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Best Social Media Apps for Older Adults [Rejuvenate Your Social Life] 

Best Social Media Apps for Older Adults [Rejuvenate Your Social Life] 

Today's seniors are more connected than ever. And may use apps for their social interactions. So here, we have listed some of the best social media apps for older adults to maintain and rejuvenate their social life.
Social Media Apps Seniors
Social Media Apps Seniors
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Seniors of today are not seniors of yesterday. They’re more physically active, more conscious of their well-being and above all, are more interconnected to the rest of the world.

How is this possible? – A plethora of apps that help seniors that maintain social interaction, measure health and wellness, and sharpen the mind while on the go. 

This is fantastic news, given that more than 13 million people aged 65 and up lived alone in 2017, which isn’t optimal for a person’s mental and physical health. Loneliness and social isolation have been linked to higher risks of depression, cognitive decline, and high blood pressure.

That said, if you’re a senior wondering how to navigate the social media world, here is a comprehensive guide:

5 Best Social Media Apps for Seniors

1. Facebook 

This is a free app available on both Android and iOS mobile devices. It can also be installed on laptops and desktops. Facebook helps you stay in touch with busy relatives and friends. It also helps you stay in touch with current events.

As if that’s not enough, you can also meet new friends, read books, have a laugh, or learn new things on Facebook. When it comes to person-to-person interactions, you can see their posts to see what your friends are up to even without reaching out to them.

You could also go the extra mile and comment on their posts or message them privately when you miss them. 

Facebook is a terrific way for adults with a lot of time on their hands as well as those who are busy. When navigating a hectic life, you could check what your people are up to by looking at their posts.

This way, you get updates and images from your children or grandchildren without any hassle.

2. Skype 

It’s another app that is available for iOS and Android mobile devices as well as computer devices. It allows you to communicate with your loved ones via audio and video calls over the internet.

With something as simple as a mobile phone, you get to see the face of your loved one every day, no matter how far away they are. 

Skype has the most user-friendly video chat function. It makes it simple to communicate with the people you care about, no matter where they are on the planet.

If Skype seems like a lot of work, Google Hangouts, FaceTime (available on the Apple App Store), and WhatsApp also have a video calling function that is easy to use.

3. thirdAGE

Another good choice for elders is thirdAGE. It’s a full-featured social media app aimed squarely at Baby Boomer women. It has a strong emphasis on wellness and self-care and includes delicious recipes, lifestyle articles, health advice, and other blogs. 

Available on PC and mobile, it will empower your wits. Moreover, it is a great way to meet other elderly women, especially those who are devoted to living a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

You may also create your own identity by publishing your material to add value to the lives of others!

social media apps seniors WhatsAppPin
WhatsApp has amazing messaging features while also being affordable.

4. WhatsApp

It’s probably the most popular social media app on the globe. It has amazing audio, video, and messaging features, all encompassed in an easy UI. It began as a simple chat software but has evolved into a multi-purpose medium for virtual contact.

With WhatsApp, you can form groups with your friends and family, participate in video calls with up to 8 people, catch up with family members instantly, and so much more!

The best part yet – it’s affordable! As long as you have a decent internet connection, you can stay in touch with folks anywhere on the planet!

5. YouTube

81% of Americans watch YouTube videos. Of course, a percentage of these are seniors. Seniors watch videos for entertainment, to learn something new, or reminisce about the good old times. It is also a great platform to watch what other seniors are doing to defy the odds. 

Some are filming, some are cooking, others are trying out new challenges, and so much more! With so many excellent senior channels to choose from, Grandma or Grandpa will undoubtedly discover the perfect fit!

3 Incredible Apps for Seniors to Make Friends

Oh! The good old days! When we were younger, it was so easy to make new pals in the schoolyard. Adulthood is a whole different ballgame, and don’t get me started on being a senior. 

It can be extremely hard to foster new relationships in the digital age, but here are some apps to help you find new friends:

1. Facebook

Facebook is perhaps one of the most popular apps when it comes to making friends. Seniors, adults, and millennials will easily connect with people they know as well as strangers.

You can keep in touch, post images and videos, and connect with other people who share similar interests all over the world.

Facebook is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

2. Stitch

This one has been dubbed “Tinder for seniors,” but it involves so much more than swiping right. Stitch is a companionship app for people over 50 and allows people to not only form romantic but platonic bonds as well. 

Seniors interact romantically and platonically, and they can easily find vacation companions or fellow eventgoers. It’s a new app, but it’s quickly gaining precedence as more seniors realize the value of social interaction. 

Stitch is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

3. Senior Match

It’s also a dating app for seniors, perhaps the most popular one on the globe. Senior Match aspires to be a welcoming and inclusive online dating app for senior citizens looking to hook up, find love, and make new friends.

It boasts a fantastic app design with intuitive navigation and cutting-edge functionality. It’s simple, and it fulfills all of the requirements for the purpose it serves. If you’re looking to meet friends and perhaps fall in love while at it, this is it!

Senior Match is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

social media apps seniors safety tipsPin
Always ignore spam messages received in social media apps.

Safety Tips for Seniors Who Use Social Apps

We can’t talk about social media without mentioning certain safety precautions. The internet is not as safe as one may believe, and there are numerous frauds waiting to take advantage of you. Fortunately, it’s nothing that a few guidelines can’t fix. 

Here are some safety recommendations to keep you safe and confident the next time you use your favorite app:

Set a Strong Password

Have a strong password that cannot be guessed easily. Furthermore, it’s wise to use separate passwords for different websites. If you have a habit of forgetting passwords, write them down and hide them away from the computer.

Privacy Settings

Most social media apps come with a variety of privacy settings that prevent strangers from accessing all your information. This is important in preventing a loved one from being overly public and exposing themselves to strangers who may not have the best intentions.

Think Before You Post

Never post things like being at home alone or away from home. Even when you’re on vacation, save those lovely photos until you return before sharing them on social media.

You should also be careful about what you say to others and try not to be affected when people say mean things about you.

Ignore, Ignore, Ignore

Not everything deserves a click. Sites that are unverified or posts with unbelievable offers are often out to get you. Ignore them.

Spam messages also are common on social media apps, just as they are on emails. If you get such a message or any message from a person you don’t know, ignore it. 

Report Abuse

Adults, like children, can be bullied online. That said, report anyone who is being unduly aggressive, making accusing statements, or threatening you on social media. 

Abuse complaints are handled by all social media platforms. You could also reach out for help from someone you trust, the police, or even adult protective services before it’s too late.

Social Media Apps for Seniors FAQs

1. Why is it important for seniors to be social?

Social activities keep seniors alert and mentally engaged, which is critical for preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. According to the National Institute on Aging, social isolation and loneliness are also connected to an increased risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Being social also improves an elderly’s sense of belonging and security, lightens their mood, and helps them feel safe.

2. What are the most popular social media platforms for seniors?

Facebook and YouTube are the top platforms used by older adults by a wide margin. Others include Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

3. Which social apps use the most data?

The apps that consume the most data are usually the ones you use the most. This varies from person to person and may include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, Snapchat, and Spotify. You can, however, limit the data consumption by changing your settings. 

Social Media Apps for Seniors Can Add Some Value to Your Life – Try Them! 

As more and more older adults use smartphones to make their lives easier, more apps for seniors are being developed specifically to meet their needs.

Looking for a new, useful app to spend your time on? Perhaps to make some friends? Or even meet someone new to fall in love with? Don’t fret! 

All our recommended apps will add value to your life. With one simple click, you can have a life full of laughter, love, and knowledge. Try them and rejuvenate your social life!


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