What Are The Best Showers for Seniors? Safe Showers!

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The best shower for seniors and the elderly provide a safe experience that reduces the chance of a slip and fall. This guide lays out some changes and safety products you can easily put in place for safer bathing.

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Did you know that more than one in three elderly persons fall each year – often at home? What happens if a senior or elderly person falls in the bathroom while showering? A 2011 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that over 200,000 seniors in the United States are treated in emergency departments yearly due to bathroom-related injuries. Bathrooms are extremely hazardous due to their slippery nature.

Bathrooms have slippery surfaces and very few dependable things to grasp onto if one suddenly falls. This situation greatly increases the chances of injury from bathroom-related accidents. That’s where shower safety for seniors and the elderly comes in handy. Improving bathroom safety while in the shower is paramount to the health and well-being of your loved parent or senior.

This article provides tips on creating a safe shower space for seniors that improve the safety of your parent or elderly loved one.

Is Your Parent Or Loved One Susceptible?

Over 80% of falls in a home are in the bathroom. Even though anyone can slip and fall in a bathroom, an elderly person with poor muscle strength and balance issues is far more susceptible to slipping and falling in the bathroom.

Most falls in the bathroom occur while your parent is getting in and out of the tub or shower, sitting down or getting up from the toilet, and walking in the bathroom without any object to grab to support the balance of the individual.

Many other factors can increase the risk of your loved one slipping and falling in the bathroom, such as:

  • Slippery shower floor surfaces
  • Non-slip-resistant shower chairs
  • Slippery rugs in the bathroom
  • Insufficiently secured towel racks
  • Bathtubs that are difficult to step in and out
  • Slippery floor tiles in the bathroom

You can do many things to reduce the risk of your loved one slipping and falling in the bathroom. Here are some tips to consider when renovating your bathroom for elder safety:

senior couple smiling in bathroom after getting changes made so they could have the best shower for seniors

Shower Chairs

A shower chair is a great option to improve elder safety in the bathroom. It provides stability for elders who have difficulty balancing. The chair is great for elders who find it difficult to stand for long periods while showering. The best shower chairs for seniors and the elderly have rubber tips on the legs to prevent them from sliding. The chair is ideal for your loved one to remain seated while showering when coupled with a handheld shower head.

Grab Bars

Most seniors would hold onto the towel bar to get in and out of the bathtub or shower. But towel bars aren’t great for supporting the weight of your loved one. Towel bars are made to hold the weight of towels and not a person’s weight. Instead, you should install grab bars in easy-to-reach places in the bathroom – especially around the bathtub or shower. Shower grab bars are great to support your senior’s balance when getting in and out of the tub or shower.

Non-Slip Bath Mats And Rugs

This is one of the most effective ways to prevent unnecessary bathroom falls. A non-slip mat near the shower will prevent your loved one from falling while showering. Likewise, a non-slip rug on the floor – outside the shower area – will prevent your loved one from slipping while he or she is out of the shower. Non-slip tape is another great low-cost option for tub bottoms and shower pans.

Raise The Height Of The Toilet

Raising the height of the toilet by at least three inches is another great option to make the bathroom safe for seniors. Most seniors find it difficult to get up once they sit because of the low height of the toilet. There are many ways of raising the height of your existing toilet, such as replacing the old one with a taller “comfort height” toilet or simply raising the height with a thick toilet seat.

tall toilet in a disability friendly bathroom

Lever Faucets

Round faucets are difficult for elders because of the twisting and turning involved in opening and closing. A lever faucet is an ideal option to eliminate this twisting and turning. You can choose from various styles available on the market, including foot-operated faucets when opting for lever faucets. You can even use DIY methods to install a lever faucet in your bathroom.

Remove The Shower Clutter

Having to sort through several bottles and items while showering isn’t an ideal situation for your loved one. An elder person can slip and fall while trying to sort through all these items in the bathroom. Don’t leave multiple shampoo bottles, conditioners, soaps, and sponges in your bathroom.

Make sure you remove all the shower clutter to make your bathroom elder-safe. Keep only what the senior person needs in the shower and place them in a place that is easily reachable.

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Barrier-Free Walk-In Showers

This is important if your loved one or elderly parent uses a walker or a wheelchair or has trouble lifting his/her legs. Getting over a seemingly small hump could sometimes be daunting for such a person. That’s where barrier-free shower stalls come in handy. You may even remodel the shower area as a walk-in shower. A handyman can easily handle this type of work in your bathroom.


Pull-out drawers are a better option in the bathroom than a cupboard. Your parent can quickly grab a towel or washcloth from a pull-out drawer. You should ensure that there is an easily accessible place to store everyday items for your loved one.

Bathrooms have slippery surfaces and a few dependable things to grab onto if your loved one suddenly slips and falls. Injuries from bathroom-related accidents are soaring across the United States. That’s why you need to make your bathroom senior-safe to prevent slip and fall accidents. I hope you find this information on how to improve the safety of your parent or senior while in the shower helpful!

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Assistive Technology Professional

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