Resources: General Bathroom Safety

Welcome to the General Bathroom Safety resource page, where we cover a wide range of topics to help improve the bathroom experience for the elderly.
Our articles discuss various aspects of bathroom safety, including shower curtain and door options, non-slip flooring solutions, functional small bathroom ideas, and available grants to help with renovation costs.
We provide an ultimate guide to creating safe bathrooms for seniors, detailed information about ADA grab bar requirements, and additional resources to assist you in selecting, installing, and removing grab bars.
We cover potential bathroom hazards and suggest the best safety products ranked by industry experts. With all this information at your fingertips, you can confidently create a safe and accessible bathroom environment for elderly individuals.
Enjoy browsing through our valuable content and remember: safety always comes first.

Bathroom Grants for the Elderly

Bathroom Grants for the Elderly (Help Renovation Costs)

People in the United States who are aging frequently have limited resources available, particularly when finding a way to renovate their bathrooms at a reasonable cost. Here are some organizations that offer grants and funds to help seniors pay for bathroom renovations.

Best Fasteners For Installing Grab Bars

What Are The Best Fasteners For Installing Grab Bars?

When installing grab bars, the best fasteners are usually the ones that come with the grab bar, followed by screws directly into studs. If studs are not available, Snap Toggles or toggle bolts are recommended by the pros.