Best Blankets for Eczema (8 Choices That Cool Hot, Itchy Skin)

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Trying to sleep with the hot, itchy skin of an eczema flare up might feel impossible. Here are some of the best blankets for eczema though that help cool and comfort skin for a better night's sleep.

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When your skin is inflamed and itchy because of an eczema flare-up, it can be difficult for you to get the sleep that you need. Since your body heals while you’re sleeping, regular rest is especially important for eczema sufferers.

When you’re shopping for bedding, you’ll want to be aware of potential triggers. Overheating is a problem common for people with eczema, and heat can leave your skin feeling worse. Because of this, you’ll want to look for lightweight bedding with a low tog rating. Breathable materials, like bamboo, silk, and cotton, are ideal.

If you’re looking for bedding that will keep you comfortable and allow you to sleep peacefully through the night, these blankets are all great options.

So, let’s get right to it. Here are some of the best blankets for eczema.

The 365 Blanket by Muslin Comfort

365 blanket by muslin comfort
Where to Buy:
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The best material for skin contact for people with eczema is 100% cotton according to This super-soft blanket is made of 8 layers of all-natural and breathable 100% cotton so it’s hypoallergenic and soft against sensitive skin.

I’ve been sleeping with a 365 Blanket myself for the last month (provided to me by Muslin Comfort for this review). Generally, I tend to be a hot sleeper and toss and turn a lot if I’m not comfortable.

The first thing I noticed was the generous sizing of the blanket. I have a full-sized bed and the blanket I previously used was 76″ x 80″. This blanket is a whopping 96″ x 96″ and nearly hit the floor because of my platform bed. Oh, and it arrives pre-shrunk so it is going to stay near that size as long as you have it too.

I’ve been extremely happy with this blanket and it is not going to be leaving my bed anytime soon. It is definitely soft against my skin – the material reminds me of those super-soft reusable gauzy diapers I remember as a kid. And, because it is so breathable, I stay warm all night without being clammy or hot!

I followed Muslin Comfort’s directions for using the blanket “European Style” which, I admit, was a little odd at first. But, you need to try it! This means sleeping with the blanket next to your skin without a top sheet or comforter.

That way, the super-soft muslin is right next to your skin without a rougher sheet between. If you are colder natured, you can put the sheet on top of the blanket or combine it with a comforter on top.

I also like the blanket has some weight to it. I have tried weighted blankets in the past but always felt like they restricted my movements. This blanket has some heft to it (a king weighs 8 pounds) so that you know it is there without being “heavy”. So, you get some of the benefits of a weighted blanket without feeling like you are being weighed down.

You’ll also love that this blanket is machine-washable at home and easy to care for because of its 100% cotton construction. Give it lots of time to dry though because of its absorbency!

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Cool-Jams Cool Bamboo Textured Coverlet

Where to Buy:

This classic coverlet blanket set is made of 100% bamboo-woven rayon providing an excellent look and a soft feel. You will love that this fabric gets softer the more you wash it… and, yes, it is machine washable! It feels as good as cashmere next to your skin.

Because it is made from 100% bamboo, this blanket set is naturally odor-resistant, mildew-resistant, and hypo-allergenic which all offer tremendous benefits to people who suffer from eczema. Especially if your current scratchy sheets keep you up at night.

People with eczema are sensitive to warm temperatures too which increase the itchiness and discomfort. These sheets use the natural cooling ability of bamboo to keep you at just the right temperature for optimal sleep.

Finally, eczema sufferers will appreciate that there are no harsh chemicals to further aggravate your sensitive skin in this eco-friendly product. It is available in Queen and King sizes in your choice of 6 colors.

Dangtop Cooling Bamboo Blanket

Where to Buy:

This lightweight blanket, which is made from bamboo fiber, is designed to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. The blanket feels cool against your skin, which means it can be very soothing when you’re dealing with inflammation. It also has excellent ventilation, which means you won’t get overheated while you sleep.

This blanket is available in a range of sizes and a variety of colors, including purple, green, and neutral white. It can be used on its own or paired with a comforter when you need additional warmth. The blanket is machine washable and should hold up well over time.

Bamboo is similar to silk and is incredibly gentle against the skin. Not only can a blanket like this help to reduce the risk of eczema flare-ups, but it can help to ease your pain if you’re dealing with itchy and irritated skin. This affordable blanket is ideal for summer sleeping but can be used throughout the year.

Cuddle Dreams Mulberry Silk Blanket

Where to Buy:

This fleece blanket is made from 100% premium mulberry silk. Silk is a naturally breathable and lightweight material, and sleeping with a blanket like this should help to keep you at a stable temperature throughout the night. The fleece fabric is also soft and gentle on the skin.

