What Are The Best Low-Sodium Meal Delivery Services for Seniors?

Meal delivery services that offer low-sodium options are extremely beneficial for people who are watching their salt intake. Here are the best low-sodium meal delivery services for getting precooked meals delivered right to your door.

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Product recommendations are based on my personal experience working with seniors. I may earn a commission on items purchased from affiliate links in this guide. 

Sodium is also known as salt and if you’re like many, you love eating it. In fact, most Americans take in 3,400 mg of it every single day. Sadly, this can lead to quite a few health issues, especially among seniors who need to watch their salt intake.

You might think that reducing or even eliminating your salt intake means also depriving your diet of flavor, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you or someone you love is relying on a meal-delivery service for most of your meals, then you need to strike a balance between taste and low sodium. For that matter, you need to also balance your budget with the menu selection too.

Low-sodium diets are prescribed to many older adults for many reasons. They’re known to be effective in managing the risks of heart attack and heart failure. Since salt increases water retention, it means more fluids the heart has to pump, making it work harder than it has to. Also, low-sodium diets help out with brain aneurysms, diabetes, stroke, kidney damage, memory issues, vision problems, weight loss, and swelling and bloating.

That’s a lot to take in, but it’s enough to show you why a low-sodium diet can be helpful for your health. Keep reading to learn where certain meal-delivery services rank based on their low-sodium possibilities:

Low-Sodium Meal Delivery Service Reviews

1) Sun Basket

Sun Basket Meal Delivery Home Page

My Review

This company is one of the country’s oldest meal kit options. The meal kits that they deliver are full of sustainably sourced and organic ingredients. Cooking is easy, and usually only takes half an hour.

The company has a broad menu selection, with low-sodium options. The ‘lean and clean’ choices stay under 800 mg of sodium per meal, whereas the heart-checked certified recipes align with American Heart Association guidelines of 600 mg or less.

Sun Basket meals have some truly mouthwatering tastes at times, thanks to farm-fresh ingredients and organic foods. Options include gingered steak stir-fry, spicy Balinese chicken with cucumber-cabbage salad, and hearty minestrone with chicken meatballs and chunky vegetables. The company can also give you options for paleo, keto, gluten-free, Mediterranean, and vegetarian plant-based diets, among many more.


  • Tremendous menu selection, the best in ingredients. Free shipping for the first week.


  • One of the more expensive options, but certainly worth every penny invested into your health.

Click here to learn more about Sun Basket’s meal options.

2) Silver Cuisine By BistroMD Prep Meals

Senior Home Meal Delivery Service by Bistro MD

My Review

This is a newer player on the market. The meals are fully prepared for convenience, designed by nutritionists and doctors for health, and hand-created by professional chefs for taste. The extensive menu has more than 150 savory meals that are heat-and-eat in 5 minutes or less. Every meal of the day is accounted for using fresh ingredients.

Menu selections include hickory-smoked BBQ beef with Yukon gold potatoes, eggplant lasagna casserole, and grilled salmon with creamy pesto. Silver Cuisine also caters to a variety of different dietary requirements.


Excellent selection; easy preparation; tremendous balance of taste, health, and convenience.


Ingredients are sourced fresh and from local farms as much as possible, but not always, so consistency is sometimes variable.

Click Here to Learn More About Silver Cuisine by Bistro MD

3) DineWise (now Home Bistro)

My Review

NOTE: DineWise has been purchased by HomeBistro and the brand and their meals have all been changed to the HomeBistro Brand.

This company has a low-sodium meal menu with more than 40 options. These are claimed to range between 50 and 500 mg per meal, with meal plans targeting 1,000 to 1,500 mg of daily sodium. However, actual measurements surpass these guidelines, and sometimes by quite a bit.


Lunch and dinner options are usually above the market averages in terms of quality and portion size. Discounts can be applied for reduced shipping or an overall discount, both of which can be useful.


Select meals go way past the stated sodium guidelines, so if you’re on a strict diet, you have to read the nutritional information of every selection.

Click here to see LowSodium Meals at HomeBistro

4) Magic Kitchen

My Review

This provider states that their prepared low-sodium meals are supposed to match the standards of a 2000-calorie daily diet. This is even more confusing that the previous company on the list, since sodium restrictions and calorie levels rarely have much overlap or interaction.


Affordability and low-cost options.


Meals only come with packages, limiting ordering flexibility. Taste is also questionable, as this provider makes large contract prison food.

Click here to learn more about Magic Kitchen’s LowSodium Meal Options

5) Homestyle Direct

My Review

This is an affordable option with lower price points, and even in this market segment, the low-sodium meals still have a generally good quality level.


The low-sodium meals are usually inside the proper guidelines for a low-sodium diet. Prices are budget-friendly.


The meals are labeled as ‘sodium controlled’, which can be a little harder to look up if you are looking for something ‘low sodium’.

Click Here to See the LowSodium Options at Homestyle Direct

6) Mom’s Meals:

My Review

If you’re in a real pinch, and you can’t order anything in time from the other options on this list, then you might discover the ‘Heart-Healthy’ section at Mom’s Meals, which claims to have low-sodium meals.

However, they don’t actually explain what qualifies their meals as low in sodium, nor is there access to the menu’s nutritional information. That’s not technically criminal, but in a digital age with information everywhere, it’s certainly sketchy conduct by any company.


An option of last resort, one which makes you appreciate how hard the other guys actually work to put out something decent.


The lack of nutritional data is maybe the only thing worse than how these taste. You have to puree them to make them edible.

Learn more about their LowSodium Meal Delivery Service by clicking here

Summary and Final Recommendations

Meal-delivery services for residential homes make life much easier. Services like these can make a great gift for needy seniors too. They reduce the need for grocery shopping and meal planning, and even the cooking and preparation are usually much simpler to handle.

However, balancing taste and health with affordability and convenience can prove challenging. Use these rankings to make educated shopping decisions for low-sodium home meal deliveries for yourself and your older loved ones.

Don’t forget that there may be local options for this too. Many communities offer home meal delivery services through local charities and senior organizations.

Do you have another low-sodium meal delivery service that your recommend? Tell me about it and why you like it in the comments below!

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