5 Socks For Elderly With Swollen Feet (Soft, Stretchy, Easy to Wear)

Swollen feet can be extremely painful and wearing tight socks only makes the pain worse. Here are the best socks for elderly with swollen feet that are soft, stretchy and easier to put on.

Here are my Top Picks:

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As people age, they tend to suffer from swollen feet. This is due in large part because tend to be less active when they get older. Many times, there may also be injuries or ailments that exasperate the problem.

This can be very difficult for an older person to handle. They may not be able to do the things that they want to do because of their swollen feet.

Even putting socks on can be difficult for seniors whose feet swell. So, here are some of the best socks for elderly people with swollen feet.

socks for elderly for swollen feet

Helpful Socks For Swollen Feet

Elderly people with swollen feet find ways to soothe themselves by wearing socks that are made specifically for this problem. This allows them to feel better in many ways. When they are able to move about in an easy way, they will feel more productive and have a better attitude too.

Here are 5 different types of socks for the elderly that are highly recommended:


  • SOFT&COMFORTABLE - 85.1% Spining Polyester Yarn,14.3% Nylon,0.6% Spandex. Crafted of exclusive spinning yarn, these +MD diabetes socks are luxuriously soft and elastic, and gently conform to your leg. Soften treatment fiber help eliminate irritation on your skin by reducing shear force and rubbing when you walk
  • NON-CONSTRICTING DESIGN - Non-Binding cuff ensures maximum blood flow in your legs and stays up well without sagging. The diabetic crew socks offer a loose, relaxed fit so as not to restrict circulation
  • PROTECTIVE - Fully cushioned foot bottom feel extremely soft and comfy, provide superior durability and outstanding protection against blisters, ulcers, foot pressure and jarring shocks. Non-irritating seam toe, eliminates yarn chafing and irritation caused by bulky seam toe and reduces the risk of infection and blistering
  • HIGHLY BREATHABLE - These designed socks are temperature controlled, as the targeted ventilation mesh hose part and special spinning yarn with excellent moisture wicking property optimize the airflow and accelerate sweat evaporation. Therefore the loose socks will keep your feet fresh and cool in summer, and warm in winter
  • PREMIUM QUALITY FOR ALL DAY - These circulatory socks have all the medically recommended features to keep your feet heathy. Ideal for Circulatory problems, Diabetes, Edema, Neuropathy, Sensitive feet, Wide calf or anyone looking for a comfortable and relaxed fit

Having these socks in their wardrobes has helped many elderly people. They know that they can be as active as they wish to be when they wear them. Caring for these socks is a breeze and the elderly find that they like to have plenty of them on hand. When they wear them, they also enjoy the no irritation seam and cushiony sole. It allows them the comfort that they are looking for. They can expect to get a lot of wear out of these socks.


  • Seamless toe eliminates bulky toe seam ,reduce the risk of infection, foot pressure, blistering; Fits women's shoe size:6-10
  • Non-binding loose fitting stay-up top and large wide calf wont restrict circulation
  • Reinforced heel and toe,extra cushioning through sole for added comfort and protection;Much more comfortable and durable than normal diabetic socks
  • Engineered knit-in mesh on top provides breathability and moisture management
  • High quality with the low price;6 Pairs;Suits for those who have high demand for comfort, especially particular people like diabetes and the elderly;Email us,we will refund you if the purchase has any quality defect

These are socks that are made for wear and tear. People can use them on a daily basis to keep their legs more comfortable. Swelling is kept to a minimum when they wear these socks and they work tremendously well for them. Since diabetes can cause a lot of problems with circulation in the feet, these types of socks help keep the swelling down all day.

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  • ❤INSTRUCTIONS:The fast and easy way to put your socks on & take them off, easy to use; Place your sock on the slider kit,and slide your foot in. You can watch our video on how to use it, it will help you put on your socks more easily.
  • ❤SCOPE OF APPLICATION:This Slider kits works with most types of socks, regardless of whether you choose dress socks, casual ones, athletic ones.Note: Not suitable for compression socks.
  • ❤FOR PEOPLE:The Sock Slider Kit will help you slide your socks on without bending over, twisting or turning.If you have trouble bending, limited flexibility, or limited reach, the Sock Aid can help you regain independence by allowing you to easily put on and take off your socks without bending or needing assistance from someone else. Prefect for users with mobility limitations, injuries, and pregnancy.
  • ❤ SPECIAL MATERIAL:sock aid is covered with terry cloth for a gentle yet firm grip on your socks that lets you easily pull them up without tearing the fabric. The large loop handles allow for easier grip and pull that's gentle on your hands. The Sock Slider Kit will help you slide your socks on without bending over, twisting or turning.
  • ❤WORRY-FREE SERVICE:Fanwer provides the most efficient and quality customer service. if you are not satisfied for the product, we will immediately give you the most satisfactory solution.

