Do You Still Have to Wipe After Using a Bidet? (You Shouldn’t!)

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Using a bidet is easier and more hygienic than regular wiping. So, you don't need to wipe after using a bidet. But, you might not be able to rid yourself of toilet paper completely.

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Wipe After Using Bidet

Much of the world has already incorporated the bidet into their standard bathroom equipment.

However, the bidet’s popularity has yet to reach the US. Since bidets are somewhat new in the US, you may have questions about how to use one properly.

For example, is wiping necessary after using a bidet?

What Is a Bidet?

There are many different types of bidets —even a portable concept that allows the benefits of a bidet anywhere you go. But all bidets are designed and operate around a simple idea of personal hygiene.

The bidet sprays water over the perineal, genital, and anal areas after a bowel movement to ensure that everything is left clean and free from the last vestiges of fecal matter.

You can see my recommended bidets for older adults in this guide if you are curious…

Do You Need to Wipe After Using a Bidet?

There are different schools of thought about whether or not you have to wipe when using a bidet and when that wipe should happen. Here is what you need to know.

No Wiping At All

Many people don’t feel it is important to wipe it because the bidet does all the cleaning for you. Furthermore, some people install a bidet in their home to eliminate the need for toilet paper.

If you have a suitable bidet that delivers a thorough cleaning, you should not need to wipe. If the bidet is not providing a good cleaning, you can adjust the water pressure and position of the nozzle for better cleaning.

wipe after using bidet before
You will use tissue for preliminary cleaning when it comes to pre-wiping.

Wipe Before the Bidet

The pre-wipe is another possibility. Pre-wiping is where you will use tissue for a preliminary cleaning to remove any chunky matter before moving for an in-depth cleaning at the bidet.

Pre-wiping is a good idea if you have a standalone bidet with no flush function. Because these bidets only have a regular drain, chunky matter can cause clogs or a nasty mess that you don’t want to spend time cleaning.

Wiping After the Bidet

The final wipe after using the bidet can be a “check wipe” to ensure you’ve completed the job to the highest standards. After the check wipe, you may choose to give the bidet another swirl.

Of course, after a few of these, you may find the bidet is working just fine. You may even see the reason for the “No Wipe” logic and stop spending on toilet paper.

Drying Off After Using the Bidet

Unlike a regular wipe, a bidet uses a pressurized water spout to clean up after a bathroom run.

Drying off after using the bidet is essential to remaining comfortable and hygienic. Here is what you should know.

Dabbing Dry

The bidet leaves your parts clean but also very wet. Because no one wants to walk around with a soggy bottom, you may choose to dab with toilet paper to dry off.

In this case, use a dabbing motion to maintain the structural integrity of the toilet paper. Wiping will cause small bits of wet toilet paper to break away and decorate your posterior until shower time.

wipe after using bidet air dry
Air drying is sanitary and can help preserve sensitive skin.

Air Dry

Some laid-back folks have commented on the benefits of allowing the area to air dry.

The advantage is that air drying is very sanitary and can help preserve sensitive skin. The backside is not a region of the body that gets a lot of fresh air, so this can be incredibly soothing.

Air drying also allows the bidet user a few more moments in the sanctum sanctorum to clean ears, send messages, or finish another page of their bathroom book.

Bidet Drying Functions

Some of the upper-tier bidets have their own drying function that rounds off a bidet’s hygienic and skin-preserving capacity. A luxurious bidet with an air dryer allows for a completely clean and dry without ever having to wipe or dab.

While this is undoubtedly faster than air drying, it still takes a minute or two to dry completely, so it is not the best option for time-pressed individuals. Furthermore, not all bidets offer this function.

Final Notes – Do You Have to Wipe After Using a Bidet?

If you are considering installing a bidet in your home, you will be glad to know the process is quick and easy.

Using a bidet is more sanitary than wiping with regular toilet paper. They are easier to use too and provide many benefits for the elderly.

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