23+ Helpful and Resourceful Gifts For Needy Seniors

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

Many seniors have financial needs but are too proud to ask for help. Here are some gifts for needy seniors that are helpful, thoughtful, and will also help them feel appreciated!

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Mahatma Gandhi said that the way the disadvantaged are treated is the true measure of a society. This includes the needy elderly.

Best Gifts for Needy Seniors

General Gift Ideas for Needy Seniors

Some resourceful and thoughtful gifts for needy seniors that they can actually use include:

1. Gift Certificates Or Cards

Giving a gift certificate may seem like the least thoughtless gift that there is but it is very useful to seniors in need. The gift certificate can be used to buy what they really need and not simply receive a gift that they won’t actually use.

You can choose whether to gift a certificate from a variety of different stores. However, a supermarket or store where a wider range of items are available for sale is the best option. A gift certificate for a grocery store is also not a bad idea for seniors who are struggling to put food on the table. A gift card that you can add to regularly is ideal.

2. Communication

In a day and age where communication has become so simple, it is amazing how many seniors struggle to to stay in contact with family and friends. A simple cellular phone, smartphone, tablet or notebook can give them the ability to communicate better with those they love and feel less lonely in the digital world they have grown old in. Keep in mind devices that are extremely user-friendly, low-tech or designed specifically for the elderly who may not be that tech savvy.

This is an especially thoughtful gift during the Covid-19 pandemic. Seniors are at the highest risk of contracting the disease and suffering fatal consequences. They are therefore more homebound than ever before in and need of a means to communicate with the outside world. Remember that a device can also be used to do online shopping, banking and other tasks that a senior citizen may no longer be able to easily accomplish.

3. Personal Hygiene Products

This is another one of those gifts that may not seem all that appropriate but will be gratefully received by needy seniors. Most seniors struggle to keep up with their own personal hygiene and the items they need are often last on their shopping list.

Gifting a basket of tastefully packaged and arranged soaps, loofahs, sponges, lotions, shampoo and other items may make the perfect gift. This is also a good low-cost alternative for those who are on a tight budget.

4. No-Cost Gifts

Giving of your time can be one of the most precious gifts that any senior can receive. It costs you nothing while it provides them with companionship and perhaps even assistance in achieving the most basic tasks. Helping your elderly neighbors clean house or take care of their yard while chatting away are both good ways to contribute your time.

Outings to parks or other public areas that are free-of charge will also be of great value to a needy senior and cost you nothing. A day out can lift the mood of any person but especially a lonely, elderly person. However, it is important to keep in mind safety and take the necessary Covid-19 precautions when taking seniors out.

There is a list of safe outdoor activities that can be found on the CDC and WHO websites.

5. Food

As mentioned above, many needy seniors struggle to put food on the table. To compound the issue, seniors also struggle to cook for themselves and keep up with their daily nutritional requirements.

Cooking meals that can be frozen for seniors and delivering them every few days or on a weekly basis can help ensure that they are eating a healthy diet. You can also buy or subscribe to a delivery service offering ready-made nutritious meals to gift to the elderly.

Also, don’t forget treats. Needy seniors may not spend their own money on decadent treats but that doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate receiving them as gifts.

Wrapping Up

I hope these gift ideas for seniors who are in need was helpful. Remember, many of these gifts can be given anonymously if you worry about embarrassment or awkward exchanges. The best part is you’ll be doing some good for people who need the help.

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