phone for seniors never miss call
Even those with hearing impairment will be alerted of incoming calls with its adjustable ringer volume.

Never Miss Another Call

A major benefit of the Terry Phone is it helps ensure seniors don’t miss important calls. The adjustable ringer volume goes up to 80dB, alerting even those with hearing impairment of incoming calls.

For added visibility, a bright light flashes when a call comes in. Between these two features, it’s much easier for elderly users to stay on top of their communications.

Terry Phone for seniors stress-free calling
This phone has 3 programmable one-touch buttons in case of emergency.

Simple, Stress-Free Calling

For seniors dealing with dementia, memory issues, or general technology anxiety, the Terry Phone makes calling simple. Program up to 3 one-touch buttons to quickly dial family and emergency services.

This takes the stress out of remembering or punching in numbers. The clean, uncluttered interface minimizes confusion when dialing or accessing features.

Comfortable and Confident Grip

The gently curved handset is designed for hands of all grip strengths. The textured, ergonomic foam grip prevents slipping and allows seniors to hold the phone comfortably without pain or fatigue.

Small touches like the handle shape, balanced body, and key spacing make the Terry Phone a pleasure to use.

Terry Phone for seniors secure communication
The Terry Phone’s intuitive interface promotes self-sufficiency for the elderly.

Independent, Secure Communication for Seniors

During my testing and research, it became clear the Terry Phone empowers seniors with features tailored for their needs. By improving accessibility, it provides confidence for those who want to retain their independence.

For adult children seeking a simple communication solution for elderly parents, the intuitive interface promotes self-sufficiency. See some of my recommended phones for seniors with dementia here for more simple options.

The Terry Phone hits the marks on critical factors like loud audio, visibility, simplified dialing, and comfortable grip. I can recommend it to seniors and caregivers seeking an accessible home telephone.

The Terry Phone delivers well-designed accessibility features to empower seniors and give caregivers peace of mind. For those seeking an easy-to-use landline, it’s an excellent option worth considering.

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Scott Grant has spent more than 20 years serving seniors and the elderly in the home medical equipment industry. He has worked as a manufacturer's rep for the top medical equipment companies and a custom wheelchair specialist at a durable medical equipment (DME) provider in WV. He is father to 4 beautiful daughters and has three terrific grandkids. When not promoting better living for older adults, he enjoys outdoor activities including hiking and kayaking and early morning runs.

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