Best Boots For The Elderly: Safer Walking in Snow and Ice

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

The best boots for the elderly are wide fitting boots with shock-absorbing soles. and little to no heel. They should also be easy to take on and off and adjust for swelling and pain.

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Cold winter weather brings all sorts of problems for elderly people. Slippery driveways, decreased immune systems, and just generally staying warm become much bigger burdens as we age and our bodies become more fragile.

However, you can avoid most of these issues with a good pair of winter boots for the elderly. Many on the market are suitable to accommodate the needs of elderly people. A high-quality pair of boots can prevent dangerous slips and falls, contribute to better balance, improve overall foot health, and keep you nice and warm.

Seniors often avoid boots because they worry about their feet swelling which makes them feel restricted, uncomfortable, and unstable. This is why velcro boots for the elderly are so important. But, if you shop smart and consider all the factors that go into a quality pair of winter boots for seniors, you’ll be much better off during snowy winter months.

Reviews of Boots for Senior Men

Orthofeet Glacier Gorge Boots for Men


The Orthofeet Glacier Gorge men’s diabetic boot is biomechanically engineered with advance therapeutic qualities which provides comfort and protection for diabetic and arthritic feet. It comes with unique features to offer a great walking experience to seniors and other diabetic patients. 

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If you are looking for unsurpassed comfort in footwear and at the same time want to protect your feet, there isn’t a better choice than the Orthofeet Glacier Gorge diabetic boots. This article provides a comprehensive review of the Orthofeet Glacier Gorge Depth men’s diabetic boots.

This product is ideal for seniors and other patients who are suffering from a variety of foot conditions including diabetic feet, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, ankle pain, Morton’s neuroma, corns, bunions, flat feet, hammer toes, and back pain. The boots are lightweight and provide a host of other features to guarantee the optimal comfort and safety of your feet at all times. Here are some of the salient features and the pros of the product.

The Pros

  • The extra-depth design with the soft and non-binding leather upper eases the pressure on your foot. It provides an ideal fit with the freedom for toe movement. You can easily take the shoe on and off.
  • The lightweight cushioning sole with proprietary Ergonomic-Stride design softens your step and helps to propel the foot forward with ease.
  • The seam-free and soft lining with extra foam padding provide great support and comfort to the foot. It safeguards the foot at all times.
  • The Ortho-Cushion System helps enhance your stability and ease pressure on the joints. It absorbs shock and protects your feet at all times.

The Cons

  • A few customers have complained the tongue does not fit properly.
  • Sometimes, the metal ring holding the Velcro strap doesn’t handle the load well when tightening the shoe.

The Orthofeet Glacier Gorge men’s boots are ideal for seniors who are suffering from foot conditions and want to protect their feet.

Propet Men's Cliff Walker Waterproof Strap Boots

The Cliffwalker is a stylish walking shoe with a leather upper and a nylon mesh lining. It uses an antimicrobial removable footbed that is completely waterproof. The EVA midsole, high-density foam insole, and nylon mesh provide the shoe with comfort and breathability without sacrificing support.

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There’s a common misconception that seniors need to stay indoors where it’s safe and the TV is always on. But what if you’re an older man who likes to stay active and enjoys his time outdoors? Then you’re going to need high-quality walking shoes for the job. That’s exactly what the Propet Cliffwalker walking shoe is.

Despite the previously mentioned misconception, physical activity actually becomes even more important as you age. You have to fight to stay healthy, strong, and flexible. That often means walking, jogging, or hiking for seniors. The Propet men’s Cliffwalker will help keep you comfortable and dry while you’re active.

It is part of the Propet Outdoor Collection of footwear. This means they place stability and durability at the top of the priority list. Propet makes these with the same high-quality materials and attention to detail that they use with the hiking boots in their Outdoor Collection.

The Cliffwalker is a stylish walking shoe with a leather upper and a nylon mesh lining. It uses an antimicrobial removable footbed that is completely waterproof. The EVA midsole, high-density foam insole, and nylon mesh provide the shoe with comfort and breathability without sacrificing support.

If you’re a diabetic, then physical activity is more important for you than the average senior. Your doctor has probably encouraged you to walk or hike on many occasions. This shoe is designed with you in mind. For example, the strap system helps keep the shoe firmly in place without placing excessive pressure on the foot or ankle. Replacing laces with straps also makes the shoe much easier to slip on and off. The Cliffwalker is actually a Medicare-approved A5500 diabetic shoe.

