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The Top 5 Weighted Blankets For Menopause

The Top 5 Weighted Blankets For Menopause

Many women enjoy the benefits of weighted blankets but worry about getting too hot due to menopause symptoms. But, these cooling weighted blankets for menopause might be the best of both worlds.
Weighted Blankets For Menopause
Weighted Blankets For Menopause
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While weighted blankets might seem like quite an investment to make, they reduce your need for other methods of dealing with menopause.

These “magic blankets” have long been the talk of the town since they successfully aid users with stress, insomnia, anxiety, and many others.

Due to the success of weighted blankets in the general public, people are now purchasing these blankets to seek relief from troubling menopause symptoms.

Weighted blankets are one of the few treasures that exist at a relatively affordable price, and they significantly reduce turning and tossing all night long. Along with all the other remedies you’ve already managed to gather, the weighted blanket will soon be another perfect solution.

So, read on as we dive into everything you need to know about how the weighted blanket can help you sleep better with menopause symptoms.

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How Do I Choose The Best Weighted Blanket For Menopause?

When it comes to choosing a weighted blanket for your menopause symptoms, you’ll need to keep the following in mind:

The Fabric

With night sweats and hot flashes, a weighted blanket with a cooling fabric is among the best options.

While a weighted blanket and those pesky night sweats might seem like a terrible thing together, there are specially designed weighted cooling blankets that are perfect for those suffering from hot flashes.

Depending on the material you choose, some textures are great for reducing anxiety and temperature.

And keeping cool is the best weapon against the symptoms of menopause.


Weighted blankets occasionally come with a removable cover that can be easily washed, and some of the weighted portions can also be washed to keep them extra clean.

However, it’s a great idea to read the instructions carefully since some of these blankets might not be able to withstand the heat in your dryer.

Weighting Material

Depending on the materials used and the distribution, you’ll need to determine if they’ll stay put.

Some blankets are so poorly made that the weights move, and blanket owners have blankets with a huge bulge some months later.

Additionally, some users have also indicated that their blankets are rather noisy and can be compared to a traditional beanbag whenever they move about under the blanket.

Weighting Material

If you’re hot and bothered by the price, then there’s no way you’ll have a good night’s rest.

So, it should be noted that weighted blankets can be costly to some but are more than worth the cost.

There are ways to make your own weighted blanket though and save on the cost.

The Top Six Weighted Blankets For Menopause

If you are looking for a cozy weighted blanket to help you sleep but are also concerned about heat, take a look at these options:

Bamboo Cooling Weighted Blanket for AdultsPin

Zonli Bamboo Cooling Weighted Blanket


To ensure that you’re comfortable and cool during the night, the cover of this cooling weighted blanket from Zonli is made of bamboo lyocell fabric: a cross between premium cotton and silk. Not only is it cooling, but it is also thermoregulating and moisture-wicking for a cooler – and more comfortable sleep.

Zonli provided me with one of these blankets to try for myself. While I don’t have menopause (for obvious reasons!), I am an extremely hot sleeper and have been known to sweat into my sheets if I’m not using the right bedding.

Even with the additional weight of the weighted blanket, I didn’t feel hot at all while using it!

This blanket comes in multiple sizes, weights, and colors to choose from as well!

Custom Weighted Blanket - WhitePin

SensaCalm Custom Weighted Blankets


Weighted blankets are the perfect, healthy solution for those suffering from a troubled sleep. These blankets feature several different types of fill (glass or plastic beads are common, as is sand). However, until now, there has been a major limitation to the blankets – there has not been enough choice regarding the patterns on the material used in the blankets. That has all changed with the entry of the SensaCalm Custom Weighted Blankets range onto the market.

These weighted blankets are available in a huge variety of colors and patterns – and making the selection that suits your individual taste is as easy as looking at the online buying guide. In fact, you are not even limited to this enormous choice. Sensacalm will go that extra mile to source fabrics that may even have been discontinued or place a special order to suit you.

If you want a great choice as far as a weighted blanket is concerned, then SensaCalm simply makes sense.

Luna Adult Weighted Blanket - Silky Cooling Bamboo & Premium Glass Beads - 20 Lbs - 48x72 - Full Size Bed - Designed in USA - Heavy Cool Weight for Hot & Cold Sleepers - Light GreyPin

Luna Silky Cooling Weighted Blanket

If you’re interested in something that’s 100% organic cotton, this one is perfect for you. It’s not only a lightweight blanket for seniors with menopause, but it ensures that you keep cool to battle just about any night sweats that you might have. This weighted blanket is filled with very durable glass beads that have been wooden into the blanket to ensure that the distribution is even.

Compared to several others, the Luna weighted blanket has received tons of 5-star reviews from women dealing with menopause, and the best part is that it’s affordable. Some even suggested that when it’s hot, they can still keep cool since it’s very breathable.

Latte Minky Weighted BlanketPin

Minky Weighted Blankets by Mosaic


The heavy-duty stitching and durable fabric make a Mosaic Weighted Blanket one of the most popular weighted blankets right now. It does an excellent job of distributing the weight of the pellets by putting them in small pockets. Plus, the plush fabric ensures that the blanket is breathable!

These blankets come in various colors, fabrics, sizes, and styles. You can choose one according to the weight that suits your body and the color that complements your bed. You can also choose as heavy or as light as you need to be comfortable when you sleep – even with the hot flashes of menopause.

You can machine-wash some of the smaller versions of Mosaic Weighted Blankets. For the heavier ones, you need to take out the duvet and machine-wash it instead of putting the entire blanket in your washing machine.

Ourea Cooling Weighted Blanket for Adults (15 lbs, 48"x 72", Twin Size) Heavy Blanket 15 pounds Full Size Perfect for 150-170 lbs,Breathable Fabric with No Leaking Glass BeadsPin

Ourea Cooling Weighted Blanket for Adults

If you’re not comfortable at night, it makes it even harder to sleep. Ourea has indicated that their blankets will reduce tossing, turning, and sleepless nights.

If you’re looking for a sense of luxury in your weighted blanket, you can have that and more with organic Egyptian cotton.

The weighting materials used in this beauty are glass beads that fall perfectly in line with your body.

The design of this blanket makes it easier for users to have their best night’s sleep in even the hottest months of the year. Users have stated that the blanket works for just about any temperature condition.

Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket Twin Size 15 lbs for Adult (48"x78", Dark Grey ) with Premium Glass BeadsPin

Weighted Idea Cool Weighted Blanket

as of 04/13/2024 1:16 pm

The weighted idea blanket starts at only $49 and is one of the heaviest of its kind for such an affordable price.

These blankets come in an array of sizes and weights for users to choose from, and they’re made with 100% cotton.

So, if you’re used to hot flashes and night sweats, this one is perfect for you!

Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket 20 lbs Queen Size, Heavy Blankets for Adult, 1 x Cozy Heat Warm Minky Plush Washable Removable Covers Included, Heating & Cooling,Micro Glass Beads, 60x80 GreyPin

Degrees of Comfort Cotton Cooling Weighted Blanket

as of 04/13/2024 1:16 pm

The Degrees of Comfort offers its users two washable duvets. Both can be swapped depending on where you live to suit the seasons.

The name says it all, and you’ll be able to stay warm on cold evenings and keep cool on hot days.

Reviewers say that it’s affordable and reduces menopause symptoms, and allows them to sleep all night long in comfort.


As we conclude, we have just looked at how weighted blankets can aid with menopause symptoms. These blankets not only promote nights of quality sleep, but they also ensure that you stay cool as your body battles all of the symptoms of menopause!


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