senior man at airport waiting to take wheelchair on airplane

5 Useful Tips For Traveling With Wheelchairs on Airplanes

Traveling by air is challenging for just about everyone but it takes on a whole new level for people with mobility problems and wheelchair users. The best advice for people looking to take wheelchairs on airplanes is to “know before you go” and have your plan in place well before you have to travel. This guide will help you do just that.

man pushing mother in narrow wheelchair through tight spaces

Narrow Wheelchairs for Tight Spaces and Skinny Doorways

A wheelchair should fit the person who is using it but what if it doesn’t fit through narrow doorways? This guide shows you how to get a wheelchair that fits and shows you how to find the best narrow wheelchair that also fits well in small spaces. Keep reading to learn more.

the best wheelchair gloves protect hands while propelling a wheelchair

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Wheelchair Gloves

Propelling yourself in a manual wheelchair all day can be brutal on your hands. You risk injuries to your fingers not to mention all the dirt and grime. So, here are the best wheelchair gloves to protect, comfort and warm your hands.

senior couple traveling in a wheelchair friendly city

The 11 Best Cities for Wheelchair Users

Wheelchairs can go a lot more places than they every have before. So, there is no need to keep from going on vacation and seeing the country and the world for that matter. To get you started, here are the best cities for wheelchair users your next wheelchair accessible vacation and adventure!

woman showing a man the different types of wheelchairs

What Are The Different Types of Wheelchairs?

A wheelchair isn’t something most people ever really think about – until they need one that is! Here the 14 most popular types of wheelchairs including manual wheelchairs, power chairs, and specialty wheelchairs too!

best reclining wheelchair

Best Reclining Wheelchairs: Wheelchairs That Recline for Comfort

Reclining wheelchairs have backs that recline to a nearly flat position to improve user comfort and posture. Like most things, they have their pros and cons. This guide will teach you more about them plus I’ll show you some of the best reclining wheelchairs on the market.

senior woman holding a wheelchair yoga pose

Wheelchair Yoga Keeps Seniors Active

Mobility problems don’t have to affect your ability to remain active and promote good health. Even if you use a wheelchair! Wheelchair yoga offers many health benefits through poses that can be done while seated in a chair. Keep reading to learn more.

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