Whether you’re a diabetic or a senior who just loves the outdoors, this walking shoe is a smart investment. It’s something you can wear around the house all day or just slip on before you head outdoors.

YIRUIYA Mens Insulated Snow Winter Cold Weather Boots

This winter boot for elderly men was made with warmth and security in mind. With a soft warm liner that is breathable and lightweight, waterproof fabric, and rubber sole that grips the surface.

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This winter boot for elderly men was made with warmth and security in mind.

The inside is coated with a soft wool liner for extra warmth during cold winter walks. But, it is also breathable to keep the foot from getting too warm and sweating. While we are talking about the inside, the insole is detachable too for cleaning or for inserting your own orthotic insoles if you use those.

The outside features mean this boot is going to perform well for senior men also. First, it is lightweight so it will be easier to walk in for elderly men with weak leg muscles or slight mobility challenges. It is also waterproof to protect the feet from cold and moisture.

The sole is made of an EVA and rubber combination that is tough and absorbs the shocks of walking. The rubber helps grip the surface making them less likely to slip due to the increased traction.

There are several color and style options to choose from as well. Note that several reviewers mentioned that these tended to run small – probably due to the thickness of the wool liner.

Totes Men's Glacier Winter Boots

This winter boot for senior men has a rubber bi-lateral sole that reduces the chance of slipping on snow and ice. Plus, it's quite thick and cushions any shock that might occur when stepping off of a curb. The 6 inch tall ankle boot provides great ankle stability when walking too.

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As a person grows older, getting dressed is more difficult. This is especially true during the winter months. As old bones start to creak and lose their flexibility, an elderly person needs to carefully consider what type of winter boots to purchase. The right winter boots are important because, after all, what older person wants to slip and fall on icy or snow covered walkways, driveways, or parking lots.

Another major consideration that the elderly have when purchasing a nice pair of winter boots is the price. Most older people do not have a lot of money to spend on designer winter boots. The good news, fortunately, is there is a dual closure ankle boot made by ‘totes’ for men with all of the bases covered. These affordable winter boots come with a variety of excellent features designed especially for seniors.

The Totes winter boot has a rubber bi-lateral sole that prevents slipping on snow and ice. This makes these boots safer for a morning walk during winter conditions. The sole of the boot is also quite thick so as to cushion any shock that might occur when stepping into a pothole or off of a hidden curb. The 6 inch tall ankle boot is well made and provides extra stability when walking.

One of the most difficult things to do as you grow old is to put on and take off a pair of winter boots. Winter boots with laces are very difficult for seniors to wear because, at times, it is almost impossible to bend over and tie the laces. Totes men’s ankle boots incorporate an easy to use dual hook & loop fastener and closure strap.

The inside of the boot has a soft, fuzzy fleece pile lining that features thermolite and a comfortable foot-bed. The boots are coated with polyurethane. They are 100% waterproof. These are excellent winter ankle boots for older men. The only thing to consider before purchasing a pair is that they are a casual winter boot and not designed for a long trek through heavy snow.

Reviews of Boots for Senior Women

gracosy Women's Winter Ankle Snow Boots

These snow boots for senior women provide great traction and improved grip with an anti-slip sole. The outside is waterproof to keep you feet warm. The zippered slip-on design is easy for women with swollen feet too.

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The Gracosy Snow Boot is a high-quality ankle boot for both men and women for the winter season. It’s ideal for seniors for outdoor casual walking during the winter months.

These snow boots provide great traction and grip when walking on snow. Your safety is always in the forefront because of the anti-slip feature.

These waterproofed boots have a smooth fabric upper and rubber sole. This prevents snow water from getting into the shoe. You can perform most any kind of snow activity outdoors with these boots because of this.

The slip-on design lets you easily put on and take off the boots. The product is stylish and convenient with a chic design, quilted patterning, and embroidered lettering. It will match many types of outfits. The shoe upper has a high-quality waterproof material to keep your feet comfortable and dry at all times.

It has a warm fur lining design to warm your feet so that you can wear it in the cold winter season. The durable and soft rubber sole lets your feet feel the comfort even after 12 hours of continuous wear.

The stylish appearance of the product makes it suitable for most occasions including indoor and outdoor activities in cold winter, partying, and daily walking.

