Best Crossword Apps For Seniors: Easy Ways To Go Digital

Crosswords enhance the problem-solving skills of aging adults. Fortunately, crosswords and other word game apps are now widely available across various devices. And in this article, we have listed down some of the best crossword apps for seniors that they might like.

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Best Crossword Apps For Seniors
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Product recommendations are based on my personal experience working with seniors. I may earn a commission on items purchased from affiliate links in this guide. 

Navigating the online digital space is often a daunting task for seniors.

And as technology continues to progress at an increasing pace, people that never had modern smartphones, the internet, computers, and tablets when they were growing up often feel anxious about using these devices.

In an era where it is now more important than ever to care for our mental and physical health, what should we be doing to assist the older generation in managing desktop and phone applications?

Well, the first step is to choose the correct apps to use. 

Best Crossword App For Seniors

Today, there are many game apps for seniors on the market and in the app stores. Crossword puzzle apps are no exception – both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store are loaded with them.

One of the best crossword apps for seniors includes the following:

Witty Words Crossword Game For Seniors

Many of us would love to find ways for seniors or the elderly to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s while still having fun. Well, there might be a few ways to achieve this.

Scientific studies and research has suggested that brain and memory games, including crosswords and word games, are close to the top of the list to help slow down or prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s in seniors.

Witty Words is one of the word games designed specifically for the elderly to assist them in sharpening their brains, having fun, and preventing conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. This app includes beautifully landscaped themes and a way to learn about new words. 

Word games such as crosswords and word connect are popular games for seniors since it allows them to enhance their problem-solving skills. Brain training also provides a way for the older generation to discover, have fun, and have more health while they are aging.

The Witty Words Crossword App is designed to challenge the brain while collecting points when playing the daily puzzle, word connect, and witty words. The games also start to become more challenging as the players unlock the new chapters by discovering new words. 

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What Is The Best Crossword App For iPad?

Crossword puzzles have always been one of the favorites for people wanting to relax and blow off a bit of steam, as a way to pass the time or a way to keep their brains active.

Once you have moved passed the traditional newspaper, you will discover that there are hundreds of exciting crossword apps that work on an iPad.

These apps have several benefits over paper puzzles. Here are a few suggestions for some of the top crossword apps for iPad. 

Crossword Unlimited

Crossword Unlimited is one of the best crossword apps for iPad that allows users to play unlimited tailor-made crossword puzzles.

The crosswords are available in 15 different languages, and the app allows the users to generate their crosswords according to nationality, ability, interests, and the size of the device. 

Cryptic Crossword

Cryptic Crossword includes over 260 professional Cryptic Crossword puzzles that will keep your brain active. The crossword levels are better suited to seasoned enthusiasts.

If the player finds Cryptic too challenging, they can switch over to the standard Crossword US or Crossword apps.

Crosswords Plus – The Free Crossword Puzzles App for iPad

Crossword Plus (available on the Apple App Store) provides challenging puzzles that are ideal for playing on the go. The clues are displayed in the grid of the puzzle, which makes them easy to play and view on an iPad screen.

This app includes 30 high-quality crossword puzzles and 3 difficulty levels. 

best crossword apps for seniors free
Take a look at the best free crossword apps we have listed here.

What Is The Best Free Crossword Puzzle App?

World’s Biggest Crossword

Available for download on Google Play, World’s Biggest Crossword is an application you can constantly enjoy since the catalog undergoes constant updates. This app offers users 100s of unique crossword puzzles and lots of keys that help the player to pass real quests.

The game includes several operational modes and a collection of more than 300 classic puzzles that people from around the world can appreciate.

5-Minute Crossword Puzzles

Also available on Google Play, this is an app that won’t take up much of your time to solve puzzles. The crossword puzzles are completely visible, which means you won’t need to zoom out or in or move your screen to work on different parts of the puzzles.

These puzzles are small, so they should only take a few minutes of your time. The developers of this app created this application according to riddles and words that most people should be able to solve quickly.

