The Best Slippers For Severe Edema [Reduce Shoe Pain]


The best slippers for edema are stretchy to allow for swelling, have adjustable openings for a custom fit, and are made of soft comforting materials. They should be easy to take on and off without being painful too. Here are my top recommendations.

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slippers for severe edema

Many seniors are affected by swollen legs and feet.

Gravity pulls down excess liquid and traps it in the feet and ankles. The feet and ankles will swell as a result of trapped liquid and make it difficult for them to move about. The condition is known as edema and is more common in older adults.

There are slippers specifically made for seniors suffering from severe edema. Finding slippers that accommodate elderly people with swollen feet and ankles can help prevent these seniors from trip and fall accidents.

The best slippers for severe edema are roomier, more comfortable, and easy to wear compared to normal slippers.

With a host of slippers on the market today, you should do the homework before shopping for the best pair of slippers for your loved one suffering from this condition. There are so many factors to look for when choosing the best pair of slippers for your loving parent or grandparent who suffers from severe edema.

This article provides information on what you need to look for when buying slippers for severe edema and recommends 5 of the best slippers for you to choose from.

Different Types Of Slippers For Elderly Feet With Edema

Slippers made for edema patients are ultra-wide compared to regular slippers. They have a deep and wide design that lets your senior parent or grandparent’s foot to relax and spread out naturally for more comfort.

The newest models are quite sophisticated and come with anatomical arch support to protect the feet of your loved one. The improved construction of such slippers will help stabilize the gait of the wearer and facilitate natural foot movements. So, your parent or grandparent can move about freely and safely without the risk of trip and fall injuries.

Here are different types of slippers for elderly feet with edema.

Extra Width Slippers

Extra width slippers are made from plush and comfortable materials such as polyester to minimize friction under the feet while walking. They are safe and supportive of swollen feet of older people to ease the pain and discomfort associated with severe edema. These slippers have upgraded sole grips to reduce trips and falls.

Stretchy Shoes

Stretchable shoes expand to provide that extra width when your feet are swollen. They come with ergonomic soles to relieve aches that result from severe edema. They are ideal for a comfortable fit when your parent is having swollen feet.

Velcro Extra Wide Slippers

The Velcro strap makes putting on and taking off extra-wide slippers a breeze for your senior family member. Seniors who struggle to bend and reach their feet will benefit from these types of slippers. They will fit well and remain in place so that your senior is protected from trip and fall accidents.

Plus they can be loosened if the swelling gets worse and the shoes get tight.

Sandals For Swollen Feet

Sandals for swollen feet come with a large sole made from leather, tatami, rubber, wood, or rope. These slippers include a strap passing around the ankle for the perfect fit. They are easy to slide into and off due to the slip-on layout of the sandal. Sandals are great for your senior during the hot and humid summer season because they let your senior’s feet breathe.

senior putting on shoes with swollen feet
Cramming swollen feet in standard slippers is painful but choosing slippers that are adjustable can make this process much less painful.

What To Look For When Buying Slippers For Severe Edema?

1. Comfortable Fit

The selection of comfortably fitting slippers is very important when your senior is suffering from severe edema. Different slipper brands offer different widths. So, you need to choose the perfect fit for your parent/grandparent. A wide toe box will give more room to naturally spread out the toes without pinching them. A rounded toe box will allow the toes to wiggle compared to pointed-toe slippers.

2. Velcro Closure

Slippers with velcro closures are the best type of slippers for swollen feet. Your senior can easily put on/take off these slippers. It gives the perfect fit and comfort for your senior family member.

3. Arch Support With Padded Insoles

The insole plays an important role in guaranteeing the comfort of slippers for swollen feet. They help relieve the pain and discomfort generated by swollen feet. Padded insoles are important to absorb the shock and reduce the pressure in certain areas of the foot. They will improve mobility and align the feet.

4. Breathable Materials

Swollen feet become more uncomfortable when they start to sweat. Moisture-wicking slippers made from breathable materials are the best for your senior with swollen feet.

