What are the Best Beach Chairs For Older Adults?

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Does the thought of climbing in and out of a low to the ground beach chair that offers little support for your aging body stress you out a little? If so, here are the best beach chairs to bring the fun back to the beach.

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beach chairs for elderly

Nothing speaks quality bonding time more than spending hours on the beach with grandma or grandpa. Not only will you enjoy their warm love, but you’ll also get to learn so much from them. Myself, I have many fond memories of beach trips with my grandparents.

Unfortunately, beach days can sometimes be stressful for seniors and the elderly. The thought of climbing in and out of low to the ground beach chairs without an embarrassing fall is on the list of stressors. As is sitting in a loose, sling chair that offers little to no support for an aging body.

Wile the typical beach chair may not be the best choice as we age, there are some great choices for you out there. To simplify everything for you, here is a complete review of the best beach chairs for older adults that I could find.

Top 5 Beach Chairs for Seniors & the Elderly

I chose these chairs because they are higher off the ground which makes them easier. They also offer comfort and convenience features that can make a day at the beach better on an old body. Following this section is a list of important features to look for if you are shopping elsewhere.

1. Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Lounge Recliners

  • Comes in a 2 pack
  • Extremely easy to fold and pack
  • Locking recline function to lay back
  • Includes a tray, cup holder, and headrest
  • Sleek and chic design
  • Lots of color choices

This unique chair is without a doubt one of the most durable beach chairs available for the elderly. Its large shape and reclining function makes it the ideal alternative for anyone in search of luxury, comfort and space. The padded back and seat of the chair were designed to keep you comfy and supported for hours.

As we had previously said, a beach chair with a higher seat for an older person is always a smart idea. Therefore, this 19-inch chair is ideal for those who find sitting or standing difficult. Additionally, the chair includes a tray for large print books or magazines, as well as a water bottle holder for those sunset-watching afternoons at the beach or peaceful fishing mornings.

The ease of storage and portability are two features that make this one of the greatest beach chairs for senior persons. This is because it folds up quickly, allowing you to focus on more important matters, such as where to store your rods and bait. It collapses into a small package making it easier to store at home.

2. The Tension Chair from CORE

  • Built from extremely long-lasting materials
  • Firm arms make getting up and down easier
  • Comes with useful accessories
  • Designed with seniors’ comfort in mind
  • Very breathable

The Core Tension Chair is without a doubt one of your finest bets when shopping for a senior. This is if you’re looking for a great beach chair that will stand the test of time. The chair’s simple and sensible design provides an aged lawn chair that is lightweight, comfy, and adaptable.

Remember not to be deceived by the lack of cushions in this chair, as it was designed with comfort in mind. By strategically positioning materials against the robust steel frame, the chair promotes comfort for seniors. It does this by supporting the back muscles preventing back pains. According to various medical studies, most seniors suffer from chronic backaches.

Take a look at the arms of this chair. They are made of rigid tubular steel arms which provide better support when you need to get in and out of the chair. Many beach chairs have fabric arms which collapse under your weight.

In addition, the chair has various built-in attachments that offer storage space for whatever your seniors may require. The enormous cup holder is perfect for cans and bottles of all sizes, with the other armrest having a handy phone holder.

More importantly, this chair has incredible portability. It is easy to fold up and store in its attached carry case, which is petite and elegant, making it suitable for small storage areas.

3. Coleman Quad Beach Chair With Cooler

  • Cooler bag and storage bags included
  • Cushioned and relaxing
  • Support for heavyweight seniors
  • Higher seat height
  • Multiple colors

The Coleman Quad Chair is one of the greatest beach chairs for senior folks. This adaptable but sturdy chair is ideal for a wide range of situations and settings. For example, it is ideal for a day at the beaches, the garden, or even by the pool.

More importantly, the highly padded back, as well as the 24-inch wide seat, make this fantastic chair extremely comfortable for seniors of all sizes. Additionally, the chair has several practical features, including an easy-to-reach and a cooler that can carry up to four cans. Besides this, it comes with side pockets to keep wallets and other belongings safe.

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Another creative feature that is beneficial to elders is its height. Because most beach chairs are low, making it difficult to get in and out, height is a huge concern. Luckily, the 18-inch height of this chair makes sitting and getting up a breeze.

Surprisingly, the chair can handle up to 325 pounds of weight, making it ideal for seniors who have a small grandchild or a pet on their lap. Moreover, this portable chair for the elderly is easy to store and maintain thanks to the accompanying carry case.

