43+ Great Subscription Boxes for Seniors and the Elderly (They Will Instantly Love)

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Subscription boxes are a thoughtful way to show the seniors & elderly people in your life that you care – each and every month! Give them something to look forward to, send them with treats, or open them up to new experiences.

subscription boxes for elderly

Subscription boxes are a thoughtful way to show the seniors & elderly people in your life that you care – each and every month! Give them something to look forward to, send them with treats, or open them up to new experiences.

Income Disclosure: I recommend products based on my personal experience working with seniors.
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Subscription boxes are becoming an incredibly popular way for time-strapped people to find new products and to get the favorite things they love and enjoy delivered, saving them time and often saving money too. Subscription boxes are available for almost anything that you can imagine, from video games to sporting goods.

They are also great gift ideas for seniors and the elderly. You think of them often but get busy in your own life, right? Signing up for one of these services will let them know you care no matter how busy you get. These thoughtful gifts get sent each month automatically on a set schedule – without you needing to remember.

Subscription box gifts are an easy way to send snacks, treats, activities, and even personalized items each and every month and most offer free shipping! You can send them on a monthly schedule or just for special occasions – it’s up to you. Seniors in nursing homes, assisted living centers, and those who live alone will especially look forward to their monthly gift with anticipation!

So, to help you gather ideas for which subscription might be best for you or your loved one, here are a few of my top picks. These are the best subscription boxes for the elderly that will make ideal gifts for your senior parents, grandparents, or other senior citizens you love.

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My 5 Favorite Subscription Boxes for Seniors and the Elderly

I am laying out lots of options for you in the following article. So, for those of you in a hurry or just want to see what I think are the best subscription boxes for seniors, here you go! Keep reading to see all my recommendations by category.

  1. Seven Sisters Gourmet Scones
    Individually packed scones baked and shipped the same day.
  2. 4 Seasons Box by Rocking Care
    Quarterly shipment of items that promote health and cognitive function.
  3. Senior Home Meal Delivery | Silver Cuisine by Bistro MD
    Physician-designed dietary meals delivered according to your schedule.
  4. Magazine Agent’s Puzzle Book & Games Magazine Subscription
    Books of different types of puzzles delivered 9 times per year.
  5. Poppy’s Hobbies Seasonal Craft Kits
    Themed craft kits for beginning crafters that are worth showing off.

General Subscription Boxes and Care Packages

The following boxes are more general in nature or specifically designed for seniors like care packages. Others can be customized to fit the recipient.

The 4 Seasons Box by Rocking Care

4 seasons subscription box

This subscription box was created specifically to improve wellness for older adults with cheerful and health promoting items. Also, each box contains more that a dozen items that have been shown to boost cognitive function.

The items are chosen by the therapist-owner and are packaged by a small, family business. Each shipment is also formed around a seasonal theme. Boxes arrive packaged in a wooden crate and arrive quarterly.

This box is an especially great choice for anyone needing a little cheering up!

The Appalachian Mercantile

Looking for something unique to give your senior loved one? The Appalachian Mercantile box is a great choice for older adults who love food, crafts, and home goods with a homemade flair.

Each box contains 6 or 7 “home-spun” items from the Appalachian region with recipe cards that tell you all about the creator. These curated items help support small businesses too!

CareBoxCo Monthly and Quarterly Care Boxes | Crate Joy

CareBoxCo offers monthly deliveries and quarterly subscriptions and includes a range of practical and comfort items as well as little treats. For example, a box might include soaps, socks, a hat, and a full-size jig saw puzzle. Another box may have hot and cold heat treatment packs as well as candy and cookies.

They even offer the option to personalize the boxes by printing out a personal note or family photos that you send them. This is a great way to add a personal touch.

Silver Swag Box

This monthly box is a thoughtful gift for an older adult that you would like to develop a deeper relationship with – whether that is an older family member or an elderly neighbor. Each box contains a conversation card with questions that lead to more impactful and deeper conversations. You can even add a handwritten note if you prefer!

Your recipient will also receive activities, something practical and well as some tasty snacks. Dietary substitutions can be provided upon request for seniors on special diets.

The Horti Box: Happy Plants, Happy You

My next recommendation is designed to help people learn to care for plants and build their confidence in their green thumb. Each box contains a well-researched, hardy plant along with detailed instructions on how to plant and care for that month’s selection. They even offer customer service to answer your plant growing questions.

