Shoes for Elderly With Swollen Feet (Hook and Loop Shoes That Fit!)

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

The best shoes for swollen feet have velcro straps or other devices that allow you to adjust the size and fit of the shoe. Shoes with wide mouths and soft, stretch fabrics help also.

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Swollen feet are a very common issue among elderly people. They can cause a lot of discomfort and difficulty when performing everyday tasks. Luckily, there are many shoe options for swollen feet out there. These specially made flexible hook and loop shoes for swollen feet allow you to adjust the fit and relieve some of the pain that comes with this condition.

Soft, stretchy shoes for swollen feet come in all kinds of styles, from sandals to boots to slippers. Read on to find out what features are important. Plus, I’ll show you my recommendations for the best shoes for swollen feet based on my buying guide.

Reviews of the Best Shoes for Swollen Feet

Looking for stretchy, comfortable shoes that can accommodate painful swelling? Here are the best!

Propet Cronus Comfort Sneaker (Men & Women)

The Propet Cronus Comfort Sneaker is a soft and gentle shoe with good arch support and a relatively flat heal. The shoe features a stretchy and breathable neoprene upper with hook and loop straps to ensure a comfortable fit. You can remove the insole. The outsole is a textured rubber and provides good cushioning and flexibility.

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This shoe is ideal for seniors who are suffering from swollen feet, but who want to maintain their mobility. It uses adjustable velcro and will fit most feet. You can even wear the shoe over lymphedema wraps or bandages if necessary. Those with very wide feet may find that the sizing doesn’t quite cover them. The upper material stretches and the fit is adjustable. But it is clear that the shoe fits people with medium or only slighter than average width feet best.

These shoes come in a range of sizes, including half sizes, with tan and black options to choose from. There are also men’s and women’s styles available. The look is quite simple and understated. At first glance, you might mistake them for a casual loafer, rather than an orthopedic shoe. This makes them ideal for older adults who are still in the workforce or who simply want to stay ‘fashionable’. But, these folks need a more comfortable shoe because of diabetes-related foot complications or other similar medical issues.

Buying online is always a challenge when it comes to sizing. These shoes run true to size in terms of length, but it can be hard to tell which width to buy. In general, if you are unsure or if your feet tend to swell a lot it may be worth purchasing the size half a size up from what you would normally wear. The hook and loop straps allow you to tighten the shoe if it is too big. But you cannot make them bigger easily if you buy a pair that are too small. The neoprene is soft and comfortable, and breathable too.

Silvert’s Extra Wide Comfort Step Shoes (Men & Women)


Comfort is the primary feature of these sandals. What might seem like an extra feature for some sandals is the sole focus of these indoor/outdoor sandals. The fabric of the sandal is very comfortable and breathable. The super soft cushioned insole will keep you comfortable while walking or relaxing.

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You may not have heard of Silvert’s but they are a terrific supplier of adapted clothing and footwear for the elderly and disabled for almost 90 years.

Silvert’s manufactures specialty clothing and footwear targeted at customers with disabilities as well as seniors. Their adaptive lines of clothing and footwear have become very popular in the past few years. They design their products with specific problems, conditions, and symptoms in mind. While other brands may have shoes that are good for seniors, Silvert’s are designed specifically for them and it really shows. They may sacrifice a bit of style along the way, but they replace it with comfort, stability, and medical design features.

This is a case where the name really says it all.

Silvert’s understands that seniors and people with disabilities can have a hard time finding a sandal that fits perfectly. For example, if the foot begins to swell, then a pair of shoes that fit yesterday may no longer fit. The adjustable easy touch straps and closure allow this sandal to adjust to various foot widths with ease. Standard sandals often have adjustable straps. The soft, cushion-like material of these straps prevents them from causing any pain.

At first glance, the sandal doesn’t look very durable. And in truth, it’s not designed for hiking through the woods. However, it’s great for taking a calm stroll indoors or outdoors. The lightweight design doesn’t add any extra stress while walking. The material is very breathable so your feet will stay cool while moving. And, of course, the comfortable insole prevents unnecessary pain.

Propet PedWalker 3 Strap Slip Ons (Men)

If you are looking for some comfortable but smart looking orthopedic shoes, these are a great choice. The PedWalker 3 is an diabetic shoe that features a comfortable, stretch upper with adjustable hook and loop fasteners, and a robust but flexible sole.

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These shoes are ideal for diabetics and for older people who suffer from issues with swollen feet. They look quite smart, and could be used as ‘everyday’ shoes for those who need the extra comfort but still like to keep up a stylish appearance. These shoes are available in men’s and women’s sizes, with a range of width options. The shoe tends to run true to size, and the hook and loop closure allows the wearer to adjust the tightness of the fit as required.

