7 Best Hook and Loop (aka Velcro) Shoes for the Elderly

Hook and loops shoes have a few different benefits for seniors. They are easier to put on, they stay on better, and they fit better especially if you have swollen feet. Here are my top recommendations for older adults.

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Product recommendations are based on my personal experience working with seniors. I may earn a commission on items purchased from affiliate links in this guide. 

There are many shoe options available for the elderly. From slip-on shoes to shoes with laces, each of them has its uses. One of the best options available for them right now are hook and loop aka “velcro” shoes. These shoes use an easy to secure strap to keep the elders’ shoes from slipping off their feet.

Note: VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro IP Holdings LLC for hook and loop fasteners. In respect to their trademark and because I can’t guarantee my recommendations use VELCRO® branded straps (nor do I want to get sued!), I am going to use the generic hook and loop fastener terminology.

It is easier to use hook and loop fastener shoes because you only need to place the strap on the buckle then attach the loose end on the opposite strap. Unlike using laces, you don’t have to tie your shoes to keep them secured on your foot.

Why Would Older Adults Want to Wear Hook and Loop Shoes?

Many seniors struggle with putting their shoes on because of different reasons. Some have a difficult time because they have swollen feet or edema. Others feel weak because their muscles and bones do not function like they used to. There are also cases where their feet tend to become wider because of aging, and they lose the natural padding of their heels.

Not using the right shoes can be hazardous for seniors and the elderly. Hook and loop fastener shoes can come to the rescue though. Because of their non-lacing, non-slip design, these shoes are less likely to slip off. And, they will fit better too and can be adjusted as the day goes on without having to tie a single knot.

Best Hook and Loop Shoes For Seniors and the Elderly

Here are my recommended models that seniors and their loved ones should consider based on ease of use and security. If you’d like to shop for yourself, keep reading to see my list of features that are important to have in hook and loop shoes.

orthofeet sprint

1. Orthofeet Sprint Tie-less Athletic Shoes for Men

These athletic shoes for seniors by Orthofeet have a unique take on the hook and loop/tie-less shoe offering. These shoes feature a tie-less lacing system that still has the look and feel of a laced up shoe. This is a great feature for older adults who don’t like the look of hook and loop shoes because they feel they are childish.

On the back of these shoes are a heel strap that connects to the laced on the front of the shoe. You then secure and tighten the straps by pulling the heel strap and securing it with the hook and look connection on the back. It can even be done from either side of the shoe.

Plus, you get all the other features and innovations that Orthofeet is known for like built-in premium orthotic insoles, arch boosting system, spacers for a custom fit, and their “Walking on a Cloud” comfort system.

2. Orthofeet Serene Women

Older women who suffer from arthritis, edema, and diabetes may use this shoe. It uses well-made hook and loop fastener straps to secure the swollen foot inside. It also has excellent heel padding and arch support that assist your grandmother or elderly with walking comfortably.

Superior orthotic insoles and anti-microbial foam are found inside to relieve the pain felt in their bottom feet. Lastly, it has this OrthoCushion system that is suitable to ease any foot conditions.

3. Dr. Comfort Mens Winner Diabetic Athletic Shoes

Comfort and ease of wearing are must-haves when looking for hook and loop fastener shoes for the elderly. Dr. Comfort Men Winner Leather Tennis-Shoes does not disappoint in this department because of the convenience it delivers and the comfort it gives to the wearer of the shoe. When it comes to locking the shoe onto your foot, all it takes is to strap on the hook and loop fastener to the buckle.

The inside of the shoe has soft cushions that surround the feet with softness, and it also has a wide toe box, giving ample space for the toes to move. The shoe uses a comfort gel insole that refreshes the bottom of the foot. An arch stabilizer is found at the heel support that also adds to its comfort level.

4. Propet Scandia Men

If you or your loved one has trouble maintaining balance while walking, consider buying this shoe. This shoe uses a convenient hook and loop fastener strap for easy slip-on. It is incredibly lightweight as well. Even seniors with other health conditions like edema won’t have problems using the shoe because of its roominess and excellent arch support that adds to its comfort.

The most attractive feature of this shoe is the use of PU insoles. These insoles handle an enormous amount of shock that the old adults won’t even feel a thing. It also sports an anti-slip rubber sole that provides excellent traction for wet surfaces.

5. CLARKS Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flats for Women

For older adults and elderly loved ones that care about looking fashionable, this shoe gives them the satisfaction of being on the latest trend. It comes in a variety of colors and offers a chic look.

In addition, this shoe features soft memory foam insoles that absorb shock while walking. It has soft cushions inside, and it is easy to put on and take off. Just strap on the hook and loop fastener to secure the feet and then unstrap it to take it off. Seniors don’t have to worry about cleaning the shoe because they can use a washing machine to wash off the dirt and grime.

6. Propet Stability X Strap Sneaker (Men & Women)

Of course, senior men don’t want to be left in the mix when it comes to looking fashionable. This shoe makes him look as stylish as the younger guys. It comes in three different colors, and the shoe designer uses a combination of leather and synthetic to make the shoe look sleek.