Crossword Quiz 

This is a classic word game designed to broaden the horizons of the player and train their brain. Crossword Quiz (available on Google Play) is a free random application, which means it chooses crossword puzzles of varying complexity, so it will definitely stretch the brain a bit. 

The “free” puzzles will be based on a range of clues, emojis, photos, or words. These games test not only the brain but also visual perception and logic.

Where Can I Print Large Crossword Puzzles?

Crossword puzzles are word puzzles where a player has to complete a word grid by typically finding the answer to a clue. In previous years these puzzles were mainly found in magazines and newspapers.

Today, there are many online puzzles available and websites that offer the opportunity to print large crossword puzzles. 

Here you can download and print large crossword puzzles for free.

What Types Of Crossword Puzzles Are Best For Senior Citizens?

Crossword puzzles come in various types, which is why it becomes important to look for ones with the correct difficulty level for a senior that you are caring for. If the puzzles are too easy, they might be boring, while ones that are too difficult can become frustrating. 

It’s also important that the topics of the puzzles are relevant and interesting to the senior’s passions. For example, seniors that have a passion for classic cars will probably enjoy crossword puzzles that cover automobiles as opposed to ones about flowers. 

Seniors also tend to enjoy larger print puzzles since they often have issues reading the smaller print found commonly in the standard puzzles. 

This is the reason why a printable crossword puzzle for a senior is a better option since they are larger, which makes them a lot easier to see and read. 

How To Find Free Crossword Puzzles

Many crossword puzzles are free in magazines and newspapers. Discount stores and bookstores also sell crossword puzzle books. It is also very easy to find large-print crossword puzzles for free online. 

best crossword apps for seniors good
Leisure activities that are also mentally stimulating bring health benefits to seniors.

Are Crossword Puzzles Good For Seniors?

Crossword puzzles are a great way to keep the brain active, and they are also very entertaining. For a senior, participating in a mentally-stimulating leisurely activity, such as sudoku or crossword puzzles, provides a range of health benefits.

Some of these include delaying the onset of cognitive decline and increasing mental acuity. Here are a few insights on the way crossword app games can assist seniors:

Delays Cognitive Decline

Solving a crossword puzzle offers a fantastic brain workout involving using both the right and left sides of the brain.

Crossword puzzles also test critical thinking, memory skills, and problem-solving. Crossword puzzles are believed to slow down memory decline, which often occurs in the preclinical phases of dementia. 

Reduces Stress

When focusing on a disturbing event that may occur in the future or has already happened in the past, these feelings can trigger stress.

The act of engaging in a crossword puzzle can often provide a much healthier distraction. This distraction helps to clear the mind while providing a satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

In a hyper-connected world that often requires things that constantly seek our attention, diverting our attention to single tasks such as working on crossword puzzles is often relaxing and helps to put your mind into a relaxed and meditative state. 

Encourage Social Bonds

When playing in groups, crossword puzzles offer an excellent way to make friends, strengthen existing relationships, or form bonds with others.

Since solving a crossword puzzle often requires knowledge of various subjects, individuals from different backgrounds and ages can have a lot of fun working together. 

Improve Vocabulary

Crossword puzzles can also offer an excellent self-learning tool that can be used to expand vocabulary, boost confidence, and encourage critical thinking.

According to Columbia Pacific Communities, studies have discovered that learning a new vocabulary offers protection against conditions such as cognitive impairment. 

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Participating in activities or tasks that are mentally stimulating and enjoyable has the potential to improve a person’s quality of life. Over and above entertainment and fun, research indicates that certain brain exercises or activities help to keep seniors much sharper. 

Games such as crosswords or any other brain-training game can also help seniors to avoid brain plaques linked with Alzheimer’s disease.

To make sure your loved one exercises their brain and remains engaged, we highly recommend either printing out large-print word search and crossword puzzles or downloading one of the popular apps mentioned in this article.

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