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6 Electric Blankets to Keep You Warm in Your Recliner

6 Electric Blankets to Keep You Warm in Your Recliner

To use an electric blanket with a recliner, you need one that is a little more durable and can withstand getting caught on the mechanics of the chair. But you also want one that is cozy warm and safe too, right? Here are my top picks.
Electric Blankets Recliner
Electric Blankets Recliner
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Do you like to cuddle up on your recliner and cover yourself with a warm blanket?

Well, if the recliner is your safe haven, then you need proper reinforcements to keep yourself comfortable. And one must-have is an electric blanket. You cannot begin to imagine the level of comfort this type of blanket can offer.

It’s a nightmare to get out of the recliner and go to the bathroom. But you got to answer nature’s call. But how long will it take to get warmed back up?

And that’s when you will thank the heavens for sending an electric blanket over. This type of blanket can get you warm in a matter of minutes.

But what are the best electric blankets for recliners and what are some of the features to keep in mind before buying an electric blanket?

Let’s take a quick look.

Must-Have Features of an Electric Blanket

1. Automatic Shutoff and Timer

You cannot take the safety of electric blankets lightly. And therefore, you should always check if the blanket comes with an automatic shutoff and timer or not.

A combination of these two features prevents any unfortunate accident like burning the coils inside the blanket or heating the recliner to such an extent that it gets dark spots.

Sometimes you may drift off to sleep while under the blanket and forget to switch the heating mode off. The blanket should automatically shut down after running for 10 hours.

2. Heat Adjustability

Some of the electric blankets now come with heat-adjusting features. The blanket adjusts its heat emission according to your body heat.

Suppose you have cold feet, the blanket will send warmth to that area and provide consistent heat until your entire body has the same temperature. Similarly, it will lower the temperature or even shut it off completely if it senses overheating.

3. Types of Fabric

Electric blankets are now available in a wide variety of fabrics. Usually, they come in 100% polyester or polyester blend. But you may come across a few other fabrics also, such as Sherpa, microfleece, or fleece.

When possible, touch and feel these fabrics so that you pick the softest one that you are comfortable with.

4. Multiple Heat Setting

Apart from automatic shutoff, you should also consider the different heat setting features in an electric blanket. It should allow you to turn the heat on manually so that you can make yourself warm within a couple of minutes.

Sometimes when you come back after a shower or from a walk outside, you want to get under your blanket immediately. If the electric blanket has multiple heat settings, you can notch up the heat to make yourself cozy in your recliner.

5. Low Power Consumption

Usually, most electric blankets use 120 volts of AC power. However, some of the modern blankets can now convert AC power to DC power with a conversion box.

This drops the voltage used to 48 volts of DC power only. It means your blanket now not only consumes lower energy but is also safer because experts consider DC power superior since it doesn’t usually cause fire hazards.

6. Durable Wires

Electric blankets work by heating up wires that run through the blanket in a grid pattern. Some manufacturers advertise their wires are thinner and can’t be felt.

But, these types of wires break more easily if they get caught in the leg mechanism of the recliner or get folded up too tightly.

If you plan to use the electric blanket in a recliner or lift chair, be sure to choose a model that is durable with thicker wires. Yes, you will feel them – but they will last longer too!

Reviews: Electric Blankets for Recliners and Lift Chairs

Here are some of the best electric blankets available in the market right now that can become the ideal companion for your recliner.

Sunbeam Electric Heated Fleece Blanket - Queen - Slate GreyPin

Sunbeam Electric Heated Fleece Blanket

Super Soft Fleece

Twin, Full, Queen, King

10-Hour Automatic Shutoff

10 Heat Settings

Machine Washable

Sunbeam is the leader when it comes to electric blankets and you can trust the brand with your eyes closed. This particular model comes in a variety of sizes, such as king, queen, full, and twin.

It has channels sewn to keep the wires in place. The ThermoFine technology ensures consistent and evenly distributed heat throughout the time you spend on your recliner.

It has ten heat settings and also shuts down automatically after 10 hours. The cover is dryer-safe and machine-washable. Ticks all the boxes if you are looking for the perfect electric blanket.

