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The Best Food Of The Month Clubs and Subscription Services For Seniors

The Best Food Of The Month Clubs and Subscription Services For Seniors

Find out more about how to choose the best food of the month club for seniors & the elderly, as well as some of my suggestions of the best food subscription options to consider for older adults.
Best Food Of The Month Clubs And Subscription For Seniors
Best Food Of The Month Clubs And Subscription For Seniors
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Often referred to as the gift that keeps on giving, food of the month clubs are a great way to remind elderly loved ones that they are loved while also making them feel good.

Especially if you rarely see them or they live alone. Food subscription gifts are truly one of the best gifts for seniors – period!

Comparable to getting a present every month, or every other month, recipients normally get a package containing a variety of goodies delivered to their doorstep each month, with a food of the month club subscription.

In addition to specifying the regularity of deliveries, you also get to choose the contents of the packages, even though these keep changing from month to month to keep things interesting.

Best Food Clubs and Subscription Services For Seniors InfographicPin
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My Recommended Monthly Food Club Gift Boxes

12-Month GreatFoods® Gourmet Club (Begins in October)Pin

1. Harry & David GreatFoods® Gourmet Club


Many food clubs are just repeated variations on a theme. So, if you’d like true variety, look at the GreatFoods® Gourmet Club, which features a rotation of foods from Harry & David’s well-known food brands.

One month you’ll receive a nice basket of fruit, while the next will be a sweet treat in the form of peppermint bark. Other foods you’ll receive include cookies, chocolate pretzels, popcorn, relishes, berries, and more.

This food gift subscription comes in 3, 6, 9, or 12-month options. Plus, interest-free payment plans are available too.

Design Your Own ClubPin

2. Design Your Own Food Club


If you are looking to send your elderly loved one a food of the month gift but are struggling to decide on the best option from the many specialty offerings available, you can have it all with the Design Your Own Club subscription.

With this plan, you choose the items you want to include in your monthly box. For example, maybe you’d like to combine beer and cigars or maybe wine and chocolate. Even fresh-cut flowers and artisanal cheese are an option!

In addition to being highly customizable, this option also comes with personalized gift cards, free shipping, and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Sconie (Mini-Scone) SamplerPin

3. Gourmet Scone Subscription Boxes – Seven Sisters Scones


I love, love these scones, so I couldn’t make this list and NOT include them.

With these Gourmet scone subscription boxes, you can ensure that your elderly loved one has something nutritious and flavorful for breakfast or any other time of the day –whenever they feel like it.

Delivered within 24 hours of being baked at the Seven Sisters Bakery, these scones are guaranteed to be moist, sweet, savory, and delicious when delivered. Just pop them in the freezer, and they will last all month!

To ensure that you get a subscription that matches your budget and your loved one’s preferences, you can choose from a variety of Standard and Gluten-Free Large, Mini-scones, and Chef’s Choice subscriptions.

Decade Candy Gift BoxPin

4. Decade Candy Gift Box


Make your elderly loved one feel like a kid again with a gift box of their favorite candies from their childhood. Each gift box contains a huge assortment of candy from the specified decade and of the specified size.

The two-pound assortment contains 35 different types of candy, including 12 full-sized pieces, all packed in a beautiful box.

The actual candies included in each box are the ones that were popular when your loved one was a child. Your decade choices include the 1920s to the 1990s and all the decades in between!

indie states of americaPin

5. Indie State Of America Club - Mouth


With the Indie State of America Club subscription, you or your elderly loved one will receive monthly shipments of a variety of great-tasting and carefully selected goodies from different regions of the US.

This means that you may receive goodies from the southwest in one month and a package of goodies from, say, Vermont the following month.

When subscribing, you can choose from various options, including monthly, 3, 6, or 12 months plans.

pittman davis harvest clubPin

6. Harvest-a-Month Lite Fruit Club


What’s better than a health-boosting monthly gift delivered to your elderly loved one for an entire year? With the Harvest a Month lite club, you get to send your elderly loved one a monthly gift of in-season fresh fruit.

For a whole year, your loved one will get to receive a fresh delivery of all sorts of fruits, including mangos, pears, and citrus, among others. A different type of fruit is sent each month.

It is worth noting that the deliveries may be substituted for other fruits due to shipping restrictions to different states. For instance, you cannot ship mangos to Canada, California, or Arizona.

All MealsPin

9. Silver Cuisine – BistroMD


Healthy food is an essential part of living a long and happy life.

With that belief in mind, BistroMD aims to provide members with the tastiest and healthiest chef-prepared and doctor-designed meals.

Each meal is perfectly designed and prepared with seniors in mind. Their meals are separated into Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

To ensure that your loved one gets to enjoy the perfect meal regularly, just go to their website, select their favorite meals and your preferred delivery schedule, and you are good to go.

Cheese of the monthPin

10. Hand-Crafted Artisan Cheeses


If your loved one is an artisanal cheese enthusiast, this Hand-Crafted Artisan Cheeses Club will definitely blow their mind – with exotic tastes from all over the world.

Each month the club sends out three distinct farmhouse cheeses (freshly cut from a block or wheel before delivery), each one made from natural, high-quality ingredients.