Pet-friendly selections are available and there are multiple subscription levels so you can receive only one or several plants in each month’s box. They even have a plant resurrection guarantee if you lose one!

Therabox Self Care Subscription Box

This self care box promotes positive mental health with a therapeutic activity accompanied by 6 to 8 stress-relieving and life-enhancing goodies. The products are curated by therapists and chosen to feed your mind, body, and soul and promote happiness and positive self-image.

This award-winning box is a great choice for older adults who may be having an bit of a tough time or deal with bouts of loneliness especially. It was chosen the “Best of 2021” by Cratejoy.

The Wordy Traveler Book Club Box

My next recommendation touts itself as a “seasonal book club subscription box for travelers who want to make a difference.” Each box revolves around a geographical location theme looking to transport you there. Higher levels include backpacks and suitcases!

Each box contains new books from local authors or travel authors along with a selection of tea to enjoy it with. Plus, you’ll also receive a limited edition art print highlighting the location. Purchases of this box help support the nutritional needs of children and pregnant women.

Peace & Pages Monthly Subscription Box

For seniors who love reading and looking for some relaxation, the Peace & Pages Box might be just the thing they need. Every box has a new book from your favorite genre along with bath and body and aromatherapy products. Products are chosen only from small business in the US to keep the choices unique.

You choose from more than 10 genres of books so that you can be sure it will interest you or your recipient. Plus, each book will not be more than 3 years old to reduce the risk you might have already read the title.

Think of it as a book of the month club and your favorite spa all in one!

Send Seniors Love Box

The Send Seniors Love box is a monthly care package that elderly people will find fun to open and enjoy. There is a pair of cozy socks, something to do, a healthy treat, lotion, and a handcrafted card.

You can even donate the box to be sent to a nursing home resident or use their “Envelopes of Love” program to send cards to an entire nursing home.

Activity, Craft and Themed Boxes

Looking for activities to keep idle hands busy and mind activities? Here are my recommended craft kits and activity subscriptions.

Poppy’s Hobbies Seasonal Craft Kits

poppy shobbies subscription box

This subscription box has craft projects that seniors and beginning crafters will love. Each themed box is planned around a particular season or holiday and usually consist of home decor items that the recipient can make themselves and then show off!

Each box includes complete instructions and all accessories needed including paint, embellishments, etc. The only thing you might need are a pair of scissors and a glue gun.

Puzzle Book Subscriptions from Magazine Agent

While not technically a box service, Magazine Agent offers more than 25 different puzzle books on an annual subscription basis at prices as low as $3.00 per issue!

They have a large selection for even the most shrewd puzzle solver: Crosswords, Circle-a-Word puzzles, Sodokus, Number Fill-Ins, Cryptograms and more.

For seniors with vision problems, there are even large print editions that are easier to see.

Sensory Jigsaw Puzzle by Puzzlebilities

This seasonal/quarterly box contains sensory jigsaw puzzles that are designed to use multiple senses: sight, touch, and smell. Plus it’s a fun activity!

There has been lots of research in using activities that stimulate the senses with dementia patients for improving memory. But, these activities are good for all seniors and elderly folks. Who wouldn’t enjoy a puzzle that also has a pleasant aroma and you can actually feel the textures?

Coloring and Classics Box

For creative seniors and people who enjoy engaging and focusing their brains, take a look at the Coloring and Classics Monthly box. This affordable box includes an adult coloring book, activity book, and a hard back book to read. You can even choose the genre.

Plus, the box comes with colored pencils the first month to get you started on your adult coloring book journey. This box is a great choice for people looking for a no-frills but engaging monthly activity.

Hunt A Killer – Do You Have What It Takes?

Do you or the senior in your lift enjoy a good mystery? Can’t put down an Agatha Christie novel once you get started?

Then HuntAKiller.com may be just the subscription service for you. Think of it as a board game come to life!

Each month you get a box of clues to help you solve a murder. These monthly boxes are laid out like an episode of a TV show and they tell a bigger story. Six episodes complete a season. There are puzzles and ciphers to solve too for the puzzle lover.

Each box takes between 90 min and 3 hours to complete and can be used as a group experience too. Worried about content? The boxes are “PG-13” because some clues may be graphic (autopsy reports and such).

Audiobooks.com Monthly Audiobook Club

Many seniors can benefit from an Audiobooks.com subscriptions: from active seniors who like to exercise to elderly people who are homebound or even bedridden. Audiobooks provide hours of entertainment, education and enlightenment. Plus, they keep seniors minds busy as they pass the time.