The blanket is available in twin, queen, and king sizes. It also comes in a variety of shades, which means you can find a color that will look nice on your bed. The satin border along the blanket is a distinctive and elegant touch.

Unlike wool, silk won’t irritate your skin, making this an excellent alternative to a standard fleece blanket. If you do choose to buy this blanket, however, you should be aware that it’s dry-clean only. If you try to clean it in your washing machine, you could wind up damaging the delicate silk fabric.

Pine & River Temperature Regulating Weighted Blanket

Where to Buy:

Researchers have found that weighted blankets can reduce insomnia and improve sleep quality. Many people with eczema have also reported that the pressure from a weighted blanket can be soothing at night. This weighted blanket, which is made from eco-friendly bamboo viscose, is a particularly great choice.

Since this blanket is made from bamboo, it can help your body to regulate its temperature so that you won’t become too hot during the night. There are 15-pound and 20-pound blankets available, which means you can choose the weight that’s right for you.

This blanket is incredibly soft, and it’s also machine washable, which means it’s easy to keep clean. It’s large enough to fit a queen-size mattress, allowing you to use this blanket instead of a standard comforter. If you’re interested in a weighted blanket for your eczema symptoms, this is one of the best options on the market.

You can see more cooling weighted blankets here.

Bedsure Waffle Weave Blanket

Where to Buy:

This all-natural blanket is made from a blend of cotton and bamboo. It’s completely hypoallergenic, which is why it’s a particularly great option for people with eczema. Not only is the blanket breathable, but it can also absorb moisture, which means you won’t have to worry about getting sweaty during the night. This can help to reduce the amount of bacteria that forms on your skin, which can reduce eczema flare-ups.

Twin, queen, and king-size blankets are available. If you’re looking for a blanket that you can use when you’re lounging around the house, throw blankets are also an option. The blanket is available in several neutral shades and has a waffle pattern, giving it a distinctive and appealing look.

It’s safe to put this blanket in the washer or the dryer, making it easy to care for. If you’re looking for a soft and versatile blanket that you’ll be able to use throughout the year, this is an affordable and appealing option.

Hillfair 100% Certified Organic Cotton Blanket

Where to Buy:

It’s important to look for quality cotton when buying a cotton blanket, and quality is definitely what you’ll find here. These blankets are made from premium, certified organic cotton yarn. They’re colored with natural fiber-reactive dyes, which means the blanket shouldn’t irritate the skin.

This blanket is light enough to keep you cool during the night, but it’s thick enough to keep you warm when temperatures drop. You can use it as a bed topper or layer it over a duvet. It’s a beautifully-made blanket that you’ll be able to use and enjoy year-round.

The blanket comes in a reusable cotton tote bag, making it an especially nice gift. If you’re buying this blanket yourself, you’ll be glad to know that it’s machine washable and that the blanket can be tumble dried on low.

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Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket

Where to Buy:

This unusual blanket features Japanese cold fiber on one side and 100% cotton on the other. No matter what side of the blanket you have against your skin, you can count on the blanket to keep your skin feeling nice and cool. The fibers in the blanket are able to absorb body heat, which means you won’t become overheated during the night.

The blanket is designed to release body heat, which can keep your skin from feeling hot and inflamed. It’s also incredibly soft, which means it won’t irritate your skin. When you’re dealing with a bad eczema flare-up, you can use the cold fiber side of the blanket to help your skin cool down. When you’re ready to sleep at night, you can switch over to the cotton side.

Since the blanket is available in several styles and colors, allowing you to choose a blanket that will match the rest of your home’s decor. Even though the blanket has an unusual design, it’s still machine washable, which means keeping it clean won’t be an issue.

Gravity Cooling Blanket: The Weighted Blanket for Sleep

Where to Buy:

This weighted blanket is specifically designed to promote deeper sleep and minimize movement throughout the night. If you’ve woken up to find that you scratched your skin during the night, switching to a blanket like this could be able to resolve those problems.

Since this blanket is made from hypoallergenic materials, it won’t irritate your sensitive skin. Furthermore, the blanket isn’t treated with chemicals, which can cause skin irritation. The premium quality blanket is made from a cooling fabric that will keep you from sweating during the night.

The cover of this blanket can be removed and cleaned in a washing machine. The inner weighted blanket will need to be hand-washed and air-dried. Being able to remove the cover makes it incredibly easy to keep the blanket clean and bacteria-free.

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Wrapping Up

Eczema can be difficult to deal with, especially when you’re trying to sleep at night. It’s hard to rest when you’re coping with dry and itchy skin. Thankfully, if you find the right blanket, you’ll be able to relieve your symptoms and get the sleep that you need.

Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®
Assistive Technology Professional

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