Your loved one will discover selections that they would otherwise have missed – sourced from far corners of the world, including Leicester in England and the Île-de-France region in Paris, France.

Thanks to the level of dedication devoted to the process of producing each cheese, your loved one is bound to be impressed with each delivery!

beer of the monthPin

11. Award Winning Craft Beers


With this awesome beer of the month club subscription, you or your beer-loving senior loved one can enjoy a selection of top-quality craft beers from around the world.

Subscribers get the opportunity to choose from 5 unique beer clubs – each one made up of carefully selected options by a panel of seasoned brewmasters.

In addition to getting a personalized gift message, each delivery comes with hard-to-find beers and accompanying detailed tasting notes and brewery profiles.

Thanks to the provider’s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and their dedication to building new and lasting relationships, you can be sure of receiving the best customer service and top-quality products each time.

pizza of the monthPin

12. Pizza of the Month Club


For all you pizza-loving seniors out there, the Pizza of the Month Club gives you access to a regular supply of the best-tasting Chicago deep-dish pizza made using the freshest of ingredients.

Each package, which is delivered straight to your door, contains three 9inch deep dish pizzas made in Chicago. Each package also contains a Pizza Expeditions newsletter, personalized gift letters, and a happiness guarantee.

Depending on your subscription (two, three, four, six, and twelve-month options), you will get a package of three handmade 9-inch pies made in a family-owned Chicago pizzeria that has been open since 1947, delivered as per your request.

And, thanks to the club’s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, you can be sure of receiving great-tasting pizza each time.

pickle of the monthPin

13. Pickle of The Month Club


For seniors who enjoy pickled delights, the Pickle of the month club has exactly what you need to keep their taste buds wanting more every month!

With this subscription, your loved one will receive a premium selection of small-batch pickles sourced from the country’s top producers. Each batch, which seasoned tasting experts carefully select, contains top-quality pickles made using the best and freshest ingredients.

You can choose a two, three, six, or twelve-month subscription to ensure your loved one receives the pickles at the best time. In addition to the “They’ll Love It” Guarantee, you also get free shipping, Pickle Lovers Newsletter, and Personalized Gift Announcement.

dessert clubPin

14. Dessert of The Month Club - Harry & David


Each month a group of taste-testing experts will sit down and carefully handpick the best pastries, desserts, cheesecake, cookies, and pies from a wide selection of options to be shipped to subscribers.

If your elderly loved one has a sweet tooth, they will definitely enjoy these freshly baked, mouthwatering desserts shipped from some of the country’s top bakeries.

One of the best things about this food of the month club is that you have the option to choose a subscription and delivery schedule that is in line with your preferences and budget.

You can opt for the three, six, or twelve-month subscription to be delivered monthly or every other month.

Tokyo TreatPin

15. TokyoTreat Snack Box Subscription


You don’t have to travel all the way to Japan to enjoy some of the best treats and snacks this awesome country offers.

Just subscribe to the Tokyo Treat Snack box, and your elderly loved one will receive a monthly package containing a variety of drinks, snacks, and treats from Japan, each one handpicked by seasoned experts.

You can even get a glimpse of some of the contents of their past snack boxes, by checking out their website. When subscribing, you can choose a monthly, 3, 6 or 12 month plan.

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Tips For Finding A Food Of The Month Club Subscription Your Senior Will Love

Here is how to find the best food club for you or an older adult you love:

Note Any Dietary Restrictions

If your senior loved one has any dietary restrictions, it is important to consider this when choosing the best food of the month club subscription.

Otherwise, you might send them something they simply can’t eat for health reasons.

Check the ingredients and nutritional value of the foods/treats/drinks contained in each subscription to ensure that they are safe and healthy for your loved one.

Consider Personal Tastes and Preferences

Before choosing a subscription, take the time to find out what your elderly loved one actually enjoys.

This way, you can focus on finding something that aligns with their tastes and preferences, whether they are foodies, wine or beer connoisseurs, etc.

Look at Any Prep Work That Might be Needed

Memory loss, balance, and mobility issues can affect an elderly person’s ability to prepare their own meals.

Before choosing a subscription, find out whether the recipient is better suited to foods that require minimal preparation before consumption or they can actually handle drawn-out food preparation processes.

Variety IS the Spice of Life

Choose a subscription that contains a wide selection of goodies to keep things interesting and ensure that your loved one is always looking forward to the next delivery.

Look for a Delivery Schedule that Meets The Need

Be sure to find a subscription with a delivery schedule that matches your elderly loved one’s schedule; otherwise, the food may be delivered at inopportune times.

Factor in the Living Situation

For seniors living alone, choosing a subscription containing only what they can handle is important.

If the package contains too much food, they may end up overeating or keeping it for longer than necessary – exposing them to the risk of eating spoiled food.


After going through the above information you should have an easier time choosing the best food of the month clubs for your elderly loved one; and with it, ensure that they can enjoy tasty, healthy, and exciting foods and treats from all over the world, right from the comfort of their home.

Is there a food of the month club or subscription food gift you recommend for older adults? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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