4. The High Weight Folding Beach Chair from CARIBBEAN JOE

  • Intriguing and eye-catching design
  • Simple yet useful
  • Highly portable
  • Recline function

The simplicity and elegance of this chair were the features that stood out the most. The chair has a simple yet appealing design that has all of the characteristics that any fantastic beach chair for seniors should have. Besides this, the chair’s height, lightweight, and ease of transfer make it unquestionably one of the greatest beach chairs for the elderly.

The chair is constructed of long-lasting and attractive materials that combine to make a simple product that is ideal for the beach. Furthermore, this compact folding chair may be adjusted to five different positions, ensuring maximum comfort and precise placement at all times.

Another feature that makes this chair a perfect beach chair for an older person is its capacity to fold flat. This makes it easy to carry and store with its inbuilt straps. Moreover, it comes with a drink holder and an adjustable pillow for further comfort and support. As if this is not enough, the chair can accommodate seniors of up to 250 pounds in weight.

5. The Freestyle Portable Rocking Chair from GCI OUTDOOR

  • Comes with a rocking feature
  • Easy to carry around
  • Comes in various colors
  • Very light to carry

Many beach chairs for seniors are lightweight and stylish. GCI Outdoor, on the other hand, took it a step further and added comfort to the mix. As a result, they manufactured this fantastic outdoor rocking chair that will make you feel so relaxed that you won’t want to stand. This is the ideal beach chair for the elderly since its gentle rocking motion will keep you comfortable and relaxed for hours.

Additionally, the legs and springs of this chair adapt to any terrain. This makes it the perfect beach chair for an elderly person who enjoys spending time outside. Unfortunately, all of this sophistication may make this beach chair for seniors appear to be a bit too hard to operate. However, the chair is really simple to fold up thanks to a couple of straps on the sides.

Furthermore, the chair is exceptionally lightweight and robust, making it an excellent long-term investment. These fantastic portable folding chairs are available in two stunning colors. Moreover, they have a drink holder for convenience and portability, as well as rubber feet for a secure grip.

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5 Features That Make a Beach Chair Senior-Friendly

When shopping for a beach chair for an older user, look for ones that have these features:

1. Comfortable Design

The design of the beach chair is maybe the most crucial factor to consider as a senior. Lower back discomfort and joint problems are common among the elderly, according to various medical reports. Luckily, investing in an adjustable beach chair with back support will allow you to relax and enjoy the sun for hours.

2. A Variety of Recline Positions

For seniors who are accustomed to laying down or napping in the afternoon, spending the entire day outside with their family may be overwhelming. However, a chair with several recline options, which allows you to change the backrest to the comfiest position, may come to a senior’s rescue.

3. High Seat Height

No one looks glamorous climbing out of a beach chair that sits on the ground. Look for a chair with a nice, high seat – at least 18 inches off the ground. This is a standard seat height for most home chairs. Camping chairs often sit at this level.

4. Rigid, Supporting Armrests

Pat of getting in and out of a chair is having a good base of support. Beach chairs with solid armrests are easier for older adults because they offer a firm base to push up from. Fabric armrests are flexible and give to much to support you when standing.

5. Helpful Accessories

Some accessories may seem frivolous but, upon second glance, can be very helpful to seniors and the elderly. If they are able to keep their favorite drink, snack, and reading material close at hand, that means fewer times getting up and down. So drink holders, storage bags, and trays are all great accessories for the older beach goer.

6. Highly Breathable

The majority of beach chairs have a metal frame and a fabric seat. The breathability of the seat is something to think about before purchasing. To guarantee optimum airflow, some manufacturers utilize mesh inserts. However, these can make the chair rip easily.

7. A High-Quality Build

Aside from breathability, you should also consider the chair’s general quality. Beach chairs for the elderly must be both strong and lightweight to sustain prolonged use. The frame is one of the most critical items to inspect. It should be durable and, ideally, rust- and corrosion-resistant.

8. Lightweight and Highly Portable

A beach chair for the elderly should be easy to fold, light, and simple to transport. Many chairs include one or two shoulder straps and can be carried in a compact carry bag. These are possibly the greatest models because they are easy to transport.

Summary and Final Recommendations

Now that you know what the best beach chairs for older adults look like, you should have a better idea of your general needs. The right chair along with important beach gear for seniors will help you enjoy more quality time on the beach! Heck, maybe you should just move to the beach for good!

But, don’t forget to get up every now and then no matter how comfortable your new beach chair is! Enjoy one of the many beach games for seniors or take a stroll down the shore with the grandkids.

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