Cooling Blankets for Sweaty Sleepers That Help Night Sweats


These blankets for sweaty sleepers cool you off at night for better sleep. Some use cooler and heat wicking materials while others use technology to cool of the blanket itself as you sleep.

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cooling blankets for sweaty sleepers

The quality of the sleep we enjoy during the night can have long-term effects on our health and well-being.

However, enjoying that optimal temperature while sleeping can be a challenge for many people, including those going through menopause, when hot flashes can make falling into a deep sleep problematic and also lead to tossing in turning during the night.

So, keep reading to learn more. Or, give your eyes a rest and let our system read it to you!

Cooler Sleep = Better Sleep

The problem may be more common than one might think, and some simply ‘run hot’ when sleeping rather than suffering from a specific medical condition. However, the fact is that most people will sleep better during the night if they enjoy an optimum temperature – neither too hot nor too cold.

In a recent survey by the Washington Post, 80% of respondents indicated that they would sleep better when it is cooler. Another study (published in 2019) in the “International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health” echoed those results.

There are prescription medications that can help those who suffer from night sweats and disturbed sleep due to the discomfort of overheating. However, more and more people are searching for a natural remedy that will allow them to enjoy a good night’s sleep – and what could be more natural than simply staying cool during the night?

Cooling Blankets for Hot Sleepers

Fortunately, there is a solution – to invest in one of the many cooling blankets widely available today. These highly breathable and lightweight blankets absorb heat during the early stages of the sleep cycle (or while falling asleep) and then release that heat slowly and evenly during the night – ensuring that the sleeper enjoys an even, comfortable sleeping experience.

There are also a variety of electric cooling blankets that can be highly effective at maintaining a comfortable temperature for the sleeper during the night.

The fabric of the cooling blanket can have a lot to do with just how good it is at ensuring a great night’s sleep. Materials such as cotton, Egyptian cotton, silk, and bamboo.

However, each of these has unique properties – and is available at a variety of price points – prices that can also depend on variables such as size, weight, and the technology used to provide that great night’s rest.

Best Blankets for Sweaty Sleepers

Choosing which cooling blanket best suits your needs can be challenging due to the many variables involved. To make your choice just a little easier, there are some of the best on the market.

Elegear Revolutionary Queen Size Cooling Blanket Absorbs Body Heat to Keep Adults/Children/Babies Cool on Warm Nights, Japanese Q-Max>0.4 Arc-Chill Cooling Fiber, 100% Cotton Backing Blanket - Gray

Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket

as of 01/30/2023 5:00 pm

I’ll start the list with a cooling blanket with multiple uses – from a bed blanket to a quick covering for a nap on the recliner or the couch.

I, too, am a hot sleeper – to the point that it wakes me up (usually covered in sweat).

The folks at Elegear sent me one of their cooling blankets to try out. I was a bit skeptical just because I’d never heard of the brand. But they have very high ratings on Amazon. So, I gave it a try.

I slept with the blanket for two weeks and was extremely happy with it. I found myself waking up less often and not waking up with a damp pillow, either! I liked it so much that it will be staying on my bed.

The blanket is super thin but very soft, much like your favorite T-shirt. It has two layers: the outer layer is designed to wick away moisture, and the inner cotton layer feels smooth against the skin.

Eight colors are available to choose from, and all the usual bed sizes are available too.

Cool Bamboo Textured Coverlet

Cool-jams Cool Bamboo Textured Coverlet


If you are a hot sleeper but still like to have a blanket pulled up to your neck, take a look at this cooling bamboo coverlet blanket from Cool-jams. If you haven’t heard about Cool-jams, they are a US-based company specializing in bedding and sleepwear that cools you while you sleep.

This coverlet blanket is lightweight but has enough heft to it that you can feel that it is there. The super-soft, breathable bamboo fabric is naturally hypoallergenic and is even mildew and odor-resistant. And bamboo is an ideal fabric for regulating your sleep temperature.

It features a classic quilted design and is available in 6 colors. Queen and King size only, though.

Cool-jams also offers a cooling duvet set as well for another option.

Lightweight Comforter

The Cumulus Lightweight Comforter


This comforter is another that boasts the manufacturer’s unique approach to the fill being used to provide that exceptional night’s rest.

It has a cotton outer and a fill that is a combination of polyester and ‘Outlast® technology’, which was originally designed by NASA scientists and excels at storing and releasing heat during the course of the night and controlling humidity.

