senior woman trying to lift elderly husband off of the floor

11 Helpful Devices to Lift the Elderly Off the Floor After a Fall

Lifting an elderly person off the floor after a fall improperly can cause additional injuries. Plus, how can seniors who are home alone get back up? These helpful devices lift elderly people off the floor after a fall and most can be used without needing caregiver assistance.

woman with dementia getting out of bed

Best Bed Alarms for Elderly People: Fall Prevention for Dementia

Bed alarms don’t specifically prevent falls but they do alert caregivers as soon as a senior gets out of bed. This early warning can greatly reduce the chance of a fall injury though! Here are the best bed alarms for elderly people who are at risk of falling from bed.

what to do when the elderly keep falling

What To Do When The Elderly Keep Falling?

Repeated falls are a sign that something is wrong – with the environment or the senior who is falling. Learn what to do when the elderly keep falling by identifying the cause and preventing additional falls in the future.


The Symptoms Of Head Trauma In Elderly After A Fall

The symptoms of head trauma can range from mild to severe and include both physical and cognitive symptoms. Some symptoms may not show up for a few days up to a few weeks. So, you should see a doctor after any fall for additional screening.


Using a Fall Prevention Mattress to Reduce Falls From Bed

One of several ways to reduce falls from beds is to use a fall prevention mattress with raised edges. These helpful devices reduce the chance of seniors rolling out of bed by providing a barrier. Keep reading to learn more about using them as part of your fall prevention strategy.

senior woman trying not to fall when getting out of bed

The Best Bed Rails for Seniors, the Elderly, and Adults

Safety bed rails help seniors get out of bed more easily by providing a stable and firm bed handle they can push up from. There are many different styles to meet the user’s individual needs. Here are the best bed rails for seniors and the elderly.

older man using a safe heater for seniors

5 Safe Heaters For Seniors: Getting Toasty and Warm… Safely!

Feeling cold is a common complaint of aging. Often this is a side effect of medication or symptom of different ailments. But, seniors are also at a higher risk of injury or death in a fire. Here are some safe heaters for seniors and elderly people to keep them toasty and warm… safely!