Magazine Gift Subscriptions That Seniors Will Love

Magazine subscriptions provide a ton of benefits for seniors: education, entertainment, a way to pass some time. They can also be a great link to the outside world. Look for large print magazines like Reader’s Digest for seniors with vision problems.

Craftsman Crate Skill Building Subscription Box

The Craftsman Crate is a great way for seniors to try out new hobbies while keeping their hands active and busy. Each box is a complete project box with complete instructions and even includes the tools needed. Past boxes have included candle-making, mosaics, and soapstone carving.

Snacks and Treat Boxes

Who doesn’t love snacks, treats, and junk food? The following recommendations will keep sweet-loving senior junk food junkies stocked in junk food. I’ve included some guilt-free options too for those on special dietary requirements. See more Food of the Month Club options here.

Individually Packaged Gourmet Scones Subscription Box | Seven Sisters Scones

monthly scone subscription boxes

These artisan scones are baked and shipped the same day for fresh flavor and taste. Plus each is unique because they are hand scooped too. Each scone is individually package so that fresh flavor can be maintained as long as possible.

You have lots of flavor choices and flavors are changed from time to time for some variety. There are gluten-free options as well as cookies and bars too.

Choose the subscription option for monthly or quarterly deliveries of assorted scone boxes right to your loved one’s home.

Old Time Candy Co. Decade Candy Gift Box

This cool gift box features 2 lbs of candy that was popular in your selected decade packed into a gift box. Decade options include the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and the 1990s.

For the true candy lover, there is a 4 lb choice as well as a monthly subscription box option to keep the candy coming on a regular basis.

Eat Me Guilt Free Subscription Service

Eat Me Guilt Free is a line of healthier formulated sweets for those late night cravings. The company was created by a Registered Nurse and Certified Sports Nutritionist and she started many of these recipes in her own kitchen.

These delicious treats get rave reviews for their taste and include selections of brownies, cakes, cookies, breads and even tortillas. Sign up for their monthly subscription service and save.

Love With Food Junk-Free Snack Box | Snack Nation

This affordable subscription box ships internationally and is a good choice for those who have dietary restrictions.

It is a box of treats that includes ‘free from’ goodies. There are lots of options for those who need to avoid wheat, gluten, common allergens, and even dairy products. They offer lots of Organic and All Natural snacks too!

This box is a nice way for someone who has to avoid common snacks for the elderly to treat themselves.

Plus Snack Nation donates a meal to needy families for every box sold!

Harry & David Chocolate of the Month Club

Receive a special mix of premium chocolates plus other treats like samplers, tasting notes, candy bars and more. Chose from 3,6, or 12 month options. Billed Monthly.

Mrs. Prindles Apple of the Month Club

Send a beautiful and delicious jumbo caramel apple each month when signing up for a 6 or 12 month program. Each apple comes with a festive ribbon or seasonal ornament.

Food and Meal Subscriptions

These food subscriptions provide pre-packaged, pre-cooked delicious meals friendly to senior diets or meal kits for seniors to make their own meals. Keep scrolling for snack foods and treat.

Silver Cuisine Senior Home Meal Delivery

Senior Home Meal Delivery Service by Bistro MD

This senior meal delivery service sends fully prepared meals from doctor-designed diets straight to the door. Simply select your meals from a menu online (or via phone for the electronically challenged) and set the delivery schedule that works best for you. If you are sending this as a gift, you can rest assured knowing your loved one is eating well.

Hello Fresh Meal Kit Delivery Service

Hello Fresh Meal Kits are a great way to provide meals for seniors and the elderly – especially if they enjoy cooking or have a caregiver to help. Choose from a variety of menus and healthy food plans. Weekly meal box deliveries.

Fresh Weekly Meal Kit Delivery | Home Chef

Home Chef’s meal kit delivery service is designed to fit your lifestyle. First, choose from vegetarian, low carb, and low calorie options. Next, choose the exact meals you want from a menu of delicious foods with some customization available. Finally, schedule the deliveries based on your preference and then cook….and enjoy.

Chicago Steak Company Steak Of The Month Club

Choose from various assortments of USDA Prime or USDA Choice steaks (the top 2% of beef worldwide) delivered monthly. 6 month or 12 month plans are available.

Floral and Gift Subscriptions

Flowers and scented products are always appreciated by seniors. Here are some choices for regular deliveries of gifts.