When people wear these types of socks, they feel much better. Since the socks cushion their feet, they are able to know that they can wear them for a long time. Fanwear is excellent that makes socks and other accessories for people with handicaps of all different types.

This product also comes with a sock donning aid too to help get the sock on over a swollen foot. Learn more about sock helper devices in this guide.


  • SIX PAIRS OF SLIP RESISTANT SOCKS: Slip resistant tread grips provides greater traction on smooth surfaces such as hardwood, vinyl or tile floors. Great for use during hospital visits or at home, the grip socks are made with a soft latex-free blend with surface-gripping tread dots to reduce the risk of slips and falls and provide greater stability and balance for barre work, yoga and pilates.
  • SECURE NONSLIP FIT: Comfortably soft socks fit securely without being constrictive. A ribbed cuff ensures sock stay in place without sliding or rolling for comfortable wear throughout the day.
  • BREATHABLE, LATEX-FREE MATERIAL: Soft terry cloth inner lining is breathable and moisture wicking for exceptional comfort. Machine washable, the breathable terry cloth socks are durable for extended wearability.
  • UNIVERSAL SIZING: The versatile unisex design fits most adults. Nonslip grip dots cover a large area of the sock, ensuring that the bottom of the foot has an ample amount of grip dots for greater traction, no matter what size foot is covered.
  • VIVE GUARANTEE: 60 day unconditional guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

This type of sock is really beneficial. People that are older are finding great success with them. They love the price too. Since they are able to do a lot more and not have their feet swell, they are much happier with the way that they can conduct their lives. With the rubber on the bottom of the socks, people will not slip on the floors. This is great for the safety of elderly people.

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  • Seamless toe,non irritating smooth toe seam,odor-resistant;Lightweight,suits for all season
  • Large wide calf and top;Very stretchy;Micromesh and breathing hole: the sock can breathe and discharge the sweat perfectly
  • With non-binding top ,reduce the risk of infection, foot pressure and blistering. Better for circulation
  • Stay-up performance comfort top;Suits for those who have high demand for comfort, especially particular people like diabetes and the elderly
  • High quality with the low price;If there are any problems about our products please email us,we will send you other for free

The comfort is amazing with these socks. They also look really good so they can work with all types of outfits. Whether a person is going to a casual or formal event, these socks will keep them in comfort and style. Many people love these because of the seamless toes. They like that they can barely tell that they are wearing them and they receive a lot of benefits from them.

Keeping Feet Healthy

People need to keep their feet in good shape. Since they need to be able to get around for many different reasons, taking good care of them is essential. When their feet feel good, they are able to do a lot more. Eating right, taking good care of one’s health, and pampering feet will allow to get along better well into their later years.

Caring For Socks

It’s important that people care for their socks properly. They will want to read the instructions so that they know they are caring properly. In most cases, they will be able to put them in the regular wash and dry cycles in order to keep them looking new.

In order to keep together in the wash, there are bags that are made specifically for socks. When they put them in the bag and throw it into the washer, they will be all in one place in the washer. Before they wish to wear their socks, they need to make sure that they are totally dry.

Otherwise, if they are still damp when they put them on, it may irritate their legs. This can also cause foot odors when they remove their shoes after a long day.

Storing Socks

When people need to store their socks, it is up to them if they want in a drawer or in a box in a cupboard. It’s important to keep them in a dry place. Since there are all kinds of ways to store socks, people find their own personal favorite way.

Buying Socks For Gifts

At any time of the year, socks make excellent gifts for the elderly. When they receive the kinds of socks that are made for swollen, they know that they will benefit them. The socks can be given for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions throughout the year. It’s good to know the correct size for the person or to give a gift card so that they be exchanged if they are not the right size.

Summary and Final Recommendations

Having the socks that they need allows the elderly to keep as active – and safe – as possible. They should have as many of these socks on hand as possible. With the different styles and colors that are offered, they will be able to keep their feet as comfortable as possible at all different times.

Do you suffer from painful, swollen feet? Do you have socks that you recommend? Please share your opinions in the comments below!

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