Like any hook and loop fastener shoe, it uses its strap to lock the shoe in place properly and to take it off, remove the strap and slowly remove the shoe. It features a low arch shaft that adds support to their foot. Then, it uses double insoles. With double insoles come dual comfort for your old one’s bottom feet.

Older adults with swelling and other foot problems have nothing to worry about. This shoe also features a footbed to accommodate foot swelling conditions. Traction won’t be an issue as well, for it uses rubber outsoles that are good for walking on wet surfaces.

7. New Balance MW813 Hook and Loop Shoes

If your grandfather fancies walking long distances, then this shoe suits him well. The New Balance Men’s 813 V1 Walking Shoe provides an excellent grip on the ground because of the walking strike path technology it uses for its outsole. It stabilizes and guides the foot through a natural walking cycle.

This shoe is also designed with the latest rollbar stability post system to control rear-foot movement for better support with each step. It also features a lightweight foam midsole and a soft comfort collar for adaptive cushioning and better support. The shoe has two hook and loop fastener straps to keep the shoes from slipping off their feet.

Given all these features, the shoe is built to be durable and sturdy enough to stand the effects of wear and tear.

Important Considerations For Older Adults Looking for Hook and Loop Fastening Shoes

The fact that a pair of shoes uses hook and loop fasteners doesn’t mean that they are an ideal choice for seniors. Here are some important features and options older adults should demand when shopping for shoes.

1. Perfect fit

The first thing to consider before purchasing a hook and loop fastener shoe for your senior or grandparents is the perfect fit. You can use a tape measure to know the ideal shoe size for them accurately.

Once you get the correct measurement, accompany them to the store and help them choose their shoe. If you are shopping online, most retailers have a fit guide that you can use to get the proper fit.

2. Comfort

Everyone wants to feel comfortable, and older adults are no exception. Make sure that the hook and loop fastener shoes your elderly buys will feel comfortable to wear. Check what type of materials were used to make the shoe, the softness of its insides, stretchability, and hook and loop fastener length. If you miss out on these things, you or the senior you love will end up not wearing the shoe because it may feel uncomfortable.

3. Health Conditions

You should know whether or not your elderly loved ones have certain health conditions. Conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, or edema can cause significant foot pain and swelling of the feet and ankles.

Seniors who suffer from these health conditions need hook and loop fastener shoes designed explicitly for their swollen feet. That way, they can adjust the fir of their shoe depending on their level of swelling that day. Regular shoes require tying and retying to make the adjustment a strap can do in a second.

4. Non-Slip Surface For Good traction

Not every hook and loop fastener shoe has good resistance to slippage. So, you also want a shoe that will help them prevent a slip and fall. Just because the shoe fit their foot well, a slick, smooth bottom can cause other problems. To avoid these problems, don’t forget to consider the traction of your elder’s shoe.

5. Lightweight Shoes Are Often More Comfortable

Most older adults don’t want to wear heavy shoes because this can make walking more difficult. Some hook and loop shoes sport a bulky appearance, so check the weight of the shoe before buying it.

6. Fastener Quality and Security

Unlike shoelaces, hook and loop fastener straps are made from sturdy and durable material. It won’t get damaged easily. With shoelaces, a simple cut to the lace can cause a tremendous amount of damage to the shoes and the elderly. Shoe laces can come untied too causing a trip hazard, But with hook and loop fastener, rest assured that the shoes will stay fastened at all times.

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7. Adjustability

Because of hook and loop fastener straps, adjusting the tightness of your elder’s shoe won’t give you problems. Just pull the hook and loop fastener to the comfort spot of the elder and lock in with the buckle. If he feels uncomfortable with the setting, loosen up the hook and loop fastener and lock it in place.


As an older adult or a person who cares for one, you should purchase hook and loop fastener shoes for several reasons.

  • First, this shoe can be used whether you have health conditions or not.
  • Second, this shoe assures the safety of your seniors. They won’t experience stepping on untied shoelaces or their shoes slipping off because of sweat.
  • Lastly, this shoe provides unparalleled comfort while walking, and even when it’s time to take them off.

Without question, your elderly loved one will consider hook and loop fastener shoes as one of his or her new favorites.

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Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®
Assistive Technology Professional

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    DESCRIPTION: The tool is a 1-inch diameter plastic, or metal piece, 2 3/8 inches long, fitted to the end of a 30-inch wooden dowel. The tool has a shaft, that will fit into a ¼” or larger grommet in the end of the strap to close and a curved hook to grasp the strap to open. The grommet in the strap end is easy to see and use. Larger grommets can be used to assist individuals with shaky hands or poor eyesight.
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    Price will range from $12 to $35 retail for the various configurations. Bulk purchase pricing has been arranged for a grommet kit and glue tube to maximize profit. A company will most likely want to make hook & loop shoes with grommets installed with the tool as an added purchase. No major modifications are required to existing inventory, just add the grommet. Kits will allow those with existing hook & loop shoes to use the tool by simply adding grommets to the straps.
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