The product is an ideal gift for seniors in your family during festive seasons such as Christmas and birthdays. It will improve their safety when walking on snow during the cold winter months.

Many customers have said the boots are comfortable, warm, and provide a perfect fit. The majority of customers are happy with this quality product. It is affordable too.

But there are some customers who have complained that the product isn’t waterproof and smells terrible when taken out of the box.

All in all, the Gracosy snow boot is a quality product for seniors at an affordable price.

Columbia Women's Minx Shorty Snow Boot

If you're looking for a great pair of snow boots, then look no further than the Columbia Women's Minx Shorty Omni Boots. These winter boots are extremely comfortable, will keep your feet warm and protect your feet from the snow and other elements. Best of all, they are not very comfortable, but they also look great!

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If you’re looking for a great pair of snow boots, then look no further than the Columbia Women’s Minx Shorty Omni Boots. These winter boots are extremely comfortable, will keep your feet warm and protect your feet from the snow and other elements. Best of all, they not only provide a high degree of comfort and safety, but they also look great!

These boots are 100% leather/textile, with a synthetic sole, removable insole. The fit that can be quickly and easily adjusted. This ensures not only your comfort but your safety too. The proper fit provides a high degree of stability and shock absorption while reducing the chance of a slip or fall. I know the last thing you want to do is risk a slip and fall as these injuries can be quite difficult to recover from.

However, these Columbia Minx Omni boots will do well since the outsole is an Omni Grip non marking traction rubber. The platform of the boot is about 0.5 inches and the shaft is 6.25 inches from the arch support which improves stability.

One great feature of these boots is that they are extremely easy to don and remove. You can just slip them on or off your feet without having to tie/untie any laces.

The only issue with these boots is the sizing and many customers have indicated that you should buy either half a size or a size up from your original size. For example, if you’re a size 8, then you should get these boots in 8.5 or a size 9 if you intend on using very thick socks. Also, if you have wide feet, then you should get 1 size up instead of half a size up for maximum comfort and the best fit.

These boots are a great option if you’re looking for safe, comfortable and stylish boots. Once you put them on, your feet will be warm and cozy. No matter how cold it may be outside!

The North Face Women's Shellista III Shorty Boot

The North Face is a a brand well-known for quality-made outdoor and cold weather gear. The Shellista boot continues this reputation. Super warm wit faux fur lining, great traction, and roomy comfort are a few reasons why I chose this one.

See Price at Zappos See Price at ShoeMall

The North Face has become a popular brand and has a large fan-base, especially in colder climates. It is a brand that has been proven to work when the weather turns cold. With that said, The North Face has released its Shellista II, which I’ll will discuss in greater detail below.

The Pros

  1. Traction. The boots are not only well-insulated, but their traction is amazing. They work very well on ice too. You will not feel off-balance while wearing them.
  2. Good For Cold Weather. In many areas of the world, you need to have a pair of high quality boots that will retain heat. If you want your feet to remain warm, then you’ll want faux-fur. Faux-fur does an excellent job at retaining heat.
  3. Comfortable. Do you want a pair of boots that are comfortable to wear because if you do, then look no further than the Shellista II. Their insole will not put your arches under pressure. Your feet will also have plenty of room to move around. The bottom line is they are comfy to wear.

The Cons

  • The Laces. There is one con that we want to mention and that is the laces are a bit difficult to tighten up. This is because of the way they are positioned. However, you shouldn’t struggle too much tightening the laces, but you will find it a bit of a challenge at first.

These boots have laces that could be better. However, the Shellista II is still a good buy. Also, they are not that expensive and sold at a great price. Go ahead and purchase yourself a pair today to find out what makes them one of the best on the market today.

DADAWEN Women's Waterproof Frosty Snow Boot

These boots are a great choice for seniors who need calk and ankle support. It has two wide velcro strips that wrap around the calf so that you can get as tight of a fit as you want. This makes them easy to slip on and off too!

See Price at Amazon

First, they are fur lined on the inside and waterproof on the outside for warm dry feet all winter long. No worries about feet getting cold causing arthritis to ache or cold muscles to cause a trip or fall.

They also have a flexible but sturdy outsole with great traction to reduce the chance of slipping or falling. They are lightweight too making them easy to wear.

