Best Sandals for the Elderly that are Supportive, Comfortable, and Safe!

The goal for most seniors is to find a comfortable, good looking sandal that is also safe and supportive. Often, the best ones have adjustable velcro straps, soles with good traction, stabilizing mid-soles and heel cups, protect the toes, and are easy to put on. Wearing the right shoes is an important part of an overall foot health plan.

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Product recommendations are based on my personal experience working with seniors. I may earn a commission on items purchased from affiliate links in this guide. 

Everyone wants a nice, cool pair of sandals in the warm summer months, right? Don’t let orthotic insoles or worries about balance keep you from getting a nice pair of stylish shoes this summer.

Seniors tend to stay away from open-toed shoes like sandals for many reasons:

  • Generally, they’re more dangerous than regular shoes because exposed toes and feet could lead to injury.
  • They also tend to have less support than sneakers or boots, which can make it more difficult to walk or keep your balance.
  • Sandals also just generally expose more of the foot, and that can lead to some aesthetic concerns for elderly people who may be a bit embarrassed about how their feet look.

Finding the perfect pair of velcro sandals elderly people will wear and love may seem difficult, but I’m here to help. As long as you shop smart and know what to look for, you can easily find a safe, versatile, comfortable pair of sandals for aging feet.

Reviews – Sandals for Elderly Ladies

Women’s Easy Closure Open Toed Sandals

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The Silvert’s Indoor/Outdoor Sandals is a great choice for seniors looking for a great all around sandal. It works well in all conditions and looks great too.

Everytime you wear them, you will instantly notice the these shoes stabilize your foot, offer great support and are comfortable too.

A few things I really like:

Easy to Take On & Off. The straps are easy to use and quickly adjust. Within a few minutes, your feet will be secured and ready to go.

Breathable Fabric. The polyester fabric was a good choice by SIlvert’s – and one that Silvert’s made on purpose. The shoe has a seamless fit and your feet will breathe easy in these sandals.

Comfortable. This shoe offers a near perfect blend of stability, comfort, and support for elderly feet. It’s has a history of being reliable and will work well indoors and out.

Potential Negatives:

May Run a Bit Large. You should plan on buying the next size down with this shoe. It is important that senior’s shoes fit very well and aren’t too big.

Propet Pedic Walker Women’s Tan Sandal

Propet Pedic Walker Women’s Tan Sandal
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Propet’s Pedic Walker Sandal for Women is a well built shoe made with care. You will notice this in the finer details of the inside lining or the design of the adjustable straps. It has been around for a while and is highly regarded in the footwear industry. The sandals are easy to wear, comfortable and offer great protection for the feet. It’s features all work together to make this a great sandal for elderly women.

What you are going to like:

Ideal for Diabetics. This sandal is a certified diabetic-friendly shoe and holds the Medicare diabetic shoe code.

Complete Shock Absorption. When constantly pounding your feet against pavement, gravel and other hard surfaces, shock absorption becomes very important. Propet uses a proprietary mix of materials for the insole so that the entire foot is secured and cushioned at the same time.

Fully Supportive. The foot is held in place as soon as you tighten the strap. Propet has really studied how the foot lays in a sandal and designed a sandal to support the foot regardless of the shape or pressure points.

A con you should know:

Straps are Too Short. Several users noted that the straps are too short in the extra wide sizes. This could affect the security of the foot in the show. Straps like these are really important if swelling is a concern.

Clark’s Saylie Spin Sandal

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Clark’s Saylie Spin Sandal is an extremely well thought out design for seniors who value traction, support and want a bit of style.

This is a sandal that looks great, feels great to wear and meets the needs of the elderly at the same time.

Here’s the good stuff:

Stable. Let’s begin with the overall stability of walking in these sandals and being able to get from point A to point B. If that is your primary requirement, this has been designed with stability in mind. It’s incredibly secure and isn’t going to have the foot weaving left and right as soon as you start walking.

Comprehensive Shock Absorption. Walking long distances means shock absorption is essential. With the padded bottom and Clarks patented cushioning, the brand has certainly paid attention to protecting the foot. It does well whether you’re walking, jogging, or even running.

Easy to Wear. This is among the easiest sandals to wear because of the adjustable straps. You can play around with them without breaking a sweat. Plus, the sandals look beautiful and feel great as soon as they are put on for the first time. The easiness of putting them on is a real plus point.

Make sure you know that:

Can Get Warm in the Heat. Sweating is a concern due to the textile material. While this isn’t going to be a deal breaker, it’s a point to keep in mind while investing in a new pair of sandals.

