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Best Bathtub Safety Strips for Senior Bathroom Safety

Best Bathtub Safety Strips for Senior Bathroom Safety

The slick combination of soap and water make tubs an unsafe place for seniors to stand. Here are some of the best bathtub safety strips to add traction to slick bathroom surfaces.
Best Bathtub Safety Strips
Best Bathtub Safety Strips
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Our elderly relatives often prefer to age in place and enjoy the comforts of their familiar surroundings.

Aging in place provides them with a sense of independence and dignity that can be very important to their happiness and well-being.

But it is imperative to make the adjustments that can keep them safe and sound if they live alone. This is especially true when it comes to making bathtubs safer for seniors and the elderly.

Why Might Older Adults Need Bathtub Safety Strips?

According to the statistics held by the CDC, over 3 million seniors will be taken to the emergency room, and more than 800,000 of them will be hospitalized because of slip and fall injuries. Falling accidents cause 95% of all hip fractures and traumatic brain injuries.

These accidents can happen at any place at any time, but some areas present a much higher risk than others. Recent data has shown that 72% of all slip and fall accidents involving senior citizens occur around the home.

These studies have shown that 54% of these home accidents are caused by carpets, 45% by rugs, and 35% in the bathroom. Most of these accidents occur when the elderly person is moving from one place to another — like getting in and out of the bathtub or shower stall.

The best way to avoid these accidents is to make them impossible to happen. Safety strips are essential in protecting your elderly loved ones as they climb in and out of bathtubs and onto their non-slip bathroom floor.

What Important Features Should Seniors Look for When Shopping for Bathtub Safety Strips?

Suppose you are looking to prevent accidents and protect the safety of your senior relative with safety strips. In that case, you will need the best products to ensure maximum protection.

Here is what to look for in the best safety stickers and appliques:

Safe Materials

Look for stickers made of top-quality PEVA materials or something equally non-toxic and durable. Abrasive materials can sometimes irritate the bare sensitive foot. PEVA is also very comfortable underfoot.

Increase Traction on Slippery Surfaces

The stickers must feature an excellent non-slip surface that keeps the feet steady in their spot even when wet.

Wide Application

While the bathroom and bathtub pose the most significant threat, they are not the only place where a senior can have a slip-and-fall accident. You can improve the safety of pool areas, stairs, outdoor areas, shower stalls, and even entry and exits with the right safety strips.

Strong Adhesives

The last thing you need is something that will be very difficult to apply and then become unstuck at the worst possible moment. Look for top-quality products from reliable manufacturers with a passion for caring for the elderly.

Best Bathtub Safety Strips and Appliques for the Elderly

20 Pieces Adhesive Square Bath Treads Non-Slip Bathtub Stickers Non Slip Traction to Tubs Bathtub Stickers Adhesive Decals Appliques for Bath Tub Showers, Pools, Boats, Stairs (Gray)Pin

20 Pieces Adhesive Square Non-Slip Bathtub Stickers by Patelai

as of 06/20/2024 5:22 am
  • Separable Design — This set of adhesive bath treads can be separated and rearranged for maximum efficacy. Each 10 cm x 10 cm sticker features over 1000 tiny protrusions, which provide a sturdy yet comfortable grip on the foot.
  • More than Enough — This package includes 20 stickers, each measuring 4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm). Then you can further separate each sticker into two smaller stickers measuring 3” x 3” (7.5 x 7.5) and 1.8” x 1.8” (4.5 x 4.5) — for a total of 60 stickers.
  • Attractive Design — These safety stickers can be separated and arranged as you see fit. Not only will this provide you ample grip in the shower, but a cheery and stylish design that will keep your elderly loved one happy and comfortable.
  • Wide Range of Usage — The top-quality adhesives used in this product have applications far beyond the bathtub and shower stall. Their quality construction and stylish design can also be applied to the office, stairs, swimming pool, ladders, doorways, and more.

Alinn Bathtub Stickers, 24 Pcs Shell Anti-Slip Appliques Shower Bath Tub Slip Stickers Non Slip Adhesive with Scraper for Stairs and Other Slippery Surfaces (Blue)Pin

Alinn Bathtub Stickers — 24 Pcs Bathtub Slip Stickers with Scraper

  • Top-Quality PEVA — These premium safety strip stickers are made of PEVA materials that are soft on the skin, waterproof, and durable enough to withstand a good scrubbing when needed.
  • Excellent Adhesion — Alinn Bathtub Stickers are also designed with a top-quality adhesive that adheres rigidly to smooth surfaces of all types. This type of confidence is essential when improving your senior’s bathroom with safety features.
  • Size and Quantity — You will receive 24 safety stickers measuring 2.8” x 3.7” (7 x 9.3cm). We believe this large size and quantity is more than enough to address and improve the safety of your bathtub. Their charming shell design and soothing blue color will flow naturally with any bathroom style.
  • Versatile — While their design will limit their application to certain areas of the home, you can apply these top-quality safety stickers anywhere to increase the stability of anyone walking by.