These shoes are quite wide fitting which allows you to add custom orthotics on top of the insole that comes with them. The soles are quite hard and have some grip on them, they will not give lots of traction. This means you will need to take care when walking on smoother surfaces, such as laminate flooring or vinyl. Propet markets these shoes as occasional walkers for those who have limited mobility, not as a shoe for someone who tends to enjoy going on long walks. There are other models of Propet shoe that would fill that role, such as the Cronus sneaker.

The top of the shoe is very soft and stretchy, and the hook and loop strap allows the wearer to adjust the shoe for comfort. This is important for diabetics who are concerned about a tighter-fitting shoe aggravating any circulation problems. The insoles are replaceable, and you should do so regularly to ensure maximum comfort. While they market these as diabetic shoe, they are also a good choice for people with arthritis. Anyone who simply struggles with more traditional fasteners and harder shoes will appreciate them too. They are a comfortable product that offers good support without being too tight.

Orthofeet Glacier Gorge Boots for Men


The Orthofeet Glacier Gorge men’s diabetic boot is biomechanically engineered with advance therapeutic qualities which provides comfort and protection for diabetic and arthritic feet. It comes with unique features to offer a great walking experience to seniors and other diabetic patients. 

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If you are looking for unsurpassed comfort in footwear and at the same time want to protect your feet, there isn’t a better choice than the Orthofeet Glacier Gorge diabetic boots. This article provides a comprehensive review of the Orthofeet Glacier Gorge Depth men’s diabetic boots.

This product is ideal for seniors and other patients who are suffering from a variety of foot conditions including diabetic feet, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, ankle pain, Morton’s neuroma, corns, bunions, flat feet, hammer toes, and back pain. The boots are lightweight and provide a host of other features to guarantee the optimal comfort and safety of your feet at all times. Here are some of the salient features and the pros of the product.

The Pros

  • The extra-depth design with the soft and non-binding leather upper eases the pressure on your foot. It provides an ideal fit with the freedom for toe movement. You can easily take the shoe on and off.
  • The lightweight cushioning sole with proprietary Ergonomic-Stride design softens your step and helps to propel the foot forward with ease.
  • The seam-free and soft lining with extra foam padding provide great support and comfort to the foot. It safeguards the foot at all times.
  • The Ortho-Cushion System helps enhance your stability and ease pressure on the joints. It absorbs shock and protects your feet at all times.

The Cons

  • A few customers have complained the tongue does not fit properly.
  • Sometimes, the metal ring holding the Velcro strap doesn’t handle the load well when tightening the shoe.

The Orthofeet Glacier Gorge men’s boots are ideal for seniors who are suffering from foot conditions and want to protect their feet.

Men’s Memory Foam Comfort Slippers |


These cozy and comfortable slippers are made from memory foam and have an extra-wide design which is perfect for older people who have problems with swollen feet or who are suffering from diabetes-related foot issues.

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The slippers are machine-washable and have an adjustable closure, and an antimicrobial lining. They have a polyester upper, and a form-fitting but wide design, with a non-slip outsole that offers traction and support, even when walking on tile or vinyl floors.

The molded heel is enhanced with flexible rubber for maximum comfort. While these are advertised as a men’s slipper, the design is unisex and the adjustable upper means that many women could benefit from wearing them as well.

These slippers are ideal for daily use, and the velcro closure is suitable for people with limited hand dexterity. While they are intended for use around the home, they are durable and smart, and someone who is in a mobility scooter could keep them on for short trips outside the house.

The memory foam around the sole makes these slippers a good choice for people with unusually shaped feet or those who suffer from pain when walking. The foam will cushion the whole of the foot, spreading pressure and making it easier for those with sensitive feet to walk around. The way the upper comes completely open made the slippers perfect for people with edema because it means that even on days when the swelling is very bad it is still easy to put the shoe on and to remove it.

The only true criticism with this shoe is that the sizing is a little unusual, with large jumps between sizes. Those with very narrow feet may find that it is hard to tighten the velcro to make the shoe comfortable. The product is really aimed at people whose feet swell more seriously, though. And, for that particular audience, it is a great choice.

Women’s Git-Up Diabetic Slippers |


These diabetic slippers have a smart, understated design which makes them ideal for women who are looking for a comfortable, adjustable slipper that looks like a standard slipper or shoe rather than an orthopedic device. They also feature an adjustable hook and loop design which lets you adjust them to your level of swelling.