Gold Pigeon Shoes GP Signature SNAP Lock Sandals

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The Gold Pigeon Shoes Signature Sandal is a unique sandal that works well in most any situation. It is a well-rounded options for many elderly people. They are easy to slide on and easy to wear all day long!

Here are some pros:

Impressive Cushioning. The cushioning lets the foot feel like it isn’t feeling any pressure at all. This helps pad and protect feet, ankles, and hips. They also have an ergonomic sole to properly support the foot.

Waterproof. Wet feet are an uncomfortable experience so the material is waterproof. The sole is also slip-resistant which makes it safer.

Tremendous Traction. Traction is the big plus of this product because of the well-built rubber sole. It withstands lots of use for those looking for a long time investment.

A Potential Con:

Tends to Run a Bit Wide. Consider this when ordering so that you get the right fit. Like I’ve said several times now, the key to safety is having a shoe that fits properly.

Reviews – Sandals for Elderly Men

Rockport Darwyn Quarter Strap Sandal

Darwyn Quarter Strap Sandal
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As usual, Rockport has come up with another well-rounded, comfortable sandal that’s easy to take on and off and wear. You will enjoy its cushioning, style, and high quality build.

Here’s what I like.

Incredibly Stable. Ankle and foot stability are very important in sandals for seniors. With this model, the adjustable straps holds the ankle and heel in place to reduce the chance of rolling an anchor while walking.

High Quality Build. The build quality is second to none with both a rubber outsole and EVA midsole. Each layer has been designed and created to meet the wearer’s needs. Even the comfort level of the straps was intentionally designed.

Beautiful Leather Finish. The 100% full grain leather finish is elegant and looks great. The leather even works well with a range of outfits and social events. They fit right in at the mall or the park.


Noisy. Users complain that they squeak on hard floor surfaces at first. It does seem to go away after the break in period though.

Nunn Bush Rio Grande Fisherman Sandal

nunn bush rio grande sandal in brown
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Nunn Bush is another industry leading shoe company and these sandals are among the best. They are comfortable, provide lots of stability to the foot and are easy to wear all day long.


Comfortable. These sandals are easy on the feet with lots of padded cushioning from the memory foam lining and a rubber outsole that meets the curve of your foot.

Stable in All Situations. The adjustable velcro straps improve stability by allowing for a custom fit. The rubber outsole helps to because it meets the curve of your foot and supports it.

Easy to Put On. They slide on and off quickly too because of the straps too. Plus, you can adjust the fit throughout the day too!


Straps are Shorter Than Desired. Users complain that the velcro straps are too short for extra wide sizes or extremely swollen feet.

Propet Kona (Brown) Men’s Sandals

propet kona mens sandal in brown
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By design, a fisherman style sandal is made to be comfortable and supportive. Because it has a thick sole, the fisherman sandal keeps your feet comfortable for hours on end. The open design lets air flow to keep your feet cool without sacrificing support.

Here’s the good stuff:

Comfortable Footbed. The specially padded footbed and lace system allows you to wear this sandal all day long in complete comfort. Even if you stand on your feet all day long.

Cool and Ventilated. The microfiber sock and neoprene lining keep the foot cool and breezy all day. Propet uses a particularly high quality lining that is durable and will last a long time.

Tough and Durable. The design elements of this sandal like the rubber outsole and 100% leather finish blend together for a top quality sandal.

Potential problem:

Sizing. Several users complained that these sandals are too narrow. You might want to go up a width size when ordering.

Finding the right sandal is challenging when you get older. Many look great but don’t offer the support a senior needs.

But, the Kona is a complete package.

It’s very comfortable to wear, and offers full support and stability. It breaks away from my normal recommendation by including adjustable bungee laces. But, they also allow for the best fit and maximum support since they are elastic.

It’s a great sandal for seniors who spend a lot of time on their feet and want to stay comfortable.

Dr. Scholl’s Hayden Men’s Sandal

Dr scholls hayden sandal in brown
Where to Buy:

The Hayden Fisherman Sandal is feel good as soon as you put them on. Dr. Scholl’s are known for producing high quality products and this sandal is no exception.


Gentle on the Feet. Soft and comfortable microsuede lining under your feet, with neoprene lining along the sides, makes this sandal extremely comfotable to wear.

Stable Around the Ankles. The velcro straps keep the ankle securely in place and the foot stable while walking. This makes walking easier even on rougher surfaces.

