The Best Non-Slip Shower Shoes for the Elderly (Comfortably Improve Your Shower Safety!)

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Look for shower shoes that have lightweight materials, non-slip but flexible soles, fit snugly, and drain easily. Stay away from items that are made of fabric or foam, fit loosely, or are overly expensive.

using shower shoes for elderly to reduce falls

Look for shower shoes that have lightweight materials, non-slip but flexible soles, fit snugly, and drain easily. Stay away from items that are made of fabric or foam, fit loosely, or are overly expensive.

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I never shower in public without wearing shower shoes.

Many people use them as a way to keep their feet safe when they’re in a public area with plenty of water.

So, why not use them at home in the shower as well?

Then that got me thinking. They are also a great safety tool to reduce the chance of elderly people falling in the shower!

So, I put in some research on the issue and found the best non-slip shower shoes for the elderly. And… here they are!

Video Guide: Non-Slip Shower Shoes for the Elderly

Non-Slip Shower Shoes for the Elderly

Reviews of My Top Shower Shoe Top Picks

Here are my favorite shower / water shoes for seniors and the elderly for use at home, the beach, or the gym!

Native Shoes Miles Unisex Athletic Shoes

My top pick are these smart looking sneakers from Native. They have everything I look for in a shower shoe: lightweight, secure fit, non-slip sole and drains and dries quickly too.

Plus, for people who tend to buy plastic items over environmental concerns, Native will take these shoes back (prepaid) when you have wore them out and convert them into playground materials!

The slip-on shoe is comfortable to wear with moderate arch support. You can easily go straight from the walking track to the shower to the car without removing these shoes once. EVA upper and dual-density EVA footbed adds to the comfort.

They offer 5 color combinations and a wide array of sizes to choose from.

Secure Slip-Resistant Shower Shoes for Fall Prevention

I think these are the ideal shower shoes for older folks who need a safe shower shoe for home use. But, they are definitely a “function over style” choice.

The upper is a lightweight nylon mesh that has lots of drainage holes for quick drying. They also fit securely because to the elastic band around the top opening. The grooved sole has been tested for its slip resistance and is soft and flexible.

There aren’t perfect though. White is the only color choice though and they may not fit people with extra small or extra large feet because of limited sizing.

Crocs Classic Clogs with Heel Strap

I’ve had some requests to add a clog style shower shoe and you can’t really go wrong with Crocs!

Generally, I don’t like this style because they aren’t secure on the heel. This means they could fall off more easily or move while being walked on. This increases the chance of a fall.

So, can you use Crocs as shower shoes? Yes, because Crocs addresses these concerns with the convertible heel strap. If you need the extra security, just flip it to the back for more support around the heel.

It also has a small lip on the back of the shoe that will help with this – somewhat. Avoid this shoe though if you or your loved one has balance problems or any leg weakness or medical problems that increases your fall risk.

Make sure the style of Croc shoe you choose has holes near the footbed for adequate drainage.

Aleader Stylish Quick Drying Water Shoes

Here is another great choice for senior women who need an athletic looking water or shower shoe for the gym or home.

The open mesh has lots of holes for drainage and also includes a special liner that helps the insole dry quicker. This also makes it softer and more comfortable too!

Plus, it has all my other recommended features too!

There are even 29 different styles to choose from! So, you are sure to find a style you’ll like.

clapzovr Men’s Shower Water Sandals

These traditional water shoes are a great choice for active senior men.

They check off every box on my recommended feature list as you can see. There are also 6 different color choices too!

Some seniors though may find the PVC upper a little irritating and uncomfortable. Especially those with swollen feet. The upper is soft and flexible but not stretchy enough to accommodate feet swelling

IceUnicorn Unisex Water Shoe Socks

This is another “water sock” style that I like a little better than the VIFUUR model. Especially for active seniors.

It has lots of style options too. But, if you are concerned about quick dry fabrics, choose one of the mesh styles.

The mesh styles are also have more stretch to them so they will be easier to put on and take off. They will also give a little more for swelling too.

ViFUUR Unisex Water Sports Shoes

The traditional water sock type of water shoe is also another great choice for more active seniors.

They meet most of my suggestions but they may not work well for some seniors. They are designed to fit very tightly. So, taking them on and off is more difficult than some of the others. People with swollen feet should avoid them too.

The manufacturer states they are quick drying but most of the style choices (over 40 of them!) are fabric. These fabric uppers are solid without the drain holes.

Suokeni Women’s Quick Drying Slip On Water Shoes

For senior women who want safety and some style, take a look at these athletic shower shoes. From a distance, they look like regular sneakers. But they meet every one of my suggestions.

You could easily wear these shoes to and from the gym and while working out and them walk them right into the shower. No need to be self conscious about them either.

There are 15 style and color designs and all of them have quick drying mesh with drainage holes

Kenswalk Men’s Lightweight Aqua Water Shoes

For senior men who want a shoe that looks good but improves their safety, take a look at these.

They check off every box on my recommended features list. But, they look like athletic shoes, especially from a distance.

This is a shower shoe you can use inside and outside of the shower. You could easily wear it in and out of the gym or pool without feeling self-conscious.

I recommend these for more active seniors without mobility problems or balance issues.