Monthly Fresh Flower Delivery | Great Clubs

flower of the month club gift

With this gift, your loved one will receive 1 fresh bouquet of exotic and fragrant flowers for the best growers throughout the world. Included in each shipment is a newsletter and a personalized gift letter from you. 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12 month options.

Flower of The Month Club | MonthlyClubs.com

Get fresh cut seasonal bouquets that were cut just days before they arrive. Only top quality blooms and greens. Shipped overnight for ultimate freshness. Includes a monthly newsletter that highlights the flower’s history and source.

Coffee, Tea and Beverage Boxes

These boxes will keep coffee and tea loving seniors stocked up in warm beverages each month. I’ve also included a few recommendations for them to expand their choices and break away from their usual brands.

Adagio Tea of the Month Club


Here is an ideal gift for any senior who enjoys a great cup of tea. Adagio Teas offers a surprisingly affordable tea-of-the-month club. You’ll receive enough loose tea for 75 cups- shipped two months at a time. Reviewers give Adagio a 95% approval score too.

Gourmesso Coffee Capsule and Tea Subscriptions

Never run out of coffee or tea again. Subscribe and save on every order. Customize your blend and how often you want to receive shipments. Mix and match coffee pods and teas.

Peet’s Coffee: Coffee Beans Subscriptions

Are you or a senior in your life a coffee nut? Yeah, me too. And I know I would love receiving this subscription service as a gift.

For a low monthly subscription, Peet’s coffee will ship a different coffee each month – within 24 hours of roasting it! Their service is flexible too. You can chose which coffee you want, how much you get and how often you get it. You can pause or cancel at anytime.

Don’t know for sure what type to order? Then let their curated service choose for you.

Copper Cow Coffee: Simple Pour Over Coffee Club

This monthly coffee subscription service specializes in pour over style coffee with pre packaged pods that hook onto your cup. No need for a pour over filter so they can be taken anywhere. All you need is hot water from your favorite senior-friendly teakettle and you are ready to go.

They offer straight black coffee as well as flavored variety packs and some boxes even include creamers and free flavor samples too. Coffee and tea bundles are another option.

Simplicity Loose Teas Subscription Box

This mini subscription box comes with 2 selections of loose teas in either vials or bags. Because the teas are loose, the first box also comes with a reusable tea infuser to get your loved one started. All teas are organic and thoughtfully curated.

Subscription Boxes for Stylish Seniors

Not every senior wants food or crafts. So, if you are looking for gifts for active seniors or stylish seniors, here are some great choices.

The Golden Years Monthly Box

golden years subscription box for seniors

Does your favorite senior prefer glitz and glamour to baking and crafts? Then the Golden Years Box from Crate Joy is an excellent gift choice for them!

The Golden Years Box is a monthly collection of luxury beauty products, health and fitness items, and specifically curated “favorite things” for women over 50. Each package contains 5 to 8 uniquely chosen items.

Like most of the subscription boxes for seniors and the elderly that I recommend, each box revolves around a central theme. Past box themes have been The Foot Box, Rainy Days & Saturdays, and a Welcome Box.

Loot Crate Subscription and Gift Boxes

This is the perfect gift for more hip seniors (or those that think they are!) Choose from a general pop culture box or themed boxes like gaming, clothing, comics and more. Can be a one-time gift or a monthly subscription box.

ProGlide Shield™ Monthly Shaving Kit

Did you know you can gift quality Gillette razors and shaving products to seniors? And, you can have them delivered on a schedule that you prefer.

This starter kit includes the Gillette FlexxBall raxor handle, five blade refills and a travel-size sensitive shave gel. Sign up for their subscription service and get refills delivered every month, 3 months, or 6 months.

Bespoke Post: Uniquely Themed Subscription Boxes

Bespoke Post is the gift box service for people who are passionate about “something.” The service includes lots of different options, including mixology, travel, fashion, cooking, and more. If you’re looking to give an elderly relative something that matches their lifelong hobby, this is a brilliant option.

These boxes do cost a little more than most other subscriptions, but they are filled with small batch gifts that will delight the geek or enthusiast in you. If you want to rest easy knowing that you’re buying quality gifts from manufacturers that care as much as you do, then this is a great choice.

Final Thoughts

Gift boxes for the elderly don’t have to be full of socks and slippers (although socks and slippers are great choices for some). As you can see, there are plenty of subscription box options out there to suit your elderly parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles in your life.

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