5. Traction Outsole

Traction outsoles are important to prevent trip and fall accidents. Anti-skid rubber outsoles are firm and lightweight and ideal for swollen feet. It secures the footing on indoor and outdoor surfaces.

The 5 Best Slippers For Severe Edema

Orthofeet Asheville & Charlotte Orthopedic Slippers for Men & Women


These Podiatrist-approved slippers for men and women feature a roomy and wide toe box with built-in orthotic insoles. Designed to improve the ease of walking and alleviate pain on the heel and ball of the foot from numerous conditions. These are a great choice for older adults who need arch support without sacrificing style.

Orthofeet guarantees that you will love these slippers for your swollen feet or you can return them within 60 days! These slippers are the ultimate in comfort and support and can be worn inside or outside too.

They feature Orthofeet’s premium orthotic insole giving you support across your arch plus a high level of cushioning from heel to toe. The soft padded interior adds to the comfort your feet will feel when wearing these. As a matter of fact many of the reviews on the site mention these slippers are like walking on a cloud.

Older adults with large swollen feet will also appreciate the wide too box that provides lots of room for movement of your toes and forefoot. You will even be able to adjust the shoe to fit based on your level of edema using the hook and loop straps – one on each side of the shoe!

According to Orthofeet, these slippers will help relieve the pressure associated with swollen feet, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, heel pain, or foot pain. They are podiatrist recommended with over a 1000 5 star reviews.

Foamtreads Physician Slippers for Men and Women

foamtread physician slippers

These cool weather slippers for men and women feature genuine wool uppers to keep your feet toasty warm. Adjustable closures at the heel and instep allow you to vary the fit. Lots of padding on the inside cushions painful feet. Slip resistant rubber outsole.

This product from Foamtreads is one of the best pair of slippers for your senior suffering from severe edema. It has Velcro straps on each side and at the heel. Your parent can easily adjust the slippers for a better fit. The pair is ideal for seniors whose feet tend to swell from time to time.

The slipper has heel-to-toe padding as well as a non-marking sole for cushioned comfortable protection when it’s most needed. The product is available in three colors such as navy, black, and charcoal, and is machine-washable. Your senior can easily put on and take off the pair. The Velcro strap helps the pair to fit better on the swollen feet of your loved one.

Old Friend Step-In

Old Friend Step-In Open Toed Slippers

This product is made from Sheepskin Fleece for extra comfort for people with swollen feet. It has a leather upper, rubber sole, and sheepskin fleece lining. The top of the slipper has a Velcro closure that wraps around the top of the foot.

Your senior can easily adjust the width of this slipper and wear it in and out of the house. The ultra-soft sheepskin lining won’t cut into the feet of your loved one as they swell. The comfortable design is what makes this product one of the best for your parent with swollen feet.

This product is made of 100% leather and faux fur. It comes with a metatarsal dome for alleviating forefoot pressure and orthotic arch support.

The sturdy outsole, deep heel, and contoured footbed are great features of this product. The outsole is made from EVA rubber and the upper is suede. The lining of the footwear is synthetic shearling.

All these features guarantee an adequate amount of comfort for seniors who are dealing with swollen feet.

Dr. Comfort Men’s Relax Therapeutic Slippers

The high-quality therapeutic slippers from Dr. Comfort has extra depth for seniors suffering from swollen feet.

The gel insole provides adequate cushioning for elder feet. It has a brushed microfiber upper, fleece lining, and a rubber outsole. The outsole is slip-resistant to prevent trip and fall accidents.

They are very wide and ideal for seniors suffering from swollen feet or severe edema.

Wrapping Up

Wearing the right slippers can reduce the pain of swollen feet from edema. Look for slippers that have a wide, adjustable opening with lots of room. Choose a slipper with a soft comfortable lining too to make wearing shoes more tolerable. Finally, look for slippers that are soft and flexible but have a supportive, anti-slip sole.

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