Great Subscription Boxes for the Elderly (A Gift That Truly Keeps Giving)

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Subscription boxes are boxes of themed items that are delivered on a regular schedule. Many elderly people enjoy these because it gives them something to look forward to. They are also the gift that keeps giving!

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Subscription boxes are becoming incredibly popular as a way for time-strapped people to find new products and to get things they love and enjoy delivered, saving them time and often saving money too.

Suscription boxes are available for almost anything that you can imagine, from video games to sporting goods.

Here are a few of my top picks for subscription boxes for the elderly that might make great gifts for your grandparents or other senior citizens you love.

1 – Love With Food

love with food subscription box service

This affordable subscription box ships internationally and is a good choice for those who have dietary restrictions.

It is a box of treats that includes ‘free from’ goodies. There are lots of options for those who need to avoid wheat, gluten, common allergens, and even dairy products.

This box is a nice way for someone who has to avoid common snacks to treat themselves.

Learn more about their food and snack choices by clicking here.

2 – Grandbox

grandbox subscription box service

The grandbox is a premium subscription box that is sent out once a month. The deliveries coincide with important dates such as birthdays, major public holidays, Christmas, etc.

Grandbox deliveries are personalized, so a box for a ‘grandmother’ might be themed differently to one for an aunt. The boxes include a range of gifts with items that are full sized, not fun-sized. You can even personalize photos and notes for each box too!

Click here to see what Grandbox has to offer.

3 – Quarterly Care Boxes

care box subscription box service

Many care box companies offer monthly subscriptions. But because they want to keep the price of the box low, the items included tend to be smaller, budget items.

CareBoxCo offers quarterly subscriptions and includes a range of practical and ‘comfort’ items as well as little treats. For example, a box might include soaps, socks, a hat, and a full-size jig saw puzzle. Another box may have hot and cold heat treatment packs as well as candy and cookies.

They even offer the option to customize the boxes, so if your Grandpa hates jigsaws you can send him something else instead. You can also choose what kind of sweet treats are included in the box. Or, even leave them out if necessary.

4 – TeeBlox

TeeBlox Subscription Box Service

TeeBlox is a monthly t-shirt subscription service that is suitable for all ages.

If you have an older relative that is still into the latest movies, games or TV shows then they’ll love this.

Let’s face it, most seniors these days are full of surprises. They might think Chvrches is a misspelling, but then know more about the Dothraki than you do, or feel that Tracer is “totally OP”.

If your favorite senior has some serious pop culture interests, this is a subscription box that will suit them.

We all know how it’s easy to get frugal as you get older. You’re less likely to want to “waste money” on T-shirts, but you can never have too many of them! Especially if you tend to ruin them going out and playing with the grandkids!

Get a TeeBlox Subscription by Clicking Here

5 – Gentleman’s Box

If you have an older male relative who likes to look smart and feel fresh, then this is a great box for them.

This subscription box includes ties, socks, sunglasses, cufflinks, aftershave, creams and other small personal grooming items fit for a real gentleman.

There are two tiers of subscription. The standard box is nice and quite luxurious. Plus, there is a premium version that steps it up again with some stunning items in it that would make great gifts individually, let alone in a subscription.

The gentleman’s box is suitable for all ages. It could even be a good gift from an older relative to a young man, or the other way around.

It’s a top quality gift set that helps you dress to impress.

Learn More about Gentleman’s Box on their website by clicking here.

6 – Loved and Blessed

Loved and blessed subscription box service

Are the seniors in your life religious? If so, the Loved and Blessed gift boxes might go down well with them.

The Loved and Blessed gift subscription offers Christian encouragement delivered to your loved ones on a monthly basis. The boxes include scriptures and workbooks to help people stay on track with their faith and face the struggles of life. It also includes video lessons as well as a connection to the Christian community.

If you are looking for a gift that would suit someone for whom their faith is important, then this is a great choice. Whether you share their faith or not, this is a great way to say that you love them and support them. It lets them know you are thinking of them and their personal quest for faith.

Click Here to Learn More About the Loved and Blessed Box

7 – Graze

graze subscription box service

Graze is an internationally renowned subscription box full of healthy snacks and treats. It’s a great choice if you’re worried that your loved ones perhaps don’t follow the best diet, because it encourages them to eat better, healthier treats.

Grazebox lets you cater to the tastes and preferences of the subscriber. Each box also includes fresh and tasty treats that are sure to delight. Hopefully, the box reminds people that there are tasty fruits, vegetables and nuts out there!

Choose from sweet and/or savory snacks. Then, choose the different delivery schedules to match your budget and the snacking habits of your loved ones.

You can even tailor the package based on dietary restrictions too.

8 – Bespoke Post

Bespoke subscription boxes

Bespoke Post is the gift box service for people who are passionate about “something.” The service includes lots of different options, including mixology, travel, fashion, cooking, and more. If you’re looking to give an elderly relative something that matches their lifelong hobby, this is a brilliant option.

These boxes do cost a little more than most other subscriptions, but they are filled with small batch gifts that will delight the geek or enthusiast in you. If you want to rest easy knowing that you’re buying quality gifts from manufacturers that care as much as you do, then this is a great choice.

Final Thought

Gift boxes for the elderly don’t have to be full of socks and slippers (although socks and slippers are good choices for some). As you can see, there are plenty of other options out there to suit the grandparents, aunts and uncles in your life.

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