Easy on the Eyes. The leather finish is noticeable and visually pleasing. They are an exceptionally sophisticated pair of sandals that works equally well with about any outfit a person can think up.


Could Offer Better Traction. The traction with this product could be better. It won’t track well outdoors or on wet surfaces. Be careful in those areas.

Buying Guide

Like everyone else, seniors want sandals that are comfortable, cool, and stylish. But, safety and reducing the chance of a fall are important too.

In order for sandals to be safe for elderly people, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind.

Here is what my research suggests you look for in a safe sandal for seniors. If you have serious foot problems or diabetes, consult with your doctor or podiatrist about your shoe options.

Easy to Put On

It is important that the sandal has easy on features like velcro, zippers, elastic ties or slip on to ease the burden of putting on the shoe. With these styles of fasteners, you can easily stretch open the shoe mouth. This gives you plenty of room to put your foot in the shoe without forcing it.

However, stay away from slide-on sandals like flip flops or open heel sandals that don’t have any backing or ankle support. These could be dangerous and lead to falls because they slip off the foot easier than the recommended styles.

You might want to check out these easy on belts for seniors also!

Stability and Support

Also, think about how the sandal supports the foot. To reduce the chance of a fall, it is important that the foot is stabilized within the shoe with very little movement.

You want secure support all around, with at least 2 to 3 straps around the toe area, top of the foot, and back of the foot. This helps stabilize the foot and keeps it from sliding or rolling around.

These straps serve a few purposes. First, you can pull them tight to get a nice secure fit. Also, you can custom adjust the fit of the sandal if you are having swelling or foot pain.

Look at the heel cup too. You want a heel cup that wraps around bottom of the heel and supports it. Your heel should sink down into it slightly. Avoid flat heel areas that allow the heel to move freely.

Good Traction with Anti-Slip Soles

Choose anti-slip soles with good traction on the bottom of the shoe to prevent falls and slips. Look at the tread on the bottom of the shoes.

Deep treads are better for sandals that are used outdoors, on trails, or in the park. Be careful with treads that are too deep though. Small pebbles might stick in them and cause you to lose your balance or slide.

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Conversely, shallow treads are better for indoor use. Choose a rubber tread that will not slide on tile or hardwood floors.

Think about wet surfaces too. You may not think about slippery conditions in the warm summer months, but if you’re near a pool, or walking on freshly watered grass, or any other number of scenarios, you’ll want that extra traction.

Adjustable Velcro Straps for a Custom Fit

Hook and loop straps are the best closure option for older folks. As I said above, straps like these allow you to customize the fit of the sandal. You can adjust for extra wide feet or even swelling. If your feet swell later in the day, you can adjust on the fly for comfort and pain relief.

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Ideally, there should be three straps: one across the heel, another across the ankle, and the last across the top of the foot. These locations are important to improving the stability of the foot in the shoe to keep the heel in its place and to prevent the foot from moving in the shoe.

Be Careful With the Toes!

Be careful with open toed sandals especially if you are diabetic. Avoid open-toes sandals to reduce the chance of an injury to your foot. This is very important for seniors with diabetes where simple sores can quickly become big problems.

There also shouldn’t be any extra bar or material in between the toes like you see in most flip flops. That is a sensitive area of skin that could easily get rubbed and irritated.

Skip the Heel

FInally, avoid sandals with any heel whatsoever. Increased heel height can place harsh pressure on all parts of the foot, especially the heel and toes. This situation is very damaging for seniors particularly.

Heels also cause more pressure on the ankle because it is supporting the body. It is better that the senior’s foot remains flat for better support and control of their steps.

Summary and Final Recommendations

The goal for most seniors is to find a comfortable, good looking sandal that is also safe and supportive. Often, the best ones have adjustable velcro straps, soles with good traction, stabilizing mid-soles and heel cups, protect the toes, and are easy to put on. Wearing the right shoes is an important part of an overall foot health plan.

Think about what your individual needs are and then consider the sandal options I’ve given you above. Do you need ankle support? Is it more important to get your shoes on and off quickly? Do you have heel or arch pain that needs addressed?

If you are looking for more senior shoe advice, check out my guide to buying guide on shoes to prevent falls in this article.  I also have a separate guide for safe slippers that you can read by clicking here.

Don’t forget to consult a doctor or podiatrist before buying any shoe, especially sandals, if you have serious foot problems.

So, what advice do you have for buying sandals for the elderly? Do you know of any other models that work well? Please share your opinions in the comments below. Also, I’d appreciate a social share if you found this article helpful.

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