27+ Elderly Gag Gifts Even YOUR Grandma Will Find Funny

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

Never forget: the senior in your life was once younger too. You may not have ever seen their off color side. But elderly gag gifts like these might just bring it out!

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Laughter is the best medicine and there is nothing quite like a gag gift to make an elderly loved one smile.

However, not every senior is going to appreciate the joke as much others. Some of the older generation have learned to see the fun side of aging and are able to poke fun at themselves. But, there are some senior citizens that have chosen to take a more serious approach to aging.

So it is advisable to determine which type of gag is ideal to get a giggle without causing any offense.

Great Gag Gifts For the Elderly

General Gag Gift Advice for Seniors and the Elderly

Below is a list of gag ideas that might just make the ideal gift:

1. Senior Moments

There are a number of different gifts that poke fun at the forgetfulness that often comes with old age. Senior Moments mints are extra strength and professes to improve memory. The joke is in the fact that the mints don’t actually do anything but burn the mouth. However, if you can get your elderly loved one to believe they do work, the funnier the joke will be.

There is also a board game called Senior Moments that is directly aimed at the elderly. However, anyone can play along and enjoy their own senior moment no matter their age. This is great fun for the family to enjoy with their loved one.

2. The Old And The Hairy

It is a common fact that as you age you lose hair where you want it (on your head) and sprout it from less desirable places (like the nose and ears). Taking the mickey out of your loved one by buying a ear and nose hair trimmer is not only a good way to poke fun at the hairy challenges they face but also provides them with a gift they can actually use.

A wig for the ladies or toupee for men is also a great gag to poke a little fun at their thinning hair and balding scalp. A colorful, sparkly wig will add to the fun especially if you can get your loved one to wear it. Remember to have your camera ready to take lots of memorable pics.

3. A Drinking Problem

There are a few ways that you can use beverages as vehicles for your gags. False teeth ice cubes in a cold drink is sure to get a laugh especially if you have an elderly loved one who misplaces their own teeth on a regular basis. Ink in your drink will leave their lips and tongue blue after sipping but will wash off easily with a little soap and water.

The Prescription Shot Glass is a great gift for the senior who enjoys a drink or two now and again. The prescription bottle comes with some hilarious dosage and other instructions for use of the shot glass. The glass itself is inscribed with a variety of funny sayings. Don’t forget to get them a bottle of their favorite drink to go with the glass.

4. Sights And Sounds

Most seniors are going to start struggling with their vision and hearing as they mature and these can both be good areas to create a gag around. If a senior is always misplacing their glasses, buy a dozen cheap pairs at your local pharmacy and leave them lying around. You can also help out by getting them a magnifying glass to read that really small print. Traditional goggle eyeglasses or fake glasses are old school gags that should be available from any novelty store.

A fake hearing aid or horn is another great gag. Let your senior think that it is going to improve their hearing while it is actually making it worse!

5. The Technologically Challenged

The elderly did not grow up using the multitude of electronic devices that are available to us today and are often extremely tech challenged. Apart from changing the channel on TV, they struggle with how to use even the most user-friendly devices. Buy them a book from the “… For Dummies” collection that is directly aimed at seniors.

Alternatively, if you really want to amp up the joke factor, buy a manual that gives fake instructions or is so technical that even you can’t understand it.

6. Grumpy Old Men (And Women)

For the grumpier seniors, T-shirts, warning signs, not-so-welcome mats and other paraphernalia that makes fun of their grumpiness in their old age is ideal. You may be surprised at how well your elderly takes these gag gifts and although you are probably not going to get the guffaw you were looking for, even the smallest smile at their own grumpiness is a win.

A couple of firm favorites include a sign that you can hang on the gate stating “Never mind the dog, beware of the grumpy old man.” and a welcome mat that says “Go Away!”.

Do you know of an elderly gag gift that didn’t make my list? Please tell me in the comments below. Also, please share this post on social media if you found it helpful!

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