Biddeford Blankets Velour Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket with Digital Controller, Throw, DenimPin

Biddeford Blankets Velour Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket

100% Polyester Microplush Top and Sherpa Bottom

Twin, Full, Queen, King

10-Hour Automatic Shutoff

10 Heat Settings

Machine Washable

What if you want the area near your feet to provide more warmth than the portion near your chest? This blanket, with its dual-control facility, allows you to control two areas of the blanket for dual heat zones.

While you can use this blanket alone on your recliner, many people use it while sharing the same quilt with their partners.

The soft microplush fabric is what sets this blanket apart. It provides that coziness that many electric blankets don’t offer. This one also comes with automatic shutoff and ten heat setting features, making it the leading competitor against Sunbeam.

Hyde Lane Luxury Faux Fur Heated Throw Blanket | 50x60 | Soft Gray Mink and Reverse Electric Heating Throw | 3 Heat Settings | Auto-Shutoff | Machine WashablePin

Hyde Lane Premium Faux Fur Heated Blanket

as of 06/20/2024 9:32 am

Faux Fur Micro-Woven Fiber

50″ X 60″

Automatic Shutoff

3 Heat Settings

Machine Washable

Are you searching for an electric blanket that provides you with a more decorative option for your recliner? If yes, then you should definitely go for this one as it’s one of the most stylish blankets on the market.

The faux fur microfiber feels soft and has a wavy texture that mimics real fur. It comes with low-voltage wires that you won’t even feel when you are under the blanket.

Unlike the two blankets mentioned above, this one has only three heat settings but it heats up pretty fast and doesn’t become overly hot. You also have six color options to choose from, including snow leopard and wild fox.

Sunbeam Royal Luxe Dove Grey Heated Personal Throw / Blanket, Cozy-Warm, Adjustable Heat SettingsPin

Sunbeam Heated Microplush Throw Blanket

as of 06/20/2024 9:32 am

100% Polyester

50″ X 60″

3-Hour Automatic Shutoff

3 Heat Settings

Machine Washable – Dryer Safe

If you don’t want to invest in an expensive, high-end electric blanket right away, then the Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket is just what you need.

Although this blanket is slightly on the smaller side, it’s the perfect companion for your recliner. It’s a heated throw blanket suitable to keep you warm in low to moderately cold climates.

The ultra-soft fabric is made using 100% polyester and comes with ThermoFine technology that distributes heat evenly. It has three heat control settings and the blanket shuts off automatically after three hours.

Again, the fabric is washable and dryer-safe. You can clean it once a year to keep the fabric’s shape intact.

Thermee Micro Flannel Queen-Size Heated Electric Blanket with Sherpa, Machine Wash & Dry, Timer & Safety Shutoff, 90Lx84W, LilacPin

Thermee Micro Flannel Electric Blanket with Sherpa

as of 06/20/2024 9:32 am

Quilted Microfiber with Down Alternative Fill

Full, Queen, King

10-Hour Automatic Shutoff

10 Heat Settings

Machine Washable

If you like patterned blankets, then this one’s for you. Available in green or blue floral print, this is also one of the most stylish electric blankets around.

There are 10 different heat settings, including a “quick heat” feature that you so often need to get your body warm after a shower.

The heat reaches its highest temperature in just 30 minutes and then slowly drops its intensity to adjust to your body’s temperature.

There are two types of variants available for this model: the king and queen sizes come with dual controllers, while full and twin sizes only have a single controller.

Perfect Fit SoftHeat | Luxury Micro-Fleece Heated Electric Blanket with Safe & Warm Low-Voltage Technology, Full, NaturalPin

Perfect Fit Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Blanket

as of 06/20/2024 9:32 am

Ultra Soft Micro-Fleece

Twin, Full, Queen, King

10-Hour Automatic Shutoff

Dialed Heat Settings

Machine Washable

This is an outright expensive electric blanket and is ideal for those who don’t mind spending a few extra bucks to get top-notch quality.

Its unique SoftHeat technology delivers evenly distributed heat within minutes. In fact, the wires are so fine that you may not even feel them.

Plus, it doesn’t consume too much energy and is even safe for pets. If you have a dog or cat that cuddles up beside you on your recliner, this blanket can provide your pet the warmth it needs to feel comfortable in the chilly weather.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the different features of the best electric blankets for recliners and also the top models in the market, you shouldn’t face any challenges when buying one.

Gift yourself one of these nice blankets to stay warm and cozy during winters.

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