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Guides to Mobility Aids for Elderly and Seniors

Helpful Guides and Reviews for Elderly and Seniors to Improve Their Mobility

The loss of mobility can be devastating to the elderly and seniors. Unfortunately, it is a very common occurrence. The Census Bureau reports that mobility problems are the most common disability among the elderly.

Not being able to get around means not being able to do the activities the elderly person is used to doing. It means becoming reliant on family members or caregivers for the care. It also means worrying about falls and injuries that can be life threatening. There are mobility aids for elderly and seniors that can help maintain independent mobility - and do it safely. Some of these assist with their current ability to walk but sometimes wheeled mobility products like wheelchairs and power chairs become necessary.

Loss of mobility also affects​ many other areas of an elderly person's care. For instance, a decline in mobility can affect how a person is able to shower and bathe. Getting on and off the toilet can become a problem. It even affects the ability to get something to eat if getting around the kitchen is difficult. Improving or re-establishing independent mobility will directly affect all aspects of the elderly's or seniors' life.

I've created the following guides and reviews to help you and your loved one learn about their options for mobility aids. ​I hope they help! If you are just starting out, I recommend this summary article of the top mobility aids.

Latest Guides for Mobility Aids

Does Medicare Pay for Walking Canes?
Since I work at a durable medical equipment supply company, I get questions like this all the time. Especially on entry level equipment like canes and walkers. Many seniors and their families are not aware of Medicare coverage criteria. And... Medicare doesn't make it easy to figure out sometimes. So, does Medicare pay for walking canes? Yes, they do. Read on to find out how it works and the full process for getting a walking cane covered by Medicare.
The Best Walking Canes for Seniors and Elderly
A cane is usually the entry level walking aid for most seniors and elderly. When most people think of a cane, they tend to think of a wooden hook shaped cane like their grandfather had. But there are many more options to consider when searching for the best walking canes for seniors and elderly. There are other shapes, bases, and features of canes that are important for improving mobility. Keep on reading to learn more about these options.
Small Walkers for Elderly People with Small Spaces
You or a loved one is having a little trouble walking, so it's probably time to think about a walker. But, your home is small and you have no idea how well a walker is going to fit. Or maybe you already have one but it's just too wide, too heavy, or way too tall. Did you know that there are small walkers for elderly people? There are also narrow walkers, lightweight walkers, and even shorter walkers. These compact walkers help elderly people stay safer because they fit the user better or fit better where they are used.
How to Use a Walker Correctly and Safely
There is a right way and a wrong way to use a walker. Unfortunately, I see a lot of people using one the wrong way. This leads to injuries of the arms and shoulders and even falls. Using a walker correctly reduces the chances of these injuries. In the following videos, professional therapists show you how to set the proper height of a walker and also how to use a walker correctly and safely. These videos also share other tips like flipping around the front wheels to make a walker smaller in width.
Types of Walkers for the Elderly: Do You Know All 10?
Walkers are one of the most common walking aids, second only to canes. Seems like you see them everywhere. Although, it could just be me since I work in the durable medical equipment field as a custom wheelchair specialist! It is important for seniors to know about the types of walkers for the elderly because, statistically speaking, the chances are high they will need one someday. But, did you know there are (at least) 10 different types of walkers? Would you know which type of walker is best if you or a loved one needed one?
The Best Lightweight Folding Wheelchair – Reviews and Buying Guide
If and when the time comes for a wheelchair, the last thing you want is a heavy, clunky wheelchair that is hard to push and travel with. Wheelchairs come in a shapes and sizes... and weights! There are many factors that make up the weight of a wheelchair. Some of these are in your control while some are not. As someone who works with wheelchairs every day, I put together this buying guide of the best lightweight folding wheelchair reviews. After reading these reviews and comparisons, choosing the best lightweight wheelchair for you will be easy!
How to Buy a Wheelchair Online: The Definitive Guide
Does the thought of buying a wheelchair online scare you a little? Well, don't worry, wheelchairs are nothing to be scared about! After learning some of the basic wheelchair lingo, choosing and buying a wheelchair online isn't a big deal at all! I work with wheelchairs everyday as a custom wheelchair specialist for a durable medical equipment company. So, I am going to share my experience with you in this buying guide - the definitive guide if I do say so myself!. By the end of this article, you will know how to buy a wheelchair online and feel confident doing it!
Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair Reviews for Portable Mobility!
A power wheelchair can make a huge, positive impact in the quality of life for the elderly and disabled. I see it every day in my job as an Assistive Technology Professional at a home medical equipment company. It is exciting to see a bed bound patient get up and move about the house on their own. Wouldn't it be nice if this experience could be portable and used out in public. But, aren't power wheelchairs heavy and hard to transport? Some are.... but some are lightweight and some even fold up! Here are some lightweight folding power wheelchair reviews that will make mobility portable for you or a loved one!
The Top Mobility Aids Elderly People Need to Know About
When facing a loss of mobility, many elderly get depressed and even angry. No longer going where they want - when they want -leads to frustration and sometimes hopelessness. Before this happens, it is important to learn about the mobility aids elderly people may need someday. Knowing about these options before they are needed will allow for smarter decisions. Of course, you should discuss these options with a medical professional before any final decisions are made.
The Best Rollator Walkers of 2017: Get Your Mobility Back!
Nothing can be more devastating to an elderly person than losing their mobility. The inability to move about the house and do what they are used to doing often leads to feelings of hopelessness. Most seniors don't want to have to rely on loved ones. They want to remain independent and do it themselves. So, what are the options for regaining mobility in the home? One possibility is a rollator walker. But, there are so many to choose from. Where do you start? Here is your guide to the best rollator walkers for 2017.
What is the Most Comfortable Manual Wheelchair?
The pursuit of comfort in a wheelchair is often challenging. It can be difficult to enjoy sitting in a steel and vinyl chair that is made for the masses. There are many important factors that can make a wheelchair comfortable or miserable. The problem is most people aren't aware of their options. But, don't worry! I am going to sort out for you what is the most comfortable manual wheelchair!
Idea for an Easy to Use Threshold Ramp
If you are looking for a small, lightweight, easy to use threshold ramp, it's hard to go wrong with this Prairie View Industries Threshold Ramp. This ramp is also strong and durable with an anti-slip surface. Designed to ramp heights of 1/2" to 3/4". Easy to install with pre-drilled holes and all necessary hardware.

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