Blankets For Chemo Patients That Help Ease Side Effects and Provide Comfort

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

Chemotherapy brings on lots of side effects – both physical and mental. If you or someone you love has cancer, consider these blankets for chemo patients that help comfort body, mind, and spirit.

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No article would ideally start with a cliche, but there’s no getting around the fact that cancer is frightening. While you or the person you care for can take many healthy steps to prevent it, cancer can happen to anyone at any time. Even worse, there are many different parts of the body where it can start.

Granted, not every cancer patient is fighting for their life. Many cancers are now caught early enough to be successfully treated, and while there’s no cure for the whole disease yet, many patients have a great quality of life after cancer.

Then again, while not every cancer battle is a fight for life, it’s usually still one of the biggest fights of someone’s life. If you’re currently undergoing chemo treatment, or someone you love is, then you might be on the hunt for blankets for chemo patients that help with side effects.

Keep reading to learn what’s available, what you should look for, and 5 specific recommendations to consider.

What Should You Look For In A Blanket?

As a general rule of thumb, there are five questions you need to ask yourself when looking for a blanket for a chemo patient.

They can help you narrow down potential blankets based on the specific circumstances and needs of the patient in question. They are as follows:

1) Can it help with their physical side effects?

Many cancer patients get easily cold during their treatment.

Fleece and other materials are very good at keeping them warm. Don’t under-do it.

A blanket that doesn’t keep them warm enough isn’t likely to get used much, whereas a blanket that might make them too warm is better, because they manage how much of their body is covered by it as they get hot or cold.

2) Will it help with their mental side effects?

The level of fear and anxiety that comes with a cancer diagnosis is really only known to those that have been through it. Something like a weighted blanket might help deal with that and make them far more comfortable.

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Just because someone is putting on a brave face doesn’t mean that they couldn’t use some help in feeling safe. Wake Forest University once reported that mental illness is nearly twice as high among cancer patients as those who aren’t diagnosed.[1]

Blankets can help with easing the physical and mental tolls of taking chemotherapy.

3) Does it support them emotionally?

It’s easy to look at a chemo patient and notice the physical impact of their disease and treatment, and once you talk to them for a bit, you’ll start noticing the mental toll it all takes. What might take a bit longer to realize is how much heart they have left at the moment.

Most cancer patients put on a brave face, but most of them could really use a reminder of the love out there for them. Something with a personal touch might have just as much power as a weighted or warm blanket.

Make sure their heart is as supported as their body and mind.

4) Is it practical?

It can seem counterintuitive, but the best blanket you might get a chemo patient is one they already have. Should they have one they already rely on religiously, then a second can come in very handy.

It might be their backup when the other is being put through the laundry, or it can go in their travel bag so they have one at the hospital and at home as well.

5) How soon will it get here?

Cancer patients deserve to be as comfortable as possible, as quickly as possible. Some blanket-selling websites don’t keep stockpiles, especially if they do personalization or print-on-demand.

If you don’t mind waiting a week for production and even more for shipping, this isn’t an issue, but just be aware of how fast what you order will get to you.

Recommended Blankets for People Going Through Chemotherapy

Inspirational Quote Blankets, Pillows, and Tote Bags | Luxe Palette

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See Style Choices

All some cancer patients really need is a constant comfort. What better combination for this than an inspirational quote and soft fleece? This website offers three different sizes for most of its blankets featuring inspirational messages ranging from one-word statements to entire statements of love, faith, and support.

Many items are made to order, so be sure to note the production and shipping time, which is updated on the website. This will help you plan the timing of your gift.

This website features a broad selection of weighted blankets for both adults and children, ranging from soft, solid, soothing colors to things that delight children, including the Avengers.

Even those of advanced years might still have their inner child at heart and can use a smile or laugh. Weighted blankets are known to increase serotonin and melatonin levels while decreasing cortisol at the same time.

The deep-pressure effect is much like a good hug or massage.

Choose from sherpa, faux fur, and fleece materials in multiple sizes to craft a blanket that appears just how you want it. This website works with you through a proof stage where you can design your own blanket in full color instead of choosing from a few dozen template quotes.

If buying American is important to you, then consider this business. All their design work, printing, and production happen within the United States.

If you’re looking for something without labels and branding, this set is a good way to go. It’s also a great choice if you’re just not sure what to get otherwise.

In addition to a plush blanket, this set includes slippers, herbal teas, hand soap, body lotion, and medicinal drops to ease the queasiness of chemo. It all comes in a convenient and reusable and sealable vinyl bag for easy storage and portability.

Even better, you can customize the ribbon color on the blanket for the specific kind of cancer someone is battling.

This is another combination kit that not only offers a cozy blanket sure to keep a chemo patient warm, but also a pair of socks, eye mask, and head pillow.

These are all designed to work in conjunction with one another for rest, comfort, and sleep during this trying time of life. Microfiber, sherpa, and faux fur combinations come in six different styles, so you can choose a great fit for the personality you’re shopping for.

They’re also great for both indoor and outdoor use, so the cancer patient in your life can stay comfortable when getting some sunshine and fresh air.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a great gift to help someone you love with cancer, then the very best thing you can give them is you. Cancer patients need love, support, and company as much as possible. Many get a flood of well-wishes when they start chemo but don’t have nearly as many people around the second week and later.

On the other hand, if you’re the one who is battling cancer, don’t overthink picking the best blanket for yourself or overdo it on research. If this content hasn’t helped you zero in on the one you need, ask someone you trust to help you out with all of this. You might be the only one among your family and friends to have cancer right now, but that doesn’t mean that you’re alone.

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