How Shower Shoes Improve Shower Safety For Seniors

I know, wearing shoes in the shower might seem like a crazy idea. Of course, I thought it was odd at first too.

That’s until I realized that these shoes serve a number of uses. Not only for myself but especially for seniors.

One of the biggest risks that we all face in the shower is slipping and hurting ourselves. This risk is far more severe for a senior who could be seriously hurt if they fell.

In public places, they help protect against bacteria and germs that are spread in the water. This is also important for seniors who may have a weakened immune system. Whether at home or at the pool, they can make a big difference.

These helpful pieces of footwear are now one of my top shower safety tips for the elderly.

You might not be sure what to look for if this is your first time shopping for them. I know was clueless my first time. I’ve gained a lot of experience since then and can share what I’ve learned.

handicap bathroom for seniors with safety devices

Features of the Best Shower Shoes for the Elderly

Here are some important features to look for when shopping around.

1. Lightweight Materials For Easy Wearing

When shopping for an elderly wearer, look for lightweight materials. You don’t want a heavy, klunky shower show that may drag if the senior has any weakness in their legs or feet.

The ideal materials for the uppers are nylon mesh, PVC (plastic), and EVA. EVA is that rubbery resin that most high end tennis shoes use for their soles.

2. Non-Slip Bottoms to Reduce Slips and Falls

The biggest danger though is slipping and breaking a bone. The best shoes are designed with patterns on the bottom that create traction with the ground.

Combine that with the right materials and you’ve got yourself a slip-resistant shoe even in wet conditions. Look for non-slip materials like rubber and EVA. These both add some grippiness to the the sole but are also flexible.

Flexibility is important for reducing the change of the fall because it makes the wearer less likely to trip and fall.

3. Tight (But Not Overly Tight) Fit With Secure Heel

Finding the perfect fit can be difficult but not impossible.

You want a shoe that has a snug fit but isn’t tight enough to cut off blood flow. It should also feel secure around the heel. This means avoiding certain types that are open in the back.

4. Quick Drying With Lots of Drainage Holes

The last thing you want is for water to pool up inside the shoe.

A good shower shoe has a number of holes in strategic locations. The point of these holes is simple. It lets the water drain out of the shoe.

For example, I’ve seen some low-quality brands out there that don’t have enough holes and fill with water. This creates a very unpleasant experience in the shower.

bathroom showing a large shower and tub combo

Avoid These Styles of Shower Shoes

Now that you know which features are the most important, let’s look at the features you want to avoid.

1. Fancy Fabrics And Foam Materials

I enjoy the feel of a comfortable fabric as much as the next guy, but they are no good when it comes to shower shoes.

Comfort isn’t exactly a top priority when shopping. That’s not to say they are very uncomfortable. Just that the best brands are made from nylons, plastics and rubbers. That’s because these materials won’t absorb water and need to be dried.

2. Expensive Shoes With Fancy Designs

Style is less important than safety for seniors. Remember that safety is your main concern.

Affordable shoes with the features above will improve your in the shower. A basic design is more than enough to keep you safe at the pool as well.

Don’t waste extra money on fancy designs. They don’t tend to last long in the water and it ends up feeling like an expensive loss.

3. Loose Styles Like Sandals or Flip-flops

Sandals and flip-flops are very common shower shoe options. But they aren’t good options for older people.

You should avoid these types of shoes because they don’t provide the firm fit you need to stay stable in the shower. Leave the sandals to the younger generation.

Why risk falling in the shower just so that you can wiggle your toes? Instead, find shoes that fit firmly and support the heel.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Beach Shoes For The Shower?

Beach shoes and shower shoes are often the same thing. There’s no clear definition for any category. Because some people call a regular sandal a type of shower shoe or beach shoe. But others only consider closed shoes to be shower shoes. It doesn’t matter what the store uses to label the shoe. As long as it is slip-resistant, designed to wear on land and in water, and fits snugly, then it should work.

What’s the Best Way To Keep Your Shower Shoes Clean And Free Of Mildew?

A shower shoe should stay free of mildew as long as it’s made from the right material. If it has foam or fabric in the design, then it will need to be dried to avoid mildew. This is why it’s a good idea to only use plastic or rubber. They are more durable, naturally slip-resistant, and won’t become a breeding ground for mold.

How Do I Put On Shower Shoes Safely and Take Them Off?

I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve nearly fallen trying to put on my shower shoes. If I could go back and give myself advice it would be to sit down. Always take a seat when putting them on or off. It might seem inconvenient at the time, but it can save you from serious back pain or a loss of balance. The good news is that you should have a seat near your shower and you can leave the shoes in the bathroom.

Summary and Final Recommendations

Shower shoes like these can be an important part of a shower safety plan for seniors. Non-slip bath mats are also helpful in reducing falls. In addition to footwear, also consider using a shower chair, shower transfer benches, and handheld shower heads.

When you are choosing a shower shoe, look for shoes that aren’t likely to fall off while walking, that are slip resistant on wet surfaces, quick drying, and lightweight.

Looking for other bathroom accessories for seniors? Check out more suggestions in this guide.

If you have any questions or your own suggestions, please leave them in the comments below. If you found this information helpful, please share with your friends on social media! Happy shopping!

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