senior man sitting in a rollator transport chair and smiling

The Best Walker Wheelchair Combos: Walkers That Convert to Wheelchairs?

Combo rollator transport chairs are hybrid walkers that convert to wheelchairs. So, if a senior gets tired and needs to rest, you can quickly convert their rollator walker into a transport chair. Then, you can safely push them to your destination. The best rollator transport chair combos convert quickly, have comfortable seats, and built-in footrests.

senior man riding a mobility scooter

Mobility Scooters: Advantages and Disadvantages

When a senior’s mobility begins to fail, many of them think that they need a scooter for mobility help. They look more fun that a power wheelchair, right? But, there are some advantages and disadvantages of scooters that you need to know about to make an informed decision.

woman in properly fit wheelchair for narrow doorways

Wheelchairs for Narrow Doorways: Save Your Walls and Woodwork!

Most homes weren’t built with wheelchair use in mind. Sometimes it is difficult to balance fitting the person while also fitting the home. There are many factors that go into the overall width of a wheelchair. Learn more about that and see the best narrow wheelchairs here.

What is the Most Comfortable Manual Wheelchair?

There are many important factors that can make a wheelchair comfortable or miserable. As a matter of fact, usually the problem isn’t the wheelchair itself. Accessories like cushions and padded backs can make a big difference. Here is how you can make your current chair more comfortable.