SlipDoctors Anti-Slip Bathtub and Shower Appliques, 28-Pack Circle Appliques. Increase Traction and Prevent Falls in The Tub (1.5”, Clear)Pin

SlipDoctors Anti-Slip Bathtub Appliques

  • Long Lasting — These non-slip adhesives are made with a strong bond that provides the maximum grip you can count on for solid stability for many years.
  • Anti-Bacterial — Although they will withstand the toughest cleaning, you will also be happy to know that these anti-bacterial slip pads will not become an incubator for disease.
  • Barefoot Friendly — These safety stickers feature an innovative surface texture that poses no problem to sensitive skin and still provides reliable traction where wet floors are a common problem. They can even cradle the softer skin of a sitting bather.
  • Versatile Design — Available in white and clear, these 4” (10cm) and 1.5” (4cm) circles can be placed anywhere extra traction is needed to avoid an accident. They are covert enough to provide that strong and silent protection.

V-TOP 30 PCS Bathtub Non Slip Stickers, Safety Shower Non Slip Adhesive Strips Treads for Bathroom Floor Tub Stairs Ladders Pools Boats, Bathtub Appliques for Adults & Kids with Scraper (Clear)Pin

V-TOP 30 PCS Bathtub Non-Slip Stickers with Scraper

as of 06/20/2024 5:22 am
  • Excellent Design — These non-slip stickers feature hundreds of tiny protrusions that increase the friction between the foot and the surface. This allows water to flow freely and prevents tripping while still providing sturdy stability.
  • PEVA Materials — Made of PEVA materials, you can expect good durability, antibacterial protection, and waterproofing that improve your user experience.
  • Subtle Style — Available in white and clear, you can apply these strips anywhere without drawing too much attention to their presence, making this an excellent option for improving traction wherever needed.

Alternatives to Anti-Slip Stickers

In addition to fitting your elderly loved one’s bathroom with non-slip adhesive stickers, what else can you do to prevent slip and fall injuries in the bathtub? In addition to safety stickers, anti-slip mats are held in place with suction cups.

But how do these two options compare side by side?

Safety Stickers vs. Anti-Slip Bath Mats

Cleaning and Hygiene

Safety stickers can be washed in the same ways as the rest of the bathtub, making them easy to clean. Bath mats will require more focused effort to keep hygienic.

Product Lifetime

Safety stickers can last many years and retain reliable stability. On the other hand, bath mats will have to be swapped out regularly because the suction caps will lose their power over time.


Neither product is exceptionally costly. But because bathmats will need to be swapped out more frequently, safety stickers are the more economical option.


Bath stickers are very versatile and can be placed as needed to cover the area and dimensions required. You can purchase more stickers if you cover a larger area, like a shower stall.

Bathmats cover a single rectangular shape. If more space is needed, you get another rectangle — which doesn’t look very nice.

Environmental Factors

Bathmats require far more materials and energy to produce than safety stickers. They also end up in landfill far faster.


The initial setup for the bathroom stickers takes a slightly longer amount of time than the bathmat. However, due to the nature of a bath mat, the overall upkeep is more extensive than its counterpart.

Even the best bath mats for seniors need to be cleaned frequently and must be removed and reapplied to the surface.

Mold Resistant

Safety stickers have a wonderful texture that doesn’t support molds and bacterial growth very well. Those made with PEVA materials are often antibacterial as well. Bath mats are notorious for collecting molds and spreading bacteria.


Some safety stickers can be easily removed but can’t be reapplied. Bath Mats can be easily relocated as needed.


Bath stickers are very attractive and available in various shapes, designs, colors, and levels of visibility. Bathmats are not as attractive, and that’s before they become dingy and decrepit.

Tips for Using Bathtub Safety Strips

Safety strips, stickers, and other appliques are very easy to install. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Prepare the surface carefully by cleaning it with an all-purpose cleanser. Clean the area thoroughly and allow it to dry completely.
  2. Dust the surface with a dry cloth and wipe down with rubbing alcohol to ensure all soap scum is gone.
  3. Arrange strips, stickers, or other appliques in the desired pattern.
  4. Remove the backing material from each applique one at a time for the best results.
  5. Press the sticker or strip firmly into place. Begin at the center and work your way outward.
  6. Do not touch the adhesive backs or attempt to reposition stickers during installation.
  7. Wait 12 hours after installation before use.

Final Notes on the Best Safety Strips, Stickers, and Appliques for Elderly

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in the home for elderly folks with balance and mobility issues.

Broken bones and fractures can be a far more significant problem for the over 50 community and are always best avoided. Safety strips, stickers, and appliques can go a long way in improving the safety of your elderly loved one.

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