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VTech SN5147 Combo Phone Give Seniors Freedom and Reliability

VTech SN5147 Combo Phone Give Seniors Freedom and Reliability

The VTech SN5147 amplified cordless phone with corded handset gives seniors the cordless freedom they want for mobility along with the corded reliability they need to make calls during power outages, ensuring you'll never miss an important call.
Vtech Sn5147 Combo Phone
Vtech Sn5147 Combo Phone
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VTech SN5147 Corded Cordless Phone Combo With Answering Machine

from $21.25


  • Amplifies sound up to 50dB
  • Easy-to-read display with large buttons
  • Built-in speakerphone
  • Photo dial with up to 8 numbers
  • Loud visual ringers
  • Voice guide for setup and caller ID
  • SOS emergency dial button


  • Monochrome display lacks color
  • Menu system can be complex for tech anxious seniors
  • Extra features require more setup
Is this VTech Combo Cordless Phone the Best Home Phone for Older Adults?

As evidenced in my in-depth video review and demo, the VTech SN5147 is one of my top recommendations for seniors seeking an easy-to-use amplified cordless phone system.

After thoroughly testing and using this phone, I can confirm it lives up to its senior-friendly design.

The loud visual ringers, simple photo dialing, large backlit buttons, built-in voice guide, dedicated SOS button, and answering machine with slow playback simplify communication for the elderly. Its corded handset ensures reliability even in power outages.

Having set up and used this dual cordless/corded phone system myself, I can vouch for its straightforward setup, intuitive interface, and helpful features that benefit older adults.

For seniors wanting modern convenience along with accessibility, the VTech SN5147 is a superb option for seniors looking for an easy to use cordless phone.

Check out the video for a demonstration of these features or read more about them below.

Key Benefits for Seniors

The VTech SN5147 shines when it comes to core features that benefit seniors, like:

  • Amplification up to 50dB – The one-touch Audio Assist button boosts volume by up to 50dB, making conversations easier to hear and understand.
  • Photo speed dial – You can program up to 8 numbers with associated photos, so you always know who you’re calling.
  • Extra loud visual ringer – With an adjustable ringer volume up to 90dB and bright visual ringers, you’ll never miss another call.
  • Large buttons – The oversized dial pad has widely spaced buttons with bold print that are easier to press for arthritic hands.
  • Voice guide – The phone provides spoken confirmation for keys pressed, caller ID, and more.

Easy Set Up with Step-by-Step Instructions

Setting up the VTech SN5147 is simple thanks to the included quick start guide. It provides clear instructions with pictures for:

  • Connecting the corded handset
  • Plugging in the power adapter
  • Inserting batteries in the cordless handset
  • Mounting the phone on the wall (optional)

With voice guide activated, the phone talks you through the steps too. You’ll be up and running in no time!

VTech SN5147 answering machinePin
Eight one-touch speed dial buttons have room for photos for visual dialing.

Intuitive Answering Machine

The digital answering machine is another great feature for seniors. It records up to 22 minutes of messages and memos. Voice prompts walk you through setup.

To access messages, just press the button on the base. You can play, delete, slow down, repeat, and skip messages. The system announces the number of new messages when you first access the answering machine, so you always know if someone has called.

Handy Speakerphone Functionality

Both the corded and cordless handsets have built-in speakerphones. This allows hands-free conversations without needing to hold the handset.

The speakerphone volume can be adjusted using the dedicated volume keys on the side of the base and cordless handset. The volume goes plenty loud for those with hearing difficulties.

VTech SN5147 SOS buttonPin
The cordless handset has bold print, color-coded buttons, and a clear screen with large text.

SOS Button for Emergencies

For added safety, the phone has a dedicated SOS emergency button on the cordless handset. Pressing this button dials preset numbers like 911 or family members for help. You can record a voice message that plays when the SOS button is pressed.

While the SOS functionality relies on network availability, it’s a nice extra feature to have in emergency situations where seconds count.

The Benefits of a Dual Cordless and Corded Phone

One of the top advantages of the VTech SN5147 is that it combines both cordless and corded handsets. Here are some key benefits this dual phone system provides for seniors:

  • Cordless freedom – The wireless handset allows you to take calls anywhere within range of the base station. This gives greater mobility than a corded phone.
  • Corded reliability – With the corded handset, you don’t have to worry about batteries or charging. In a power outage, it will continue to work.
  • Easy locating – Misplacing a cordless handset is common. With a corded phone, there’s no chance of losing the handset.

Having both cordless and corded handsets gives seniors the best of both worlds. You get cordless freedom along with the reliability of a senior-friendly corded landline phone.

VTech SN5147 safety featuresPin
The corded landline phone use bold black print on a white background with clear labels on each button.

Safety Features Provide Added Peace of Mind

Several safety elements give additional security and peace of mind when using the VTech SN5147 phone system:

  • SOS button – Lets you dial emergency services or family at the press of a button in case of a fall or emergency.
  • Power outage operation – Since the corded handset doesn’t require external power, it continues to work even if the electricity goes out. You can call 911 even during a blackout.
  • Loud ringer – With the adjustable volume up to 90db, you’ll always be alerted to incoming calls, even if your hearing isn’t what it used to be.
  • Backlit display – The bright backlight makes the screen easy to read in dim lighting conditions.

Knowing your phone will work in an emergency is critical for elderly users. The VTech SN5147 provides that assurance along with enhanced safety features like the SOS button.

The Bottom Line

The VTech SN5147 offers seniors a full suite of useful features in an easy-to-use phone. With adjustable amplification, loud visual ringers, built-in speakerphone, and simple photo dialing, it has everything you need.

Though the menu system and extra features may require some setup, the phone hits the mark for usability. Both corded and cordless handsets ensure you can make calls even in a power outage.

If you want a versatile and accessible cordless phone for an elderly loved one, the SN5147 delivers excellent value.

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