23+ Creative Gift Basket Ideas For Senior Citizens

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

The best gift baskets for seniors are full of activities, items that pamper, memory gifts, and sweet treats. Whether you make your own or buy one pre-made, here are our favorites.

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Gift baskets are a great means to ensure that your elderly loved one has what they need and more in a very special way.

But what do you put in the basket and how do you know what is appropriate and what is not?

The fact is that you can place anything in a basket to gift to an elderly person. However, not everything is suitable or of use to the person that the gift basket is intended for.

Some Great Gift Basket Ideas for Seniors

Types of Gift Baskets to Give Seniors

1. The Memory Basket

It is a truly sad fact that as we age, most of us are going to start having a few forgetful moments and perhaps even progress to memory loss. A good way to keep your loved one in touch with what is going on with family and friends is to send a memory basket every now and again.

Every basket can hold a treasured memory from the past as well as a current event that perhaps the senior could not be part of. This helps them remember what happened a long time ago as well as stay in touch with what is happening with their family and loved ones now.

Photos with captions and even short stories are all great ideas to include in a memory basket. This can be a low-cost item or you can spend as much as you like on photo frames, professional photos and journals.

2. The Activity Basket

Seniors have plenty of time on their hands that can result in boredom and loneliness. An activity basket including items like crossword/sudoku puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and other games will provide the opportunity to stay occupied. These games and puzzles are also believed to help prevent cognitive decline in seniors.

Another great gift to include in the basket are some professional coloring pencils and some large print coloring books or pages. The latest research has shown that coloring for adults is a relaxing and stress-relieving activity. It also distracts a restless mind from negative thoughts and and inspires creativity and mindfulness.

You can download coloring pages online for free or buy coloring books. The Alzheimer’s Store has a great selection of these types of products.

3. Pamper Basket

Every woman likes to be pampered (and some men too) no matter their age. A senior friendly pamper basket is a great way to pamper an elderly loved one while ensuring that they are taking care of their own personal hygiene. Personal hygiene can become a challenge for the elderly.

Choose products that are suitable for seniors. Go for bath oils or milk instead of salt which can dry the skin out. Make sure soaps and potions and lotions for seniors are all pH balanced, moisturizing and low on fragrance, dyes and other artificial additives that can irritate the skin and result in contact dermatitis. The elderly commonly have more sensitive skins that require special care and attention.

Wrapping Up

If you don’t have the time or don’t want to go to the trouble of assembling your own gift basket, you can order a whole range of baskets online to be delivered directly to your loved one. However, doing it yourself or getting your kids involved is half the fun and teaches the young about the importance of the gift of giving.

It also gives you the chance to ensure that the products placed in the basket are suitable for your elderly loved one. A little time and thought can go a long way to creating a gift basket that is memorable, appreciated and of use.

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