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What To Do After An Elderly Person Falls On Concrete

What To Do After An Elderly Person Falls On Concrete

Falls on concrete can be especially dangerous for seniors and the elderly. Learn what to do after a fall on concrete and how to prevent more falls in the future.
what to do after a fall on concrete
what to do after a fall on concrete
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If you have recently fallen on concrete, and you were injured significantly, you may wonder what steps you should take. It is sometimes difficult to recover from substantial injuries, some of which may require a hospital stay.

However, it depends on where you fell, and why you have fallen, that will motivate you to make certain decisions.

Here are a few tips on what to do after a fall on concrete.

Why Elderly People May Fall On Concrete

There are many reasons why an elderly person may accidentally fall onto a concrete floor. First of all, they may have lost their balance. Second, there may have been something on the floor that they did not see, causing them to trip and land on the ground. Finally, it could have been a medical condition, such as a seizure, that was a precursor to the events. This is why most elderly people fall, and if one of them does, it is important to get medical attention.

Why Elderly People Should Seek Medical Attention After Falling

Elderly people are more susceptible to injuries, especially when falling on a hard surface. When they do fall, depending upon the angle, and how quickly they landed on the ground, this could lead to substantial injuries. They may break a hip, break their arm, or they may have shattered their knee. A doctor will be able to evaluate this person and help them, potentially, resolve their issue.

Will This Ever Be A Legal Matter?

In most cases, it’s not going to be a legal matter if you have fallen on your own property. However, if you are under the care of someone else, perhaps that a home where you are protected by professionals, this may lead to potential legal consequences. At the very least, you need to know how you are going to pay for any injuries that are sustained. By simply speaking with the people in charge or an attorney, you can decide which step to take.

How To Prevent Falls On Cement From Happening

Elderly people can prevent falling onto hard surfaces by doing a couple of different things. First of all, they need to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Just a small object on the pathway can lead to a catastrophic occurrence. They should also walk with other people that can help them maintain their balance and notice items that could cause them to trip.

Is Falling On Concrete Always Dangerous?

There are some elderly people that suffer from osteoporosis. This is a condition where the bones of their body become very brittle. This is typically due to a lack of vitamin D throughout their life. For these individuals, it can be very dangerous to fall on any type of service. It will simply be more difficult, and potentially dangerous if such a person does end up following on the concrete floor.

Ways To Avoid Falling On Concrete

There are a couple of ways that an elderly individual can prevent falling. First of all, they should be you walking with their caregiver at all times. If a person is at a facility or has a live-in companion, they should be at their side whenever they are walking. The easiest way to avoid falling on concrete is to never walk on that type of service. By avoiding hard surfaces, you can ensure that your fall will not be catastrophic.

Why Friends And Family Can Help The Elderly

Elderly people often trust only a handful of individuals. This tends to be close family members and lifelong friends. By surrounding themselves with these individuals as much as possible, they can feel confident that falling will likely not happen. These people can make sure that the elderly person is not dizzy or losing their balance. By simply providing them with a helping hand whenever they are moving about, this can ensure that an elderly person can be protected by friends or a loved one.

Steps To Take After Falling On Concrete

The very first step is to assess your health. If you have fallen, and you are elderly, doing a physical check on your body is the first thing that you should do. Second, you should call for help if you do not have someone beside you. This individual can help you get up or call for an ambulance if the fall was not good. Once a doctor has done testing, they can feel confident that falling on concrete did not hurt them in a detrimental way.

What Happens After You Fall On Concrete?

If you want to avoid falling on concrete again, avoiding concrete surfaces is an excellent idea. It’s also beneficial if you coordinate your daily walking in areas where you will be near softer surfaces. Finally, you need to address any medical issues that you may have that may cause you to get busy and fall. All of these steps will be helpful in eliminating the possibility of falling on something as hard as concrete.

Why Can Falling On Concrete Be More Serious Than Falling On Other Services?

The primary reason that falling on concrete can be so bad for the elderly is the density of the material. It is much worse if they fall extremely hard. Connecting with their hands, elbows, or their knees can lead to injuries that can take months to heal from. Therefore, avoiding concrete surfaces is the best way to prevent these injuries from occurring.

What Symptoms And Injuries Should You Watch For?

There are certain symptoms that are often apparent once an elderly person has fallen on concrete. They will likely be dizzy or disorientated. Another symptom is not remembering how they fell on the ground. Common injuries will include a fractured or broken wrist, hip, or any other bone where the impact was made.

When Should You Seek Medical Attention After A Fall?

Anyone that has fallen on concrete could sustain some type of injury. If you are not able to move without pain, or you cannot get up off the floor at all, medical attention is certainly necessary. You may require an ambulance to get you to a local doctor that can evaluate your condition. By acting quickly, you can avoid worse conditions that can be caused because of the impact. That may include a concussion, or internal injuries, that could lead to dangerous complications.

How To Get Up After You Fall In Concrete

The first thing you will want to do is get on your hands and knees. In this position, you can push yourself up onto your feet. If you are not able to do this without pain, you can then call for someone to help you. They can provide you with the assistance necessary to stand up once again. Regardless of what has happened, you need to move slowly. This will ensure that any damage that has been done will not become worse due to your movements.

Wrapping Up

By reading these tips on what to do if you fall on concrete, you should be able to recover from such an event. In many cases, the fall will not cause any injuries. If you were injured slightly, you can examine yourself and then try to get up if it does not cause any pain. If you are in great pain, calling for help is the best solution.

Finally, it is always important to visit a local doctor after a fall to make sure you are okay. These medical professionals can be helpful when elderly people fall on concrete as they can guide them toward making a full recovery.

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    The first thing anyone should do after a fall, or bumping into something, is put ice or cold water on the place of impact. This will reduce swelling and reduce pain and injury. Keep an arnica ointment on hand as well, it will reduce bruising if applied right away.

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