Safer Bathrooms

bathtub and toilet safety in the bathroomWhen it comes to the safety of the seniors at home, you should focus on how the bathroom setup should be designed to avoid falls and injuries. In a research that was conducted by the CDC, people between the ages of 75 and 85 have twice the risk of getting an injury in the bathroom than the average Joe. But when we go to the age of 85, the senior member is more than likely to have an injury than the average citizen.

Having these facts, we are going to look at seven tips that can help you to improve the safety of the bathroom for the elderly members of your family.

Install non-slip surfaces

Most of the falls in the bathroom are caused by slippery surfaces. To prevent these slips, install non-slip surfaces on the floor of the tab. You should also ensure that non-slip decals are placed on the bathroom tiles. You should also remove scatter rugs that can quickly make your trip.

Install grab bars

The bathroom of an older adult should have grab bars as the essential component; how then will they get to the shower area? If they could fly, the wouldn’t need the grab bars. There are two significant functions of grab bars. They give your loved one a place to grip and support themselves when they are getting in or out of the tab. Secondly, they can use the bats to lift themselves or brace themselves in case of a fall.

Improve accessibility in the bathroom

Ensure bathroom items are within reach because of the risk of slipping. Items like conditioners, a towel, shampoo or soap need to be close to the shower area.

Remove obstacles

One of the significant risks of tripping in the bathroom is the bathtub side. But if you install a walk-in shower or a walk-in bathtub, you can prevent this from happening.

Improve visibility

If you have lived with an older adult, you must have seen how hard it is to urinate at night frequently. When you install night lights that light the path to the bathroom, you reduce the risk of tripping.

Prevent burns from the use of hot water

The skin of the seniors tend to be thinner and more delicate, and they can take some time to notice high temperatures. Since this is a common condition among the elderly, they are at risk of getting burnt due to hot water. Ensure that you label the bathroom of your loved ones and keep the temperatures of the water to a maximum of 120 F.

Additional Tip

The safety of the toilet is also as important as the sower safety. It was discovered by the CDC through their research that seniors are more at risk of injuring themselves when they are sitting or standing up from the toiler more than they get injuries from showers.

To add to the bathroom safety of your loved ones, ensure that you have someone around who can take care of them. It can be a relative or a home care provider. This will help to reduce the risk of injuries.

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