Can Cooling And Weighted Blankets Help With The Symptoms Of Menopause?

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These blankets for menopause help by regulating body temperature, reducing night sweats and cooling off hot flashes. Weighted blankets can even help by establishing calm and reducing anxiety.

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Menopause is a natural consequence of aging among women, yet for years it has been a taboo subject (although research into its effects is now becoming more and more common).

Menopause typically affects women in the United States between the ages of 45 and 55. The negative effects on the lifestyles of these women should not be underestimated – nor the need for treatments that can alleviate common symptoms such as sleeplessness and hot flashes leading to night sweats.

Gauging the prevalence of these issues can be problematic – but research by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has indicated that around 6,000 women in the United States will enter menopause each day, that’s two million per year – and the total population of those suffering from symptoms such as hot flashes and the accompanying night sweats is growing.

There are currently around 46 million women in the U.S. over the age of 55 – and for many of these a natural remedy for the nighttime conditions associated with menopause is a pressing need.

Fortunately, anecdotal evidence on the effectiveness of both cooling and weighted blankets in easing these symptoms is common – and it is increasingly backed by medical research.

Weighted Blankets Vs Cooling Blankets for Menopause Symptoms

In order to understand which type of blanket would best serve your needs, it is first necessary to understand a little more about both weighted blankets and cooling blankets.

How Weighted Blankets Help

Weighted blankets increase the feeling of security and promote calm during the process of falling asleep and the sleeping hours themselves. The pressure on the body is provided by adding the weight of glass beads, plastic pellets or natural organic products.

Some may feature additional fabric layers to increase both comfort and weight. Quite why these blankets alleviate night sweats is not properly understood.

How Cooling Blankets Help

Cooling blankets allow for temperature regulation through the use of various materials that absorb heat. The fabric then releases that heat slowly during the course of the night. Cotton, polyester, silk and linen are all popular fabrics used in the manufacture of cooling blankets.

Bamboo fabric is also proving extremely popular with those who are looking for a soft organic alternative to traditional fabrics. There are also a number of variants of cooling blankets on the market that use electrical power to ensure an even level of cooling throughout the night.

If you are in the market for either weighted blankets or cooling blankets for hot flashes these are some of the best products currently on the market.

Cooling Blankets for Menopause and Hot Flashes

Chili Technology chiliPAD Cube 3.0 Cooling and Heating Blanket

This is one of the best value electric cooling blankets that is currently available. It is manufactured using a polycotton blend and is available in a variety of sizes including single, twin XL, Queen and King. It consists of the blanket itself, a series of silicone hydronic tubes and a cooling unit that is filled with water.

The simple, three-button remote control (with an auto-dim display) can assist the sleeper in maintaining a temperature between 55 and 115 °F. It also has an ‘auto-shutdown’ feature which is activated when the cooling unit runs dry. All components are machine washable (obviously excluding the remote control).

Bedsure 100% Cotton Breathable Thermal Blanket

Cotton has built a well-deserved reputation when it comes to providing a cool night’s sleep – and the Bedsure product offers excellent value for money while taking advantage of the cooling properties of this natural lightweight and breathable fiber (which is ideal for those who suffer from skin allergies). The blanket is available in a number of sizes, including Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen and King/Cal King.

It’s also available in 10 different color choices, making it suitable for use with a wide variety of bedding for menopause and hot flashes. As a bonus, cotton is also great for keeping warm on cooler evenings – so this blankets ticks all the right boxes when it comes to versatility.

temperature regulating blanket for hot flashes

Design Weave Temperature Regulating Blanket

Another product that is perfect for those who suffer from allergies, this Design Weave product uses 50% ‘Outlast’ (a high-tech product that was originally designed by NASA scientists) material that has been designed to regulate temperature. The other 50% of the material is polyester. This combination excels in absorbing the heat of the body and then slowly releasing it back during the course of the night.

The tightly knit material is not only hypoallergenic, but also prevents dust mites from taking up residence in its fibers.

Weighted Blankets

YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket

For those looking to invest in a glass bead weighted blanket that offers a satin-like experience combined with superior breathability this weighted blanket ticks all the right boxes. Making it an even more attractive option is the fact that it is available in a number of weights – from 7 to 30 pounds, so there will be a blanket in the range that will suit your unique requirements and sleeping style.

The natural fabric also wicks away moisture to make the sleep experience even more comfortable no matter which weight is selected.

Luna Adult Weighted Blanket

Another product that takes full advantage of the naturally soft, cooling properties of cotton, the Luna Weighted Blanket features glass beads that are cleverly woven into the fibers of the blanket. Which means no rustling noise to interrupt a good night’s sleep or weight distribution problems during the night.

With a 95% four and five-star rating on Amazon, this blanket lives up to the manufacturer’s promise of a great night’s sleep, free from overheating.

Ourea Cooling Weighted Blanket for Adults

Made from high-quality Egyptian cotton this blanket also features glass beads which are sewn into the grids which make up the pattern of the blanket. The manufacturer maintains that it has been specifically designed for those who experience problems falling asleep and maintaining an untroubled sleep schedule.

It also provides exceptional value, given the high-quality material used in its manufacture. It is a great choice for people looking for a weighted blanket that keeps them cool too.

Gravity Cooling Blanket: The Weighted Blanket for Sleep

Launched after a successful 2017 Kickstarter campaign this cooling blanket is the best bet for someone who wants to explore just why it has become one of the best selling blankets in this category. It’s the perfect cross-over product as it also features gridded stitching with glass beads.

The latest version features a duvet cover that is exceptionally breathable and extremely efficient at maintaining an even heat during the course of the night – even for those who are suffering from hot flashes. It’s also available in three different colors, Grey, Navy, or White.

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Wrapping Up

For the growing number of women who are suffering a disturbed night’s sleep due to the impact of menopause on their lives, a cooling or weighted blanket (or a product that combines the two) can mean the difference between awaking in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to face a new day – or achy, tired and out of sorts.

With more and more women becoming aware of the natural sleep solutions that are available to get that valuable night’s rest, free from hot flashes, purchasing one of these blankets can prove a life-changing decision.

Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®
Assistive Technology Professional

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