It’s available in various sizes, including Twin / Twin XL, Full / Queen, and King / Cal-King. There are two weights – the ‘lightweight’ and ‘Comforter.’ For warmer climates, the Lightweight option is ideal.

Eventemp 300 Thread Count Temperature Regulating Comforter

Eventemp Temperature Regulating Comforter


This product uses high-quality 300-thread-count cotton sateen fabric and employs technology that ensures an even temperature throughout the night.

It is highly effective at wicking moisture away from the body – and the lightweight, breathable material has been formulated to ensure that it is suitable for use in both summer and winter.

It’s also hypoallergenic to ensure that those suffering from allergies to natural products such as Down can enjoy an undisturbed night’s rest.

Bare Home Twin/Twin Extra Long Comforter - Reversible Colors - Goose Down Alternative - Ultra-Soft - Premium 1800 Series - All Season Warmth - Bedding Comforter (Twin/Twin XL, Grey/Light Grey)

Bare Home Ultra-Soft Premium 1800 Series Comforter

as of 01/30/2023 5:00 pm

This cooling blanket is ideal for those searching for great comfort, a wonderful cool night’s sleep, and exceptional value. As a bonus, it’s also available in several sizes and colors, and it’s reversible, so you can mix and match it to suit your mood and keep your bedding options open.

This cooling blanket is manufactured using high-quality microfiber that is exceptionally breathable. It’s also hypoallergenic and is suitable for use year-round. It’s also machine washable.

DANGTOP Cooling Blankets, 100% Bamboo Blanket for All-Season, Cooling Blankets Absorbs Body Heat to Keep Cool on Warm Night, Ultra-Cool Lightweight Blanket for Bed (79x91 inches, Grey)

Dangtop Cooling Bamboo Blanket

as of 01/30/2023 5:00 pm

Another great “value-for-money” cooling blanket, the manufacturer describes this product as a crossover between a sheet and a blanket – and DANGTOP also claims that it will keep sleepers around 3 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature of the room.

It’s made from an ultra-soft breathable bamboo microfiber material and is available in several colors, twin and full sizes. It has received around 500 5-star reviews on Amazon, many of those from menopausal women who use the bedding, and praised its comfort and effectiveness.

This cooling blanket is both hand and machine-washable – but should be dried in the sun as otherwise, it is prone to shrinkage. It’s perfect for extremely hot climates and muggy nights.

BedJet 3 Climate Comfort Sleep System

BedJet 3 Climate Comfort Blanket

from $89.00

This could be the perfect product if you want the ultimate cooling technology to enjoy a comfortable night’s rest. The Bedjet electric cooling blanket wicks away moisture incredibly efficiently – and its cooling coils ensure that the bed is ready for a great night’s sleep in around 10 seconds.

It’s also the perfect solution for couples as it boasts dual-zone technology, which allows each partner to set their preferred temperature for the night (but you’re going to need two of the base cooling units). The blanket uses 100% cotton fibers for added comfort, breathability, and ease of care.

The remote can be a challenge for those who want to fine-tune their sleep experience (and you’re going to need the Bluetooth sleep app for that) – but there are basic functions that are easy to use. It’s absolutely perfect for those who are suffering from night sweats.

If there are two minor downsides to this cooling blanket, the cooling units are fairly bulky and may not fit under every bed, and it is also pricey (over $1,100 for a dual-zone King size). It’s also available only in white – but that shouldn’t be a show stopper.


Tru Temp Blanket by Sleep Number


The unique mix of fibers and fills in the inner, and the cover has resulted in great consumer feedback. This cooling blanket uses a combination of a cotton cover and polyester fill – and both components also contain unique ‘37.5® technology’ fibers that maintain an even temperature all night.

The manufacturer claims that the ‘active-particle technology’ also attracts and removes moisture to avoid humidity buildup and the dreaded ‘sweaty night syndrome.’ It’s perfect for multi-season use. It’s also a great addition to bedroom decor as it is available in five different colors (with matching sheets).

Stay Cool For Better Sleep

A great night’s sleep is absolutely essential for those who want to wake feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

A bad night’s sleep means waking up feeling listless, out of sorts, and cranky – and a sub-standard night’s sleep can have a variety of serious health implications, including (but not limited to) an increased chance of heart problems.

Some research will reveal which cooling blanket is right for your unique needs. Given that there is such a huge choice, it is almost certain that you will find a sleep solution that meets your exact requirements – and matches your budget.

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