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These slippers are marketed to pregnant women who are suffering from edema or gestational diabetes. But, they are ideal for senior citizens who are experiencing swelling too. The memory foam design and slip-resistant sole means that they are great for both indoor and outdoor use and will keep you comfortable at all times.

These diabetic slippers come in three different colors and a range of sizes. Although, they offer only whole sizes with no width options. The adjustable nature of the upper, however, means that the slipper should suit most widths.

The closed toe design with soft uppers will not cut into the foot. This is a vital feature for anyone who is suffering from diabetes-related foot complications. The thick cushioning makes it a pleasure to walk in these slippers. So, they are popular with people who have plantar fasciitis, as well as other mobility complaints.

The shoe is machine washable and easy to take care of. The primary intention is indoor use but the soles can cope with light outdoor use. This makes them suitable for older people who perhaps lack the manual dexterity to put on or remove shoes with a more traditional design.

If you are looking for a durable and high-quality slipper it’s hard to go wrong with Git-Up. The fluffy upper is comfortable and warm, while the sole is both durable and flexible. By design, the slippers offer comfort and support to delicate feet. While they are marketed to women, the black slipper is smart and understated and is a great choice for older men who have small feet. The cream design is ideal as a unisex option too.

What Causes Swollen Feet?

Edema is the medical term for swollen feet. Edema could come from a lack of proper blood circulation, problems with the lymph nodes, or more serious conditions like heart failure or liver disease. It is also a common side effect of many medications. The Mayo Clinic has some great resources for edema if you want to learn more about it.

Edema happens when small blood vessels leak fluid into nearby tissues. When that happens and extra fluid builds up, the tissues swell and result in a bloated area with shiny, stretched skin.

This condition makes the feet, ankles, and legs feel very heavy or even numb. And it can make even simple tasks like walking or standing extremely difficult. It can increase the weight of these areas by up to 5 to 10 pounds. Imagine walking around with 5-pound weights on each of your feet – not so easy! It’s even more difficult when regular sized shoes squeeze the feet, causing even more pain and discomfort.

In the meantime, there are plenty of shoes made for seniors with edema that relieve some of the discomfort that comes with this condition.

Buying Guide

extra wide shoes help swollen deformed feet

So, what should you look for in an extra-wide shoe? Here are some of the options you will find out there along with my recommendations.

Shoes with Wide Sizing

Of course, make sure your sizing options are correct. Check each individual retailer’s sizing charts, because there can be discrepancies between different companies. Make sure they have wide sizing for swollen feet, or even go up a full or half size from your normal size to ensure that you’ll have enough room.

Shoes that are Easy to Put On

Your shoes should also be easy to put on. Many of them come with velcro adjustable straps, and some even open up completely or slide on, making it easy to insert your feet and go! Look for large openings at the mouth of the shoe as well to ensure that your swollen feet will fit inside.

Shoes with Velcro Straps

Versatility is key when it comes to shoes for seniors with edema. Some days are better than others. If you expect the swelling to fluctuate, shoes with adjustable hook and loop closures can account for that change in size while keeping you comfortable.

Shoes with Roomy Toes

Look for extra toe space at the top of the shoe (called the “toe box”). This added room provides extra stability and comfort as well as relieving pressure on swelling toes that can cause a lot of pain.

Forget the Heel!

You don’t want any heel whatsoever. Make sure that the shoe is flat so that there is no extra pressure on any part of the feet.

Shoes with Non-Slip Soles

Having a good grip on the bottom of the shoe will prevent slips and falls, and can help increase balance and stability when walking. Look for a sole that is flexible enough to keep from squeezing the foot but firm enough to provide support.

Shoes that are Easy to Care For

Look for shoes that are water or stain proof. If they are made out of cloth, make sure they are machine washable. Low maintenance shoes are the way to go when it comes to senior footwear care.

Summary and Final Recommendations

As always, make sure to consult a podiatrist if you have serious foot issues that need to be addressed. These shoes are all made for seniors with swollen feet, but be sure that you’re unique medical needs are being met as well. Consult with your doctor or podiatrist for serious foot swelling.

The key to comfortable shoes for swollen feet is to have lots of adjustment in them so that you can customize the fit based on how bad the swelling is. Another key thing to look for is lots of “wiggle” room on the inside.

I have more recommendations in my complete buying guide to shoes for the elderly here.

So, what shoes have you worn when your feet are swollen and painful? Do you have a go-to shoe that you recommend?  Please feel free to share your opinion in the comments below. Oh! and please share this post with your friends on social media if you found it helpful!

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