daughter discussing gps trackers for elderly with her mother

What Are The Best GPS Trackers For Elderly Adults?

Wandering is a common behavior of elderly people with dementia and Alzheimers. This can lead to them getting lost or in unsafe conditions. Here are the best GPS trackers for elderly adults for monitoring their location ans getting them help when needed.

smiling elderly parents

11 Technology Options for Monitoring Elderly Parents Remotely

Many elderly people are still capable of living alone but they might just need a little help. Learn how to use technology to check in on your parents without being obtrusive. I’ve also included a guide on how to have the conversation with your parents about these monitoring options.

older man using a safe heater for seniors

Safe Heaters For Seniors: Getting Toasty and Warm… Safely!

Feeling cold is a common complaint of aging. Often this is a side effect of medication or symptom of different ailments. But, seniors are also at a higher risk of injury or death in a fire. Here are some safe heaters for seniors and elderly people to keep them toasty and warm… safely!

close up of older hand using an easy to use fire extinguisher for elderly people

Finding An Easy To Use Fire Extinguisher For The Elderly

We know that seniors and the elderly are more vulnerable if there is a fire in their home. Fire extinguishers are necessary but are often heavy and difficult to use. But, here are some easy to use fire extinguishers for the elderly to make their homes a little safer.

senior man installing smoke detector as part of his fire safety plan

Important Home Fire Safety Tips For The Elderly

Seniors are especially at risk of injury – or even death – in the event of a fire. Decrease the risks by implementing a fire escape plan for elderly loved ones. Use the following fire safety tips for seniors to get your plan started today!

senior woman holding loud smoke alarms for seniors

The Best Smoke Alarms For Seniors & The Elderly

The common ailments of aging make fires more risky for our seniors and the elderly. Mobility issues make quick escapes more difficult. Hearing problems can prevent early warning. So, to improve the chance of surviving a fire, here are the best smoke alarms for seniors and the elderly.

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