Finally, they have a velcro closure so you can custom adjust the fit. This is important for elderly ladies with swollen feet or arthritis in the feet.

Traction Cleats: An Alternative to Buying New Boots

YakTrax 8611 Pro Traction Cleats


YakTrax are nifty little gadgets that slip over your existing boots and shoes to improve traction on snow and ice or when hiking on rougher surfaces.

Learn More
10/24/2021 04:51 pm GMT

Got a pair of shoes or boots that you already like? But you wish they had better traction for the winter months? You might want to give YakTraxs a try. These clever little gizmos fit over the soles of your existing boots or shoes and use metal spikes and coils to increase your traction on snow and ice.

Why Boots Are Worth the Investment

Sometimes, well-made boots for seniors can be on the pricey side. This may lead you to ask, “Why should I pay so much for these? What makes these so much better than any other boots?” But if you think about the value that a great set of boots can add to a senior’s lifestyle, it becomes clear that they’re worth the investment.

The first reason boots are worth the money is their lining. In order to protect feet and ankles from frigid temperatures, manufacturers have to use high-quality materials like faux fur, omni-heat metallic material, or quilted lining. All of these materials contribute to high-level heat retention, keeping your toes warm and dry throughout the winter season, and for years to come.

Another element of this investment is the way that winter boots can increase your balance and improve your stability. Boots with great grip and a sturdy build help seniors stay on their feet as they walk in slippery snowy or icy conditions. This can prevent many damaging injuries, or worse.

Bottom line, you’ll want to invest in a pair of winter boots made with the elderly in mind. They’re worth the price because they’ll keep seniors warm, safe, and steady during winter months.

Buyer’s Guide: Boots for the Elderly

pair of snow boots on a white background
Choosing the right pair of boots for elderly people can help reduce the chance of falls and injuries.

But how do you know what to look for in boots? Here’s an easy to follow guide. Before buying a pair of boots for seniors, make sure to check off all these points. Here is what to look for:

Wide Fitting

This is perhaps the most important element to consider when buying your boots. Make sure to look at the sizing charts for each individual company to see what would work for you, and even then you might want to go up a full or half size. Seniors’ feet tend to swell, especially if they have certain medical conditions, so going bigger is usually safer. This allows space for nice big cozy winter socks, too!

Easy On and Off

Obviously, many elderly people can’t bend over to tie up shoelaces. This means you’ll want to look for easy on boots for the elderly person in your life. Also, make sure your boot has a wide opening at the mouth of the shoe. This makes them easier to put on but also accounts for potential ankle swelling.

Non-Slip Boots for Good Traction

In terms of keeping seniors safe in winter months, a non-slip, secure grip bottom is a must when it comes to winter boots. To avoid those dangerous falls and slips on icy pavement, look for rubber soles with patterned designs. These keep seniors balanced and secure just like their walking shoes.

Shock-Absorbing Soles

Along those lines, if you can find a sole that also has a low shock level, that’s even better! This means that the sole absorbs most of the impact of walking, and reduces the amount of pain that can come with the impact, keeping seniors comfortable and confident in their stride.

Breathable But Warm Lining Materials

As mentioned above, look for quality linings like quilt, faux fur, or omni heat metal mesh lining to keep your feet dry and toasty, but also comfortable, in the cold. The right pair of boots should be as cozy as your favorite pair of slippers.

Boots with Little to No Heel

Heeled shoes can cause a lot of pain in older feet and ankles by putting unnecessary pressure on the ball of the foot and the ankle. So when you’re looking for boots, try to find ones with no heel at all, or at least less than an inch.

Boots that are Easy to Care For

Keep the boots as low maintenance as possible when it comes to cleaning. They should be waterproof and stain resistant, and any salt or slush should wipe right off of them so that they’re ready for their next use with little to no cleaning involved.

Summary and Final Recommendations

As always, if you have specialized foot issues that need to be accommodated with your new boots, consult your podiatrist for recommendations. But, if you’re just looking for some casual, quality boots for a senior, keep the criteria mentioned above in mind, and check out my recommended picks.

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Like a good pair of shoes inside their home, the right ones can reduce the chance of falls and injuries. Enjoy the snowy season!

Do you have any recommendations for winter boots for seniors? Tell me about your experiences shopping for boots and what ones you decided on. Also, if you found this guide helpful, please share on your favorite social media!

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