6 Weighted Blankets for Stroke Patients for Calm and Cozy Sleep

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People who have had strokes may have different sensory reaction to weight and temperature. Here are some of the best weighted blankets for stroke patients for calm and cozy sleep.

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Stroke patients often complain that they experience significant stress and can’t sleep at night. Apart from medicines, one thing that you can try is a weighted blanket.

Most weighted blankets come with a technology called deep-touch pressure that gently distributes the weight of the blanket throughout your body. It seems as if someone is hugging you as you sleep. This makes you drift off to deep slumber and soon you will find yourself snoring.

Weighted blankets have a calming effect on stroke patients and hence are ideal instead of regular blankets. These blankets are not just incredible for stroke patients but also work like magic for those who have anxiety, autism, and ADHD.

They calm down your body, help you get a good night’s sleep, and reduce feelings of anxiety which can improve overall mental health.

How to Choose a Weighted Blanket

You need to keep a couple of things in mind before buying a weighted blanket: first, as a general rule of thumb, always pick a blanket that’s 5 to 10% of your body weight.

But stroke patients should focus on the 5 to 8% zone because heavier blankets may cause suffocation because of nervous system damage. Therefore, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should search for weighted blankets that range between 8 to 12 pounds.

When buying a weighted blanket for someone who has had a stroke, take into account their sensory differences due to nervous system damage. Are there fabrics that make them itch and make their skin tingle? How about softer, silkier fabrics? Do they find those more soothing? Consider too how they “feel” the weight of a standard blanket.

Another factor that you should remember is the blanket should fit snugly into your bed. Don’t buy a king-size blanket for a single bed. The weight of the blanket may cause it to fall off the bed when you twist and turn while sleeping.

Check the size and compare it with your bed’s size. Also, if your partner doesn’t require the same weighted blanket, you may opt for a small blanket size for a big bed. In that case, you may go for a twin-size blanket for a king-size bed.

Recommended Weighted Blankets For People Who’ve Had a Stroke

Remember, these weighted blankets are not just suitable for stroke patients; others can also use these blankets if they want, provided they check the weight first.

Bearaby The Napper Blanket

Bearaby Napper Weighted Blanket

This is the only weighted blanket that has a big knitted pattern. It looks like one of those carpets that you keep outside your bathroom but works differently on your bed. But it looks aesthetically pleasing.

The weighted material doesn’t seem too heavy. It just feels as if someone is snuggling you as you fall asleep. It comes in various sizes and weights. The breathable cotton makes the blanket soft.

The best part about this blanket is it doesn’t contain plastic pellets or tiny glass beads. This is unlike any other weighted blanket. The organic cotton cover stays in place and the even weight distribution ensures that the blanket doesn’t slide off when you turn to your side while sleeping.

This blanket is for those who don’t care about the design but wants to sleep comfortably. Just get under this blanket and forget that you ever had a stroke.

Minky Weighted Blankets by Mosaic

Minky Weighted Blankets by Mosaic

If you are one of those who feel restless under an ordinary blanket, you should switch to a Mosaic Weighted Blanket. It helps you fall asleep faster, thanks to the equal weight distribution of the FDA-approved plastic microbeads.

According to the makers, this blanket causes your nervous system to respond to the weight of the blanket so that you can sleep peacefully instead of twisting and turning. The size of each blanket is suitable for a single person. This makes sense because your partner may not require the same weight of the blanket as you do.

Therefore, check the size and weight before buying.

Baloo weighted blanket

Baloo Weighted Blanket Throw Size

The Baloo Weighted Blanket looks like a parachute. It is fluffy and extremely soft. Although it is one of the premium blankets around, it maintains a minimalistic look. The breathability of the fabric is excellent.

Stroke patients say that they feel uncomfortable and suffocated under heavy blankets because of how their nervous system has changed. But this one will change your mindset forever. It feels as if you are covering yourself with a big ball of cotton. Moreover, even weight distribution makes sure that you don’t feel heavy only in certain areas.

Baloo uses high-quality chemical-free glass beads to provide weight to the blanket. The neat stitching of the blanket ensures that the beads don’t make a noise. They also provide the much-needed deep pressure so that you drift off to sleep soon.

Most weighted blankets seem thick because of the weight they need to carry. But the Baloo Weighted Blanket is different. It is quite thin so that you don’t feel suffocated or wake up sweating which interrupts your night’s sleep.

SensaCalm Custom Weighed Blankets

SensaCalm Custom Weighted Blankets

The best thing about customizable blankets is you can order anything you want. From glass beads to the outer cover, SensaCalm will personalize everything according to what you ask for. It offers a wide range of sizes, fabrics, and weights.

In fact, you can even get waterproof water blankets, if you know, you accidentally leak out during your sleep. They give you options to add polyfill if you want to make your blanket fluffier. On the other hand, you can also choose a flatter blanket to make it look like a quilt.

Although customized weighted blankets eventually cost more, you won’t regret spending big money on them. They are unique because they are tailor-made just for you. If you weigh under 100 pounds, you may find it hard to come across a high-quality weighted blanket.

But SensaCalm has other ideas. You can share your details with them and they will make a blanket that’s 5 to 10% of your body weight.

WONAP Bamboo Cooling Weighted Blanket

There are 13 different sizes and weights of this blanket, making it easier for you to choose according to your body weight. Each one of them has a breathable fabric that makes sleeping comfortable.

Its cool-to-touch bamboo construction gives the weighted blanket a cooling effect and enables you to use the blanket all year round. Stroke patients who have already used this blanket say that it’s the best thing to happen to them after the disaster.

Although the weight of the blanket may make you feel hot, it isn’t uncomfortable as some of the other weighted blankets. In fact, you will enjoy the warmth during chilly winter nights.

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Luna Adult Weighted Blanket

If you don’t want to invest in an expensive weighted blanket right away, you should definitely consider Luna Weighted Blanket. It is the cheapest when you compare the prices with its competitors.

Luna uses organic cotton and a multi-layer design to make the blanket thinner and provide more comfort than other similar blankets. The sturdy design ensures proper weight distribution. Although it’s not so stylish, you should get it because of its premium quality and low price.

This is an ideal starter blanket if you want to buy a weighted one for the first time. You will know how weighted blankets work after using this. It has various sizes and weights but color availability is scarce. You may have to compromise on this part as they are only available in a couple of colors.

ZonLi Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket

This soft and breathable weighted blanket has small squares that distribute the glass beads inside. They ensure that the beads don’t slide off and make your sleep uncomfortable. The outer material comes in ultra-smooth natural bamboo viscose to prevent overheating.

Stroke patients often say that they sweat when they use heavy blankets. This won’t overheat. It keeps you nice and cozy during winters.

Also, remember the thumb rule: stroke patients should choose a weighted blanket that’s just less than 10% of their body weight. With an even weight distribution and soft outer cover, this weighted blanket feels as if someone is hugging you from the top when you are in bed.

Another plus point about the ZonLi Weighted Blanket is its price. It isn’t too expensive nor too cheap, making it affordable for people of the majority of the income groups.

Wrapping Up

It is hard to find weighted blankets specifically designed for stroke patients. But you can get one if you compare the features closely.

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The ones mentioned above are ideal for stroke patients and would put you to sleep in no time. Most importantly, they come within the budget of most people, so you can buy one without thinking of the price tag.

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